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19 Oct 2008
Third goalless draw for Depor after seven matchdays in la liga. Once again the Galicians return from El Sardinero with a positive result, although this time the game practiced over the grass was very boring. Because both teams were more worried in defending the result than in attacking the rival. The only emotions came with the long-distance shots of Luccin and Juan Rodr?guez, occasions in which the ball hit the post.

Lotina surprised with the men that he put in attack, Angel Lafita started the game on the left wing as everybody was expecting, but the surprise was to see Juan Rodr?guez performing as the playmaker of the formation. Other novelty is that Mista started up front while Riki had to wait sited on the bench. In Racing there were no surprises, because coach L??pez Mu?iz was trusting in Juanjo and Jonathan Pereira in attack. while Munitis and Tchit? were substitutes.

It was a match between two teams that were more worried in controlling the game of the rival than in trying to accumulate chances to score. And it’s that neither of these two sides made a shot on target within the first forty five minutes, the only one came in the stoppage time. The Cantabrians were having the ball possession but they were unable to pass the defensive wall of Lotina. Mainly they tried to do it with long passes and quick plays, like when Valera tried to surprise the visitors with a quick move over the left that Filipe Luis cleared up (13’).

Since Racing was having troubles to create opportunities against Aranzubia’s goal, the locals were betting in mid-distance shots, but all the attempts went wide. Like the shot of ?scar Serrano that passed near to the crossbar (20’). The most dangerous play for Deportivo came at the 32nd minute, it was started by ?ngel Lafita and ended with Juan Rodr?guez sending a cross from the right, but Racing’s defensive line cleared the danger inside the box.

It was the entire offensive proposition made by Deportivo during the first half. Sergio was not influencing in midfield and neither Pablo ?lvarez was appearing on the right wing. In the meantime, Racing was having the ball possession, but it didn’t know what to do with it. The attempts of the locals were abruptly ending when their attackers had to face a defensive line, leaded by Albert Lopo, that was really focused and that stopped every effort of Racing.

The biggest opportunity during the first half arrived when the stoppage time was played, it was a long-distance free-kick taken by Peter Luccin that hit the left post, Aranzubia was already beaten. It was the only shot on target during the entire first part. It was a boring first half between Deportivo and Racing, both sides were doing nothing in attack and the 0-0 seemed as the fairest result.

Racing’s coach L??pez Mu?iz decided to make a modification as he sent Mohamed Tchit? to replace a disappeared Juanjo, but his team followed the same path as it was unable to reach Aranzubia’s goal. Actually it was Deportivo who begun to enjoy of the best occasions to score. Starting with a free-kick in which Sergio assisted Juan Rodr?guez and that ended with the Andalusian firing a long-distance shot that To?o cleared with his fists (47’). It was one of the two most dangerous chances for the visitors.

The only clear opportunity for Racing during the second half was a shot of Ezequiel Garay that hit the body of Juan Rodr?guez and that later passed near to one of the posts (54’). Since Racing was not doing too much, Mu?iz made his second substitution allowing the comeback of Pedro Munitis who replaced Jonathan Pereira.

Lotina responded with the entrance of Riki and Antonio Tom??s for Mista and Sergio. Suddenly the expectations changed as now both coaches were trying to improve the offensive game of their teams. The true is that Depor started to look better, because the modifications gave more presence to the Galician team in the area of the Cantabrians, tough no big opportunities were created.

The best chances for Depor at this part of the game were two shots from Juan Rodriguez (68’) and Riki (69’) that went over the crossbar. The first one after a play of Pablo ?lvarez in a throw-in and the second was a volley attempted by the Madrilenian attacker. Racing responded with a corner-kick of Munitis that almost surprised Aranzubia.

The Cantabrian team was now losing midfield territory against a Depor that was having its chances, that’s why Mu?iz decided to control the situation sending Colsa to the game. Minutes later Lotina responded with the entrance of Joan Verd?? who replaced Pablo ?lvarez. The Catalan started to perform as the playmaker of the squad while Lafita moved his position towards the wing.

And the best opportunity of the game for Depor came five minutes before the final whistle, Juan Rodr?guez, the best man at Depor’s squad, find a ball at the edge of the penalty area, he was backwards the goal and found the space to turn up and fire an impressive volley that hit the crossbar, To?o was already defeated. One minute later Luccin was sent off after a tough tackle over Lafita that meant his second yellow card of the game, but there wasn’t enough time for the visitors and the game ended scoreless.

Fair result for two teams that were more worried in not allowing a goal. As a demonstration of this: only five shots on target were made by both sides, two of them hit the post. The positive thing is that Depor achieves a point away from home and also a second straight clean sheet playing for la liga.

The Galician team continues to live in mid-table, now occupying the 11th place with nine points in seven matches. The drop zone is just four points under Depor as Betis and Sporting Gij??n added a win in their respective matches, but it’s also true that the European zone is just two points away from Depor, this because Almeria lost at home against Sevilla (0-1). On the next Sunday Deportivo faces Sporting at the Riazor (17h00), but before that, the Galicians must pay a visit to Moscow in order to face CSKA for the UEFA Cup (Thursday, 18h00).

Racing: To?o - Pinillos (Colsa 71’), C?sar Navas, Garay, Marcano - Valera, Lacen, Luccin, Serrano - Juanjo (Tchit? 46’), Pereira (Munitis 55’).
Deportivo: Aranzub?a - Manuel Pablo, Lopo, Colotto, Filipe - De Guzm??n, Sergio (Antonio Tom??s 59’) - Pablo ?lvarez (Verd?? 80’), Juan Rodr?guez, Lafita - Mista (Riki 58’).
Referee: Jos? Paradas Romero. He showed yellow card to Pinillos (7’), Filipe (18’), Oscar Serrano (28’) and Manuel Pablo (89’). Luccin was sent off (87’)
Venue: El Sardinero (17,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (55% - 45%); Total shots (14 - 7); Shots on target (2  - 3); Saves by the keeper (1 – 1); Corner-kicks (7 – 2); Offsides (3 – 3); Fouls (12 – 25); Accuracy of passes (88.13% - 82.93%)

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