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05 Nov 2008
After nine matches in liga, one in Copa del Rey and five in the UEFA cup, Lotina has not repeated yet the same lineup in two straight matches. This is a consequence of the policy of rotations started by the Basque coach for the present season, but also a product of the suspensions and the injuries at the squad. So far Lopo, Aranzubia and Filipe Luis are the players with more participation in the games.

A lot has been talked about coach Miguel Angel Lotina and his policy of rotations. The Basque manager truly believes that the players need rest in order to reach the last part of the season in form. That’s the main reason why is so difficult to see him repeating the same lineup in two consecutive matches. There are other two reasons for this situation: the suspensions and the injuries. And it’s that Depor has suffered three expulsions in liga and one in UEFA, plus some injury cases like the current ones of Julian De Guzm??n and Antonio Tom??s.

Lotina doesn’t repeat a lineup in two consecutive matches since March of the present year. It was between matchdays 27 (2-2 at Valencia) and 28 (1-0 Vs Real Madrid) in liga. In both occasions the Me?±aka-born trainer played with the same starting eleven: Aouate - Manuel Pablo, Lopo, Coloccini, Pablo Amo, Filipe - De Guzm??n, Sergio - Wilhelmsson, Lafita – Xisco.

Since then, Depor has disputed 27 official matches and Lotina has never repeated the same squad. However, there are three cases that are indispensable for the coach: Albert Lopo, Filipe Luis and Daniel Aranzubia. Because these three players have participated in almost all the official games of the present campaign. Actually, they are the only ones that have played completely the nine matches played so far in liga

In the case of Lopo, he has been a starter in all the two Intertoto games and the five UEFA matches of the season, the Catalan only missed the Copa clash with Elche. Aranzubia also missed the game at the Mart?­nez Valero stadium and also the two confrontations in Intertoto against Bnei Sakhnin. Meanwhile, Brazilian Filipe has only missed two games on the season: the first-leg in Copa and the first-leg in UEFA against Bran Bergen. Other player that has been very active at Lotina’s lineups is Pablo Alvarez, the â€?Shark’ played the first eight confrontations in liga, seven of them as starter, but he missed the last one against Betis since Lotina rested him.

But the rotations are not only occurring with the names of the players on the pitch, but also with their positions on the field. Lotina has constantly used the players in different positions in order to cover specific necessities during some games, like when he put Manuel Pablo at the left-back position in the Copa clash with Elche or when Andr?©s Guardado covered the same position for the first-leg against Brann, this because the coach wanted to rest Filipe Luis. Piscu has been also forced to perform as a right wing-back in some occasions, while Juan Rodr?­guez continues to be the â€?multifunctional’ man at the squad after performing as right winger, playmaker and defensive midfielder.

During an interview with newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?±a, Lotina left clear the reasons why this situation is occurring, as he said: â€?We haven’t been able to repeat a line-up on this season, because we have been affected by the injuries of Manuel Pablo and other players, the absences of De Guzm??n and the same rotations I am introducing to the squad. There’s no doubt that if we wouldn’t be playing the UEFA Cup, this situation wouldn’t be occurring and that we would have repeated a lineup at least once.â€?


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