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01 Nov 2008
Lotina fulfils his game number 300 at Primera Divisi??n as he searches the first away win of Depor in la liga. The Basque coach confirmed the presence of Riki in the starting eleven while he explained why Omar Bravo is out of the game. At Betis, Paco Chaparro was saying that his team must be really careful with Deportivo.

Francisco Chaparro and Miguel Angel Lotina had their only previous confrontation during the past February 2nd, 2008, day in which Deportivo defeated Betis at the Luis de Lopera with a 1-0 score. Betis’ manager possesses a large experience in Andalusia as he worked before with ?‰cija CF, Granada CF, Isla Cristina and Xerez CD. But his experience in Primera Divisi??n is reduced to 33 matches in the elite.
Chaparro became the 'miracle man' at Betis after he surprisingly replaced Luis Fern??ndez for the last matchday of the season 2006/2007. At the time Betis had one foot in Segunda but two goals scored by Ed?? within the last eleven minutes of the encounter against Racing Santander fulfilled the mission of the permanence. He was replaced by H?©ctor C??per at the beginning of the past season and returned for the final 24 matches on the campaign.

This game should be special for Lotina, because the visit to the Manuel Luis de Lopera stadium means his match No. 300 at Primera Divisi??n. This is a mark that no one among the other 19 coaches in the division can match. Mallorca’s manager, Gregorio Manzano, is the other one that can reach this number during the present season, so far he has 278.

But it’s also an historic record among other veteran coaches. Luis Aragon?©s, who is currently at Fenerbahce, has the highest number with 757, while Johan Cruyff added 300 to his career. Ex-Depor Javier Irureta has 612, while legendary Arsenio Iglesias accomplished 363. Finally, Alfredo Di St?©fano reached the number of 305. This means that Lotina will surpass Johan Cruyff on the next weekend (Vs Espanyol) and Di St?©fano in December, while the Basque will have to wait until the season 2009/2010 in order to pass the record of Arsenio Iglesias.

The Basque coach talked at Abegondo’s press room before to the trip to Sevilla. He firstly assured that his team is not defeated yet after the 0-3 humiliation in the past game with Sporting �We aren’t ashes yet and I hope we will never be like that. We suffered in the past year, but the team reacted well. The players were united and I will always thank their compromise and implication. We must follow that line, conscious we have a good squad. We must work hard and realise we should be united.�

The Me?±aka-born trainer was asked about the presence of Bodipo in the list of called players, and he responded that it was for the work done by the Guinean striker in the trainings â€?It isn’t a reward. He’s training fine. The other day was the same and that’s why he entered. Bodipo and Mista were really fine and they damaged the rival during the past game. Bodipo was having less chances and he knew it would be difficult for him. But everybody working with me knows that if they work hard, I don’t close the doors to anyone.â€?

He also confessed why Omar Bravo wasn’t called for the game �Sincerely, the problem is that I see he feels uncomfortable playing as the only reference in attack. He feels better having another striker in the formation and since in this game we will only play with one attacker, Riki, and since we will also have Bodipo who could be adapted to the position, well, logically I can not take everybody. We will have games in order to see him demonstrating what he can do. This is not a warning to him. He doesn’t deserve it because he always works at the top. I’m sure he will bring other stuff from here to the end of the season�

About the rival, Lotina praised the level of Betis �We will face a team that had a good squad and that has been reinforced after spending I don’t know how much millions in new signings. Betis is a mid-table team that has made good signings. They already had good players, though they suffered in the past year. What happens now is that they started facing the big clubs. The results were not reflecting its football and now it’s when the good results are arriving.�

 Finally, Lotina said he’s feeling content for been fulfilling 300 matches at Primera Divisi??n â€?I am very glad. It’s difficult to spend so many years working in the first division of a league so tough like the Spanish one. You are joining historic coaches that are very respectful. I can only thank all the clubs and players that have worked with me during those years.â€?

Betis’ coach talked on Saturday about the confrontation against the Galicians, he warned about what could happen now taking in mind the game of the past season (1-0 win for Depor) �The experiences are always helpful. On the past year they scored an early goal and the match turned complicated since the beginning. Let’s hope we will win on this year.� Chaparro also confirmed that he will use the same lineup of the past weekend with the only novelty of captain Juanito who is missing the clash for injury reasons.

The Sevilla-born manager was also feeling sorry for the situation of Mark Gonzalez and Ed??, his other two casualties for the match �Mark can only be cheering for himself and try to be recuperated as soon as possible. It’s a shame I can not count with him or with Ed??, players that bring positives alternatives up front. But the players available for the game will make their best effort.�

About the goals of Betis for this season, Chaparro only wants to see his team in the tranquil zone, at least for now �Our main goal is to be more relaxed and in the safety zone, so the team would be able to grow. But I know that Deportivo will give us a lot of troubles. They don’t have a bad team and they have been playing together during the last three years. We can’t think of other thing. If we want to grow, we must go game by game and achieve the victory.�


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