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24 Nov 2008
Everything was happiness after the victory in liga. Lotina was feeling pleased for the work made by the squad, the players had the same feeling and they were even saying this was the best home encounter on the season. Meanwhile Caparr??s was blaming the defensive work for the defeat.

Coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina was pleased with what he saw over the grass ?I liked Depor for its game and attitude, we have seen the Depor that we want, and not the team that appears in one game and that disappears in the next one.  It was a serious squad, solid, consistent and focused. We must insist on this. It is the sensation that we have, though it doesn’t means that we will always win. We need continuity.? Were the words of the coach after the game.

Later the Basque trainer was emphasising the countless occasions enjoyed by Deportivo ?We had a lot of chances to score, because the team played joyful. We knew that Athletic Bilbao had the quality to score a goal with easiness, but the squad didn’t fell down and in the end we sentenced the game. We don’t have any complain, neither in the collective sense nor in the individual work.?

However, Lotina had one complain: the work of referee Mejuto Gonz??lez ?I believe that the penalty committed over Verd?? was real and their keeper even deserved the expulsion. Everybody watched it, I guess that Mejuto didn’t saw it. And you must be really willful to whistle the penalty of Athletic. In my opinion, it wasn’t so clear. Anyhow, we shouldn’t give importance to it, because we have won.?

Joan Verd??, the best man on the pitch, was very happy due the current position of Deportivo in la liga ?I am really content for the game in a general sense. When a game turns to be so good, it’s something to be pleased. We have now 18 points. We are in a good zone and the triumph is great in order to face the next matches with much more comfort.?

Filipe Luis was emphasising the collective effort made by the whole squad ?It was a very complete game. Everybody made its best effort. Really this was a very good weekend, we won and Argentina lost (Tennis Federations cup). We won, but now we must forget everything and think of the UEFA, a tough challenge, we must start winning the games and pass the round.?

Daniel Aranzubia became the first Depor’s keeper in four years that stops a penalty in la liga (the last one was Molina against Valencia), the ex-Athletic confessed that he felt weird to celebrate a victory against his former club. About the penalty, he commented: ?I always said that a failed penalty is more an error of the shooter than a guess from the keeper. It’s always pretty to stop a penalty, but the best thing is to achieve the three points. This has been the best home game of the season.?

About the situation in la liga of Athletic Bilbao, club that still in the drop zone, Aranzubia commented: ?They are living a complicate situation and I hope that soon, they will leave the last places. I know they will do it. If they play as they did in the first half an hour, time in which they created troubles to us, surely they won’t suffer.?

The negative news of the match was the injury of Rodolfo Bodipo, the Guinean attacker was commenting after the game: ?I feel pain in the knee, but I am hopeful because the doctors say it is stable, more tests will be made later and I am worried, because it could be an injury like the previous one.? Meanwhile doctor Rafael Arriaza commented: ?In the beginning is a knee sprain though we need the tests that will define the seriousness of the injury. About Pablo ?lvarez, it was a contracture, it isn’t serious, but we preferred to be cautious.? In the end it was confirmed that Bodipo suffered a knee sprain and now he will be sidelined for at least three weeks.

President Augusto C?sar Lendoiro was also very content with the three points ?We have won a very important game, it is important for several reasons: it is helping us to enter into the top group and later because we are putting some distance with Athletic, club that belongs to ?our league’. It has been a very important step forward.?

Meanwhile Joaqu?n Caparr??s was blaming the defensive work for the defeat of his Athletic ?We are giving too many facilities in defence, we are failing too much. We were attacking in the second half, we were able to create more danger, but we weren’t a solid team and we need to correct these errors as soon as possible. There’s no other way because we are committing errors.?

Defender Amorebieta, the one that committed the penalty over Bodipo, was feeling doubtful for the call of the referee ?The main referee had his doubts and it was the assistant who made the call. I believe I touched the ball. We will have to watch it again.? Finally Javi Mart?nez was feeling bad because he obstructed the shot of Llorente, occasion that was near to equalise the match ?I am screwed up, because I am feeling guilty.? He said.



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