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30 Oct 2008
The media is aware that Elche represented a less complicate rival compared to the ones faced in la liga and in Europe, but the papers applauded the victory of Lotina’s team, because it meant the end of the drought of the strikers and also a boost for the morale after the last two 0-3 defeats.

La Voz de Galicia: Riki returns to the goal and leads the triumph of Deportivo in Elche. Depor fulfilled all its objectives in Copa. It won and caresses the quarterfinals of Copa del Rey, but also closed the worrying lack of goal suffered by the forwards. Riki, the best man of Galician team in the game, and Bodipo scored the first goals from the attackers since the one of Mista, goal that opened the victory against Real Madrid in la liga. The Galicians also rearmed its downcast morale after the six goals received in their last two matches. The visit to Elche, tough of less importance than the ones in liga and in Europe, must serve Deportivo to renew its energies and to face with more confidence the clash against Betis. Depor settled an encounter in which imposed its seriousness against a much lower Elche. Gerard Zamora.

Mundo Deportivo: Depor still on the road against an Elche with no punch. The locals tried to keep the control, but the Galician strategy of playing with counterattacks was more effective. Riki broke the game after he took advantage of a defensive error of Olmo to defeat Willy with a drilling shot. Elche did not collapse but all its attempts were dying in front of the area. It was able to tie with a free-kick of Dani Benitez, but the hands of Fabricio prevented it. Playing at half speed, Depor was the owner of the match. The little they did was pure danger. And the sentence arrived. Mista sent a cross, it was another counterattack, action in which Bodipo crushed the rival. In the final part of the game, Elche was more worried for the injury of Laurent de Palmas rather to anything else.

La Opini??n A Coru?a: Goals with credit. The strikers at Deportivo arrived to Elche appointed for their lack of efficiency. They were in the spotlight, but yesterday Riki and Bodipo sidelined the debate with their goals, and incidentally, scared the doubts that had been installed by the bad image the team had shown in recent weeks. There was a need of a punch in order to recover the spirit, and that’s what happened. The 0-2 is leaving the tie almost sentenced and returns the confidence to the Blanquiazul squad.. Neither they made a game to be throwing rockets, but they were serious in all the lines, and above all, successful in the final meters.

The Martinez Valero reunited last night two teams that were depressed. Elche, dying for its situation: last place in Segunda and with the water to the neck. Deportivo: for the last blows received against CSKA and Sporting Gij??n. Miguel Angel Lotina, with an eye on the Cup and the other in next Sunday's visit to the Ruiz de Lopera, left in A Coru?a several heavyweights. Lafita, Sergio, Filipe, Valer??n and Omar Bravo were among those who stayed away from the call. Depor went with a thin list, sixteen men, but minutes before the start of the meeting, Antonio Tom??s got injured during the warming. He was going to be the starter and his place was finally for Julian de Guzman. The Canadian, well supported by Juan Rodriguez, was the mainstay in midfield. However, the Blanquiazul team had big troubles to shake the initial dominance of Elche.

For once, things were favorable for Deportivo. This season, the squad seems to be blocked every time it faces an adverse score. Yesterday, the 0-1 gave wings to the squad, while it knocked out Elche at the end of the first half. Moment in which Lotina’s squad practiced its best football, with Guardado and Verd?? very participative, with Piscu and Z? Castro very serious. Shortly before the break, Riki could score the second following a personal action, but his shot went high.

After the first half, Depor went out with a speed less than its rival, who took advantage of the parsimony from the visitors and it started to create some situations. Saul, with a launch within the area that went out, and Dani Benitez, with a masterful free-kick that forced Fabricio to fly, offered the best opportunities to equalise the score. Elche tried but it misses forcefulness up front, just what was affecting Depor until yesterday's meeting. The game was losing intensity with the passage of the minutes, although the Ilicitano team was still trying.

Verd?? had to play as a midfielder in order to cover De Guzman, who was unable to end the clash. Lotina did not have too much on the bench, so he improvised by delaying the position of the Catalan. Bodipo, up front, and Mista, more delayed, searched the goal to define the series and they found it twenty minutes before the end. The Blanquiazul squad completed its first goal of sentencing the series, tough we must not forget the rival was the last place in Segunda Divisi??n. Yesterday’s win has its merit, but on Sunday, at the Ruiz de Lopera, Betis will offer much more resistance. Eugenio Cobas.

AS: Riki buries the problem. The Copa offered light and shadows to Elche and Deportivo. The benefited from the round in Copa has been Lotina's team. With two goals from their strikers, Riki and Bodipo, they buried at the Martinez Valero the negative streak of the attackers who together were representing more than 1,000 minutes without scoring a goal. Precisely this circumstance punished the team of Claudio, without deserving it, Elche lived its first defeat since he took charge of the team and saw how the series was decanted in favor of his former team. In addition, with the aggravating circumstance of seeing his Elche still scoreless and allowing two goals after two defensive errors. M. H. Marcos

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