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04 Nov 2008
The couple Riki-Lafita is on vogue after scoring the three goals against Betis. And their appearance in the scoresheet is not a coincidence, because these two players have scored the 53% of the goals conquered by Depor in all the competitions. Actually, it’s the second opportunity in which both players score a goal in the same match.

Its well know that Deportivo has faced big troubles trying to score the goals during the last seasons, on the current liga competition the team of Lotina has only conquered eight goals after nine matchdays, that’s the fourth worst record at Primera Divisi??n, only Osasuna (3), Recreativo (5), Athletic Bilbao (7) and Espanyol (7) present a worst statistic.

The fans were expecting that the arrival of Miguel ?ngel Ferrer ?Mista’ and Omar Bravo would be a boost for the scoring record at Depor, but these two players have only contributed with one goal during the present season, actually  Mexican Omar Bravo has not debuted yet as a scorer during an official match.

Therefore the attacking zone has been leaded by two unexpected players: Angel Lafita and Iv??n S??nchez Rico ?Riki’. Both are offensive players, but their scoring record has never been considered as the one of a ?top-scorer’. Lafita only scored one goal at Zaragoza and later conquered three with Depor during the past liga season, while the best year for Riki was the 2005/2006 campaign, moment in which he scored eight times with Getafe in la liga.

But for the present season, both players are exploding as they are leading the scoring department at Depor. Lafita is the current Pichichi at the squad with five goals scored in all the competitions (four in liga and one in Intertoto), while Riki has taken his tally to four after scoring the first goal at the Manuel Luis de Lopera. With his goal against Betis, the Madrilenian is now the only player at the squad that has scored at least once in all the four official competitions disputed by the squad on the present season (liga, copa, UEFA and Intertoto)

And it’s that together, Lafita and Riki have scored nine goals in all the four competitions disputed by Depor on the 2008/2009 season, this means the 52.94% of the goals conquered so far by the whole team during those four tournaments (17). The game against Betis is also the second opportunity in which both players scored in the same match, the previous case was the first-leg in Intertoto against Bnei Sakhnin (2-1 win for Depor).

Lafita talked with newspaper La Voz de Galicia about the fact of been the current Pichichi at the squad ?It isn’t my main objective to be the top scorer at the squad, but if I am helping the team, well it’s great and I am enchanted to be following this path. The true is that I am feeling really comfortable? Meanwhile Riki was appointing that he is happy though he is not playing in his natural position as second striker ?I always had self-confidence, it’s clear that right now I am not playing in my natural position as I did at Getafe, but we need to be prepared for anything.?


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