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29 Jan 2006
Caparr??s and the players of Deportivo are convinced that the performance of the team during the first half was really poor. They also agree to point out the lack of concentration in the defensive line as one the main factors causing the bad rally of results achieved during the last weeks.

Joaqu?­n Caparr??s recognised that his team had a bad performance at the beginning of the match, a fact that for him explains the final result: "The first half was a gift, we missed intensity and some velocity, factors that would let us do important things during this half. This result gave me a bad taste since we were preparing the match during the week and nothing worked out."

The Utrera-born coach was also very upset with the defensive work of his squad: "Let's see if we end the bad idea that we already did our job during the first round of la liga. We have to continue fighting and in this sense we can allow three goals in one single match! The aspirations of one team passes trough his defensive work, and we received five goals in only two matches."

Javier Arizmendi was very upset with the defeat of his squad, for him the lack of concentration in the defence is affecting the club: "I'm very pissed of, we could achieve a better result than this one. We have to improve our work because it will be hard to win matches if we continue to allow this quantity of goals."

Fabricio Coloccini also believes that his team made a terrible first half: "The true is that our performance during the first half was something to forgive, in the second half we improved and the team was capable of creating some danger against Atl?Štico."

Defender Joan Capdevila believes that the cool weather was a factor that affected them: "We had troubles in order to get used to the weather and we didn't try anything during the first 45 minutes. In the second half we improved although we have some things that the team can do better. Despite of the defeat we can't be negative about this game, it was only a bad result."

The Galician club was asking to invalidate the second-leg match against Valencia for the incidents happened at the Mestalla. For that reason Lendoiro sent a petition to the Supreme Sporting Council (CSD), but they made a resolution declaring that the CSD isn't the right instance to determinate if the petition of Deportivo is correct or not. They simple determined that Depor should present first the petition to the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). Depor's officials haven't spoke yet about the issue and it seems that the game will be restarted this Wednesday at Mestalla, the game should be played behind closed doors.

However, announced that the club will study the situation and that during this day they will make a public declaration about what they will do or if the team will travel to Valencia in order to play the second-leg game at Mestalla.

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