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13 Nov 2008
In a few days, Deportivo will fulfill four years without signing a renewal with any of its Primera players. The last time an extension of contract was negotiated occurred when H?©ctor Berenguer signed a two-year deal in 2004, now seven men are facing the same situation in June of the next year.

It happened on November 18th 2004, H?©ctor Berenguer was passing through Plaza de Pontevedra in order to sign a renewal of two years with Deportivo. Since that day, the Galician club hasn’t negotiated an extension with any other player of the first squad. It already happened with the most promising youngsters at the youth squads like David Rochela, Hugo Garc?­a or the recent case of Juan Dom?­nguez.

To allow the exit of the first squad players has been a normal policy of Lendoiro during recent times, he knew the club wasn’t in the position of financing the wages of the past seasons and that’s how men like Aldo Duscher, Enrique Romero and the same H?©ctor left the club for free.

The last time that Depor faced a â€?massive’ departure of players ending contract occurred at the end of the season 2005/2006.  At the time the Galician club saw how eleven players left the squad due to this reason: C?©sar Mart?­n, Changui, Dani Mallo, H?©ctor, Jes??s Mu?±oz, Francisco Molina, Enrique Romero and V?­ctor S??nchez, plus â€?Toro’ Acu?±a, Lionel Scaloni and Diego Trist??n these last three agreed to cancel their contracts after the payment of an economic compensation.

Now Deportivo faces a similar scenario, because in June of the next year, seven players are ending their contract: Gustavo Mun??a, Pablo Amo, Manuel Pablo, De Guzm??n, Sergio, Joan Verd?? and Pablo ?lvarez.  But this time it seems the club is seriously thinking of making the effort in order to keep several of these men, as coach Miguel Angel Lotina said a couple weeks ago during a interview with Depor Sport: "The club is thinking of keeping the big part of them. I don't think there will be a problem."  The coach said.

At the same time, several of the players that are ending contract have showed their disposition to renew. First it was Sergio as he said "There's an automatic clause in the contract allowing the club to renew it for one more year. But I will love to sign an extension of two years, because it could be my last contract." Captain Manuel Pablo is another one that has talked about the issue "I am calmed. I just want to improve and repeat the performance of the last year, later things will occur by their own." 


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