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23 Jan 2006
The worst expectations were confirmed, Juan Carlos Valer??n will miss the rest of the season as well as the World Cup after suffering a ligament injury during the 2-2 draw with Mallorca on Sunday. The bad news is creating a lot of worries in the fans and specially in the coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s.

The incident happened during the last minutes of the liga match when Valer??n fell down to the grass in pain, nobody was guilty since the player turner his left knee improperly in order to search the ball, the diagnosis revealed that the 30-years-old midfielder has a rupture in the anterior ligaments of his knee. Surgery will be required and Valer??n will have to face a minimum of six months' recuperation.

Doctor C?©sar Cobi??n knew that the injury was serious, a fact that he commented when he was leaving the pitch after the game with Mallorca: "It doesn't seems well, but we will have to wait." Later his worries were confirmed. For the moment the surgery won't take place until Friday since the doctors will wait until the inflammation in his knee is over.

The process of recuperation will be delicate, after the surgery the Canarian player will follow a tough re-adaptation process; however, Valer??n is hopeful and he even had some words of support for the rest of the squad: "I'm animated and I am asking for the support of the people, now is when we need to be with our team." The player was taken to the Hospital Modelo in La Coru?±a where Luci- Caparr??s' assistant- and Javier Reyes- Depor's physical trainer- visited the player. President Lendoiro phoned him during the night in order to give him the support of the club.

Meanwhile Joaqu?­n Caparr??s is thinking in who should replace the most talent player in his squad, the Sevillan trainer appointed some of the possible solutions: "We will try not to notice his absence, but it will be tough. For the moment we will search for his replacement here or even in Deportivo B, the team will not step down and we will continue in our fight."

It's speculated that Caparr??s could allow the return of Momo to the squad, the Canarian youngster was ruled out of the team in order to open a space for Arizmendi, but now he could finally have a place in the most unexpected situation. Other solution speculated in the media are the combination of three pivotes in the line-up, a fact that Javier Irureta proved before.

Another option that Caparr??s has is to find a replacement outside of the club, a possibility that he is also thinking, as he appointed: "We have time, without the hurries of doing it before January 31st. It will be difficult to find a player with the same profile. We will oversee the market and if is possible we could sign a player that will help us on that position, but we must do it with patience."

Although the winter market will be closed on the following Tuesday, Depor does not need to be hurry, la liga allows a club to inscribe a player in order to replace another one that has suffered a serious injury, a situation that could happen in every moment of the season without the necessity of having an open market. The only condition is that the player injured must be ruled out for the rest of the season.

It seems early to guess what Caparr??s will do, it's probable as he appointed out that several proves will be made, the Sevillan coach will try to find a new strategy for his team with his current players, if he isn't satisfy he will ask for a new player to Lendoiro. A decision that he has to make within in the next days since the club is fighting in two fronts: la copa and for a European place in la liga.

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