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13 Nov 2008
Lotina, Lendoiro and the players are satisfied, basically because the team still competing in three tournaments. Something keeping the prestige of the club, and that gives the chance of more minutes to the players. At Elche, Claudio was feeling sorry for the way in which his team lost and was very excited for the welcome of the fans.

Coach Miguel ?ngel Lotinawas trying to emphasise the positive things of this game ?The first thing is to congratulate our fans for their behaviour; they cheered us up during the whole game. When you come here with the series already sentenced, it’s tough, but they did it. I was expecting for less public to be honest. I am also satisfied with the goal of Omar (Bravo), it is going to be phenomenal for him, and will bring confidence. He was feeling more comfortable playing alongside other striker.?

Later the Basque manager talked about the changes that he made and also about the upcoming game against Atletico ?It’s impossible to give minutes to everybody. I made the changes thinking of Sunday’s game. The one of Lopo was made because Filipe needs the rest, I try to be fair with everybody. If Bodipo stayed out this time, it was because he has more minutes in liga. For us it should be a motivation to be currently over Atletico. We must take advantage of the situation?

Finally, Lotina commented the situation in Copa del Rey ?I am one of those who thinks you start winning the competition since the quarterfinals, and you lose it in these rounds since it’s a bothering thing for the Primera clubs. We already see how Villarreal and (Real) Madrid are out. I don’t know if we are going to win the cup, but what I didn’t want was to lose it and we did it. We will see what happens in January.?
Antonio Tom??s was happy because to reach the round of 16 means more minutes for everybody at the squad ?We have fulfilled the goal as we passed the round. We were feeling comfortable and we conquered a 2-0, now we are prepared for Sunday. It is very important to be alive in the three competitions because it means that everybody will have minutes.?

Similar was the speech of Adri??n L??pez ?Piscu’, young defender that was appointed as one of the best players on the match ?We can be content. We are hopeful about staying alive in the three competitions and we want to achieve something important in one of them.?

Right back Laure was pleased with the performance of the squad though he said he still can improve in an individual sense ?Everything related to a victory, no matter we already have defined the series, is positive. In a general sense, we played well though we missed some punch in attack. In my case, I’m fine, but I know I can yield more, at least I have gained pace.?

Striker Omar Bravo was probably the happiest man in the stadium, that because he scored his first goal at Depor ?I had confidence in myself and this goal is going to help me a lot. I applauded the fans as soon as I scored the goal, because they always treated me really well. Not only the fans, there’s a big friendship at the squad, I love the squad and they love me.?

The Mexican was also commenting about his role on the pitch ?At the beginning I had to play more delayed, but due the circumstances in the game, I started to win meters and I advanced my position. No matter the situation, I was feeling fine with Mista and in general sense, with the rest of the squad.?

Pablo ?lvarez, the other scorer of the game, was emphasizing the seriousness of the squad ?No matter the poor environment and that we already have the game sentenced, we controlled it and at the end we won with a 4-0 aggregate score. We all were very serious.? About the chances in Copa, ?The Shark’ commented: ?I think that after these two games, we can continue winning series in the Copa.?

President Augusto C?sar Lendoiro was happy because his team is alive in the three competitions ?This is something to be content, also without too much alibis because it wasn’t a great game, but we passed and that was the goal. Deportivo is alive in the three competitions and that’s important.?

He was asked about the contractual situation with goalkeeper Fabricio Agosto, his response was: ?Fabricio is not ending contract on this season. He has to sign an extension, always with the condition of been a professional, something that’s already agreed. What happens is that those conditions are now not accepted by his agent. We have told him in all the ways that he has to sign it. We are in the same point, though things are tense right now. He knows what his contract says. We hope things will be solved once and for all.? The president also denied the version appointing that Aouate was near to be transferred to Germany.

Meanwhile, Elche’s Claudio Barrag??n was feeling sorry for the way in which the defeated occurred ?It was a totally unfair penalty, same goes for the second goal that was very doubtful. I want to emphasise the game disputed by my team, the attitude of the players. Depor, with just too little, has scored two goals against us. In that aspect, the rival has been superior, and that fact rules football, the goals.?  Finally, he commented about the warm welcome at the Riazor ?Each time I come here, I almost go out crying, people on here is really great.?



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