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27 Jan 2006
Deportivo will try to maintain an European spot today when they visit Atl?©tico Madrid. The squad coached by Pepe Murcia is seeing the light after eight games without knowing the victory. The absences for the Galicians are Andrade and V?­ctor, while Atl?©tico will miss Zah?­nos who is injured.

The Galicians accumulates four consecutive victories as visitors (Racing, Sevilla, Celta, Athletic Bilbao), a fact that represents a record in the club, now the squad will try to surpass this mark in a stadium in which they don't achieve a victory since the season 1999/2000.

The absence for the Galicians are Taborda, Iv??n Carril, Valer??n, V?­ctor and Andrade. Valer??n passed trough surgery yesterday and according to a new diagnostic he will be out of action for the next seven months. Andrade continues with his tight problems while V?­ctor wasn't called for the match.

Caparr??s will make a couple of changes to the lineup that faced Valencia for the copa, the first one is the return of Fabricio Coloccini to the center defense, Juanma will be his partner. Manuel Pablo will continue on the right side while Capdevila will perform on the left. Juli??n de Guzm??n also returns to the starting lineup, the Canadian international and Duscher will play in the pivote functions.

Another novelty is the presence of H?©ctor on the right wing, a new experiment that Caparr??s will prove since V?­ctor and Iv??n Carril are out. Munitis will continue in the left and for the first time, the duo Diego Trist??n-Arizmendi will appear in the starting lineup. The Sevillan coach continues to prove alternatives to the absence of Valer??n, Sergio was the choice used in the clash with Valencia, but now Caparr??s continues with his experiments and Arizmendi will perform as second striker, while Trist??n searches the goals. The list of called players is completed with: Dani Mallo, C?©sar, Romero, Sergio, Scaloni, Rub?©n and Xisco.

It will be a special game for the striker Javier Arizmendi, the Madrilian player returns to his home and he isn't discarding a celebration if he conquers a goal: "It's a game that motivates me since Atl?©tico is the club that gave me the opportunity to debut in the elite. Once I enter to the pitch I will keep my respect for the fans of Atl?©tico, but now I belong to Deportivo, any reaction will be spontaneous if I score a goal."

After eight matches without victories Atl?©tico achieved the three points in the last liga confrontation against Zaragoza. The result has given serenity to the club's officials and coach Pepe Murc?­a is starting to enjoy the confidence of the public, in this sense he will trust in the same team that conquered the win in Zaragoza.

Leo Franco will be the keeper and the duo Perea-Ib???±ez will cover the central position in defence. Antonio L??pez will perform on the left while Velasco will occupy the right position. Velasco saw his fifth yellow card of the season against Zaragoza, but the Competition Committee invalidated yesterday the sanction against the player.

Peter Luccin will try to control midfield and Ibagaza to generate football, the lethal attack of Atl?©tico will be completed with Maxi Rodr?­guez and Petrov on the wings and the duo Kezman-Fernando Torres upfront. The other players called up by coach Pepe Murcia are: Colsa, Garc?­a Calvo, Galletti, Molinero, Valera, Gabi and the second keeper Falc??n.

Lately Fernando Torres has been on the news. Atl?©tico's president, Enrique Cerezo said during the week that his club will study offers for the striker, a fact that Torres didn't like it, as he said to the website of the Madrilian club: "I'm upset with this. I don't understand why they don't let me work one week without bother me with this things. The president can talk of anything, but I want to stay in the club. I have a contract and I want to fulfill it, that's my desire."

About the match with the Galicians Torres commented his view about the strategy of Depor: "It's the classic squad trained by Caparr??s, they don't let too many open spaces in the pitch and they read pretty well the situation that happens in their games." El Ni?±o also commented the situation lived in his club with the exit of the coach Carlos Bianchi: "When we were in the pre-season some people talked about entering into the Champions League, but when the results weren't good the squad started to lose the spirit and the morale. In the world of football the results are the most important thing and that's what counts. For me the exit of Bianchi was the better thing to do."

Atl?©tico Madrid: Leo Franco - Velasco, Pablo Iba?±ez, Perea, Antonio L??pez - Ibagaza Luccin - Maxi Rodr?­guez, Kezman, Petrov - Fernando Torres.
Deportivo: Molina - Manuel Pablo, Coloccini, Juanma, Capdevila - H?©ctor, De Guzm??n, Duscher, Munitis - Arizmendi, Trist??n.
Referee: Fern??ndez Borbal??n.
Kick-off: 22h00 (Vicente Calder??n).

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