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20 Oct 2008
Everybody was valuing the point as a positive thing, even the coach of Racing, Juan Ram??n L??pez Mu?iz. For Lotina the team played well during the second half, but he appointed that Depor didn’t fulfill the plans during the first part. Filipe Luis was the only one that thinks Depor should won the game, this in order to avoid the ghosts of the past season.

Coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina was satisfied with the final result, but he wasn’t content with the game practiced in the first half  ?The long balls that we were sending during this part was a thing caused for an error in how we read the game, and not for the attitude of the players. The team went out very well, but things didn’t work out as we planned. We wanted to enlarge the pitch, this in order to play between the lines, but we didn’t know how to do it. Since there wasn’t any option to score, it looked that we were despair, but it wasn’t like that.?

The Basque also explained that the idea of playing with Juan Rodr?guez was to push Pinillos out of his zone, while he praised the level of Lopo ?We had a defender that was outstanding. Now we can talk about a call from the national team. I’m talking about Lopo.? Later he defended the game of Mista ?We can’t talk about specific names. Maybe Mista is not living his best moment, but he’s a professional that will bring things to the squad.?

Finally, the coach wanted to thank the Galician fans that traveled to Santander ?We already know the type of fans that we have and they have a tremendous merit. Depor is coming from being one of the big clubs and now it had to chance its goals. In football you have to be adapted to this, and it’s hard to do it. That’s why is meritorious.?

Antonio Tom??s, midfielder that returned  and faced his home club, was considering that the result is the fairest one ?In the first part, they pushed strongly and in the second we attacked more, we had our own occasions and we were better. The draw is totally fair. If you can’t go out with the three points at your side, one is also good. We came in order to win the game and it wasn’t possible, but in the end these points are also helpful in order to add.?

Albert Lopo was thanking all the eulogies made by Lotina ?Each one must try to do the best possible effort and it feels good to hear the same coach saying those things about me.? Talking about a possible call to Spain’s national team, the Catalan said: ?I know it’s difficult, that’s why I have both feet on the ground. What I must do is to play good games, there’s no other way.?

The ex-Espanyol central defender also considered that the draw was a positive result for Depor ?This point is positive, but it will be worthy if we are capable to defeat Sporting (Gij??n) on Sunday. We always have a positive reading and a negative one. We achieved a clean sheet and that means you always have the chance to add one or three points. The negative part is that we didn’t find the road to the goal, but it wasn’t because we didn’t try.?

Juan Rodr?guez was the best man for the papers, he valorised the point achieved by Deportivo at El Sardinero ?In the first half we were losing the ball very quickly, but in the second part we were very well placed on the pitch.? About his personal performance, the Andalusian midfielder commented: ?Everybody likes to compete. We all deserve to play because all the players are working in a phenomenal way. That’s why you always need to make your best effort on the pitch.?

Riki, who replaced Mista in the second half, was also saying the draw is a positive result for Deportivo ?Maybe we steeped inside the rival’s area with more frequency during the second half. At least we made some shots on target. It’s a complicate stadium, they were pressuring and it’s important to keep adding. I tried to give a second air to the squad, also more mobility. We are leaving content with the point and also because we achieved a clean sheet. Outside home things are more difficult, but that’s logical. We know we can yield more and we trust that we will do a better job in the next visits.? 

Goalkeeper Daniel Aranzubia was emphasizing the defensive job made by Depor’ squad ?The team was well placed and it defended well. Racing just created a few chances against us and we could even won the three points with the opportunities we had at the end of the game. The defensive solidity is important because it guarantees you will not lose the game, sooner or later the strikers will score.?

Filipe Luis was the only one that thinks the draw is not so positive for Depor, this because he wants to avoid to live again the drama of the past season ?This year the team is more experienced and I see it’s better, that’s why we must be alert and avoid the things that happened on the past season.?

Racing’s coach, Juan Ram??n L??pez Mu?iz, was saying that regardless his team played at home, the result was the fairest one ?My team did everything it should in order to win the game, but we only created a few occasions. We saw a good collective work, but we faced big troubles when we tried to attack, that’s because the rival presented two lines that were really close to each other. The result corresponds to what we saw on the pitch.?

French midfielder Mehdi Lacen was also saying that the draw was a positive result for Racing ?I think we deserved the victory, tough the point achieved should be considered as a good thing. We made a very good first half, but we were really bad during the first twenty minutes of the second part. The team isn’t able to win at home and it seems the fans are really pissed with this.?



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