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18 Dec 2008
The papers in Spain celebrated the triumph of Deportivo and the pass to the next round, all the reports point out that Lotina’s side suffered a lot during the match due to his lack of goal. In France the press was feeling sorry for the elimination of Nancy.

La Opini??n A Coru?±a: It was necessary to win and to not depend on third parties, and Deportivo fulfilled the expected script. It began the match focused at the rival’s area, with depth, but with hard difficulties trying to end the plays. It came with relative ease to the area of Nancy, although sometimes without creating too much danger. Omar Bravo, highly motivated, appeared between the lines to knock on the door of the goal. He had will but missed luck. He was associated with Valer??n, with Lafita and his friend Guardado, but Andre Luiz and Macaluso cooled their boisterous kick-off. Yet the striker fell to midfield and tried to get a lot of balls and relieve the traffic on three quarters of the field. His work was good, but not enough to break the deadlock.

The French team, physically strong and very ordered, contained the initial attitude of Depor, team that tried to widen the field and find the path to the goal. Depor was exploding the wings, with Lafita and Guardado very involved in the game, but also appealed to the brushstrokes of Juan Carlos Valer??n. The Canarian felt comfortable in the first fifteen minutes and his team noticed it. Then he was spacing his appearances. Something to blame Gavanon, who delayed his position to neutralize the creative football of the gifted playmaker. It was not a mark man-to-man, but almost.

After an encouraging start with a good dose of football, the game was getting locked up by both sides. Nancy was growing up as the minutes were passing, the contrary thing was occurring at Depor. It was necessary to be patient in order to find the path to the goal. Lotina knew it, that’s why he was asking for patience from the band. However, his team began to suffer the first inaccuracies as result of the anxiety, which grew once known the goal of Lech. The coach missed the incorporation in attack of his two midfielders, Antonio Tom??s and Sergio. They never lost the position, but neither appeared in the near zone to the area, same thing for the side defenders. Manuel Pablo and Filipe barely visited the opposite field in the first forty-five minutes. The one having the bigger problems was the Brazilian, since Dia was winning his back several times.

Things did not improve too much after the pause. Depor dominated and Nancy looked back to find space on the counterattack. Lotina lasted in making the changes, but he bet putting three strikers at once: Bravo, Bodipo and Riki, plus Valer??n. The Galician team continued attacking until they seized one of the few defensive mismatches of the French team. Then in the last quarter of an hour, Depor kept its solvency at the back zone. Juan Rodriguez, who came out to have more presence in midfield, put his shoulder to maintain the 1-0 without major troubles.Eugenio Cobas.

La Voz de Galicia: The strikers at Deportivo gave signs of life. Omar Bravo fell to the wing, sent the ball to first post and there appeared Bodipo to renew the European passport of Deportivo, which was canceled for nearly 50 minutes. The French coach had warned that Nancy’s initial objective was to score first, because he had read that Depor has been unable to achieve a comeback in the score during the season. He was close to fulfill that goal in the third minute, when Berenguer charged with violence and sent a shot that hit the ground at the nose of Aranzubia, who in a great save sent the ball to corner. After such warning, Nancy opted for the counterattacks. It was deployed on the pitch with the same combination that locked Depor at Valladolid, a 4-2-3-1, but the offensive line was more worried in defending than in attacking.

In the first act, the Blanquiazul team persevered in the wrong way: the aerial game. It was entrusted to the crosses, specialty Guardado, which, with the small Omar as the target, amounts to be entrusted to the Virgin of the Rosary. A pawn rarely eats a tower, and towers were the French defenders. The danger rose when Depor generated plays with the ball over the grass, as in the connection between the talent of Lafita and Valer??n. In the first half, Nancy speculated with a few counterattacks through the left wing, place where Dia gave troubles to Filipe. The French team did not generate a sense of panic with its deployment, but the fear was enough to not see the side defenders of Depor trying to cross the border of midfield.

