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27 Nov 2008
Convincing victory for Deportivo at the Riazor. The game had a slow start, but Lotina’s side pressed the accelerator during the second half and was very superior against a poor Feyenoord. Lotina even had time to reserve Guardado and Juan Rodr?­guez early in the second half. The final result is eliminating the Dutch side from the UEFA Cup, while Depor is now third in group H.

No surprises in the lineups of both teams. Lotina chose a 4-2-3-1 system with Mista upfront and with the novelties of Colotto, Sergio, Cristian and Valer??n, this last one performing as the playmaker of the formation. At Feyenoord, coach Verbeek was trusting in a young squad leaded by the veterans Gio van Bronckhorst and Roy Makaay. 19,000 fans were attending to the Riazor, around 1,000 were coming from the Netherlands.

It was a shy start at the Riazor. Neither Deportivo nor Feyenoord were having attempts to score, actually nobody made a shot on target within the first thirty minutes. The Galicians were trying to have the ball possession, while the Dutch side was waiting locked at its zone. The first approximation of the game came at minute 6, it was a free-kick headed by Mista inside the box, but the ball went out.

Two minutes later the same Mista made an attempt from mid-distance, once again the ball went wide.  The game continued stuck though Depor was having the initiative. At minute 15, Mista was again close to the goal, Filipe sent a cross from the left and the ex-Valencia missed to connect the ball when he was inside the area. In the meantime, Feyenoord was not doing too much in attack and was playing with the offside trap, something that was working as Mista was caught twice within the first twenty minutes.

One of the problems at Deportivo was that the right wing was very inactive, Cristian was not appearing and Manuel Pablo was more concentrated in defensive tasks.  Besides, Valer??n was founding a deadlock at the centre. Therefore all the weight of the attacks was carried by the couple Filipe-Guardado on the left, something that was facilitating the things to Feyenoord’s defence. 

But Depor found the goal in its favourite type of action: a stationary play. It was a corner-kick taken by Guardado, the ball was found by Mista inside the box and Wijnaldum made a save over the goal line, then the ball reached Cristian on the right, and the Catalan made a pass to Guardado who sent a new cross that Albert Lopo found in the far post to score the first goal from close range. The shots of Mista and Lopo were the first shots on target in the game and also the only ones during the first half

Despite the disadvantage in the scoresheet, Feyenoord stayed at the back and never represented a danger to Aranzubia, actually they even failed to achieve a corner-kick during the first part. Meanwhile the goal gave more will to Lotina’s side and now Depor was seeking for a new one, but it was unable to create any other clear chance, mainly because the visitors were obstructing all the roads by the centre and since all the offensive game was focused on the side of Guardado.

Coach Verbeek was aware of the game of Guardado on the left wing, that’s why he sent Lucius in order to control the game of the Mexican, he was replacing Tiendalli in the formation. And the ex-PSV failed in the mission, because Guardado was without doubt the best man at Depor, always creating danger on the left with his quick moves. Once again the initiative was for the Galicians and Sergio was the first one to have an attempt to score during a corner-kick of Guardado, but the ball was cleared by the defence.

Then Feyenoord had its first chance on the game, it was a powerful shot of Bruins that Daniel Aranzubia saved (49’). Ironically the first opportunity for the visitors would mean the second goal for the home side. Because in the corner-kick after the shot of Bruins, Makaay lost the ball and Guardado started the counterattack, the ball was passed to Filipe Luis who run through the right wing, when the Brazilian arrived to the opposite goal, he sent a cross to the path of Cristian, Kevin Hofland intercepted the ball and unfortunately for him, he scored an own goal.

And just one minute later, Depor replied again through a counterattack. Once again it was a play started by Filipe Luis that ended with a cross of Cristian to the path of Andr?©s Guardado, then the Mexican defeated Timmer with a crossed shot to the top corner. With the game already defined, Lotina reserved Guardado for the game at Almeria and allowed the entry of Angel Lafita.

The goals gave more confidence to Deportivo while it killed the will of Feyenoord. Now Filipe, Lafita, Sergio, Cristian and Valer??n were finding plenty spaces and the occasions to score started to arrive. At minute 58, Depor was close to score the fourth goal during a new corner-kick, but Colotto, Cristian and Mista missed it. Then Lotina decided to rest Juan Rodr?­guez as Antonio Tom??s entered to the pitch. Later Omar Bravo replaced Mista. The ex-Valencia didn’t score a goal, but the fans applauded his effort.

At minute 70, Fer had one of the few attempts to score for the visitors, but his crossing shot went wide. In the next play, Slory made a good play on the right wing and sent a drilling cross to Makaay, however Dani Aranzubia made a great save sending the ball to corner-kick. It was the best moment of Feyenoord in the game. Then at minute 73, Valer??n made a great play eluding three rivals and Sergio ended shooting from long-distance, but the ball went over the crossbar.

 Deportivo continued dominating the actions and was enjoying of the best chances. At minute 76, Sergio found a ball inside the area and fired on target, but Timmer made the save. One minute later Lafita missed the goal after a god collective play, he had Sergio alone at his side, but the Aragonian preferred to face Timmer. In the end the Dutch keeper made a new save. At minute 87, Lafita made a good play on the left wing and Sergio sent the ball over the crossbar. It was the last occasion on the match.

Good victory for Deportivo, the actions were very slow during the first thirty minutes, mainly because Depor wasn’t finding the road to Timmer’s goal, but as soon as the first goal was scored, Feyenoord’s defence fell down and things were more simple for Lotina’s side. The second half was a monologue of Sergio, Lafita, Cristian, Guardado and Valer??n and Deportivo could even score more goals. The negative fact of the match was the behaviour of some of the Feyenoord’s fans, they starting to launch the sits since half-time and the police had to contain them throughout the second half and also after the game.

The victory is putting Deportivo in a comfortable position, the Galicians are now third in group H with three points. Feyenoord is now eliminated and a new victory for Depor on the next Thursday against Lech Poznan (20h45 CET) will secure the ticket to the next round. But first, Depor will prepare the visit to UD Almeria in la liga (Sunday 17h00 CET)

Deportivo: Aranzubia - Manuel Pablo, Lopo, Colotto, Filipe Luis - Sergio, Juan Rodr?­guez (Antonio Tom??s 60’)- Cristian, Valer??n, Guardado (Lafita 51’)- Mista (Omar Bravo 69’).
Feyenoord: Timmer – Tiendalli (Lucius 46’), Bahia, Hofland, DeCler - El Ahmadi (Leerdam  55’)- Fer, Wijnaldum (Slory 62’), Bruins, van Bronckhorst – Makaay. Goals: 1-0: (30’) Lopo, 2-0: (50’) Hofland (o.g.), 3-0: (51’) Guardado.
Referee: Martin Ingvarsson (SWE).He showed yellow card to Guardado (37’) and Antonio Tom??s (63’)
Venue: Riazor (19,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (54% - 46%); Total shots (9 - 4); Shots on target (5 - 2); Saves by the keepers (2 - 2); Corner-kicks  (7 - 2); Offsides (5 - 2); Fouls committed (6 - 16).


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