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24 Jan 2006
Deportivo will try to maintain the 1-0 advantage achieved at Riazor, for this reason Caparr??s will replace Valer??n with Sergio, the Catalan will play behind Arizmendi and will be supported with the appearance of Duscher and Coloccini. Valencia came to this confrontation with David Villa on fire, the Asturian striker has scored 4 of the last 7 liga goals for Valencia.

Caparr??s' biggest challenge for this match is how to replace the absence of Valer??n. For the moment he's thinking of two alternatives, the first is to use Sergio ahead of the couple Duscher-Coloccini, the other choice is to present a 4-4-2 formation with Arizmendi and Trist??n as the striking duo. The first alternative seems more probable since the Catalan player would give more consistence to the defensive work of Depor.

Andrade returns to the list of called player after missing the last two matches due to injury, the Portuguese will be the partner of Juanma in the center defence. Manuel Pablo will continue to perform on the right and Capdevila returns to the left. Knowing the pressure that Depor will face in Mestalla, Caparr??s wants to maintain a solid block, for that reason De Guzm??n will start on the bench and the duo Coloccini-Duscher will try to close the open spaces in midfield, it isn't strange to see the Argentinean performing as a pivote, it's a function that he has fulfilled with his national team before.

Pedro Munitis will lead the offensive tasks on the left wing, while Scaloni returns to the starting lineup, this time as the  right winger. The option of Javier Arizmendi as the striker seems more probable since the Madrilian is more lethal in counterattacks, a weapon that Caparr??s wants to use in this match. This mean that Trist??n would start on the bench.

Before to the match Joaqu?n Caparr??s said that his squad won't be afraid of Mestalla and that Depor will try to win the game: "We will not present an speculative line-up, the team will try to create a lot of pressure in the pitch as we always do, a goal will give us a lot of energy. I expect to face the classic Valencia: a strong team that will play a tough confrontation, both teams know that we can't commit mistakes."

The Valencians need a two goal victory in order to advance into the semifinals. Their best argument will be David Villa, the Asturian striker scored twice in the last 2-0 liga win against Betis reaching 13 goals in his account. He is the best Spanish scorer in la liga and will try to demonstrate why the people of Valencia are starting to compare him with the legends of Pedja Mijatovic and Mario Alberto Kempes.

For the match coach Quique S??nchez Flores will have five absences due to injuries: Edu, Roberto Ayala, Vicente, Curro Torres and Jorge L??pez. Meanwhile, Mora, Hugo Viana, Carboni and Kluivert weren't included in the list of called players. Mora and Carboni played in the first leg-match and it was expected the presence of Kluivert after he surpassed his physical problems, but Flores decided to leave the Dutch striker out of the game.

The main novelty in the squad is the appearance of Pablo Aimar from the beginning. The Argentinean will lead the offensive efforts of his squad, Regueiro will replace Vicente and the duo Baraja-Albelda will try to command midfield.

The captain of Valencia, David Albelda talked prior to the match about the illusion that his squad has for this competition: "We know that the game with Depor will be like a final to us, we are only thinking of qualifying to the semi-finals, a round that we didn't reach since some years ago. The copa is a competition that attracts people like me, ones that never won it. I just expect that the people in Mestalla will be with us."

Albelda also talked about Depor and the way in which Valencia must handle the game: "Deportivo is a strong and running team, one that has been influenced by Joaqu?n Caparr??s's character. We will have to play at the top. It will be a mistake if we want to score fast leaving the spaces behind, because if they score a goal we will have to conquer three. We have to attack, but with the brain. I'm convinced that we will surpass this situation and that the people will be with us. I thing that we will see a supporting environment around us."

Valencia: Butelle - Miguel, Navarro, Marchena, Moretti - Rufete, Baraja, Albelda, Regueiro - Aimar, Villa.
Deportivo: Molina - Manuel Pablo, Andrade, Juanma, Capdevila - Scaloni, Coloccini, Duscher, Munitis - Sergio, Arizmendi.
Referee: Meg?a D??vila
Kick-off: 22h00 (Mestalla).

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