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30 Oct 2008
Satisfaction for the lead in the series with Elche, it was the general feeling after the 2-0 victory at the Martinez Valero stadium. Guardado was even assuring the pass to the next round is almost secured Lotina was only feeling sorry because some men like De Guzm??n didn’t have the rest he was expecting.

Coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina was pleased with the result and at the same time, he confessed that Copa del Rey is a tournament for the substitutes ?This is a good result, because to win is always important. We were needing a positive result in order to cheer up the environment. We all face the Copa in the same way: until the quarterfinals is problematic, you need to think more of la liga and unfortunately for Elche, that’s the situation they are facing. That we too? Starting in the quarterfinals, it’s when you have to say: here we are. Now is the moment to give a chance to the less habitual players, to see them and a little more.?

Despite the score, the Basque manager knows that Depor still has to play the second-leg ?We still has to face ninety minutes and we have to play the game, logically they will be thinking of la liga, and this is a result that will be difficult to surpass, but we still have to play. I am content because people have reacted well, because we are in three competitions and we must motivate the players, and with an empty stadium and with these conditions, it’s complicate to do it.?

Lotina also talked about the physical condition of his players ?The injury of Antonio Tom??s has complicated the things, because we were thinking in resting De Guzm??n. He suffered an ankle sprain, but it doesn’t seems important. The changes were made thinking of Sunday’s game. We even needed two or three more modifications, but we decided to give more oxygen to the players that were needing it the most.?

One of the most positive news is that the strikers returned to the path of the goals, something that was emphasised by Rodolfo Bodipo, one of the scorers in the game ?We were needing the goals, this victory is giving us confidence for Sunday and especially to me. In a personal sense is very good to score a goal. I need to keep working.?

The other scorer in the match, Riki, was also happy because the strikers at the squad are starting to score the goals ?Sooner or later, some of us would have scored, but it’s also true we weren’t fine during the game and we neither created too many occasions to score. We had more to lose than to win. Physiologically, a victory is always a boost, no matter it was against a rival at a lower level.?

Defender Laure was expressing his satisfaction for the victory ?We played a good game, very complete. We are leaving very content with this result. We played with two side defenders because we wanted to avoid the counterattacks of Elche and it was a good decision. It was a nice work and we did what we needed to do.?

Andr?s Guardado was considering the 2-0 in the score as a guarantee for the second-leg ?We have achieved a very good result and the pass to the next phase is almost done. We have made a very intelligent match, thinking that we are also playing in the weekend. But the most important thing is that the two strikers that played today have scored a goal, and that’s very positive.?

Adri??n L??pez ?Piscu’, who was one of the best players in the encounter, was emphasizing that matches against rivals from lower divisions are always complicated ?These are traps for anyone, and you can see that looking at the other results of this night.  We had to play the game and we are leaving really content with the result.?

At Elche, coach Claudio Barrag??n was feeling sorry for the missed occasions of his team ?I think we have made more shots on target than Depor. We had more clear occasions. But this is what it happens when you are suffering a lack of goals. You can’t say anything in the world of football, now we will have to go to La Coru?a with the same attitude. Later we would be more or less effective, we would commit more or less errors. But always with the same attitude.?


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