It was the 27th minute when Lech Poznan scored its goal in the Netherlands. That goal, announced on the scoreboard simultaneously, didn’t affect Depor, who was quiet as Amancio, but always persevered. Lacked lights in attack, until Valer??n appeared before halftime, he opened, intelligently, the play to one side, and then Guardado appeared, he sent a cross but Omar failed. After the break, The Galicians stretched the game. The match turned into an exchange of arrivals. Nancy took advantage of the Galician desperation and launched counterattacks when they had the superiority on the pitch, but met with the errors of Zerka, who settled with innocence two occasions that were clamorous. The Uys! were heard in the stadium with a cross of Lafita failed again by Omar, a threat from Lopo after a corner kick or the shot of Bodipo after a pass of Lafita, the best of man at Depor. Lotina doubled the gunpowder with the entry of Riki for Antonio Tomas. Depor found a fair reward for its perseverance with the goal of Bodipo. To Nancy, who was already eliminated, they didn’t allow a reaction Rub?©n Ventureira.

AS: Deportivo celebrated its centennial in Europe at their best: winning, finishing second in the group and already thinking of the match No. 101 in this thrilling UEFA Cup. The task was not easy for the way in which the French team played, which eventually got eliminated, and taking in mind how hard is to see this team scoring a goal. However, faith and the push up of the Riazor ended tilting the balance during an evening in which Bodipo resurfaced to become the undisputed hero with his savior goal. The night started with fright. A free-kick put Aranzubia in serious troubles by the power of the shot made by Berenguer, but the keeper sent the ball to corner. With the fear still in the body, Deportivo was looking for Valer??n, who incompressible was walking on a loose. El Flaco, a luxury player, put the first ball in depth to Lafita, who finished poorly. Little by little, Depor was taken ownership of the ball, and the occasions started to arrive for the Galician side. Lafita again, and especially Omar Bravo, who after an excellent broke the waist of Macaluso, put Bracigliano in serious problems. The Mexican, ready to seize the opportunity given to him yesterday by Lotina, returned to finish a play, this time with the heel after another great pass from Valer??n, but the attempt went off.

The initial fear turned into terror when the news came from Rotterdam: Lech was scoring a goal, goodbye to Europe. There was no reaction, especially because Nancy was very well placed on the pitch. The French, disguised as a shy team, pressed up front, and when they were stealing the ball, they attacked with danger. Especially with Dia, who brought down the right wing and caused a lot of troubles to Filipe with his speed. However, Lafita and Guardado warned with their headers, but it is clear that this is not their stronger point.

At the start of the second half, the two teams went to death, and for everything. Zerka had the chance, but he missed at the key moment. With the anguish of the result and the harassment to Nancy, Riazor appeared, and as it happened against Malaga. Lotina was soaked by the atmosphere and burned his ships: Bodipo and Riki. The decision could not be better, because shortly after, a cross from the fine Mexican allowed Bodipo to take the laurels of glory with his goal. Then Depor passed from been eliminated to the second place, the glory. However, suffering and tightening the teeth until the last breath, because although some people doubt it, Europe is blood, sweat and tears… of joy Luis De La Cruz.

L’Equipe (France): Nancy has been released. It was a combination of circumstances to see Nancy out of the UEFA Cup. And the worst has happened. Lech Poznan was winning in Rotterdam (1-0). Suddenly, the loser of the match Deportivo - Nancy has been left out. And the big loser of the evening, in every sense, was ASNL (0-1).

It faced La Coru?±a, team that was playing its hundredth European match (Intertoto Cup excluded), the men of Pablo Correa have played pretty well. Led by a Issiar Dia that was untenable on his right side, the visiting team has created very good opportunities. But the shot of Berenguer was hijacked by Aranzubia (5th), while Zerka, only six meters away from the goal, failed twice (20th and 52nd). Hadji also lacked precision in his internal approaches. And when you miss the opportunities, it often ends up being paid in cash.

Especially since the Galicians have also made the show. With players like Guardado or Lafita is quite normal. And it is partly thanks to a great Macaluso that Depor has not taken the led before half-time. Bracigliano had done the job before against Lafita (7th), and the luck had smiled to Nancy in a huge mess at the area at the last minute of the first half. But the errors appeared again in the second period, fatal this time. Omar Bravo (56th), Lafita (64th) showed the path for their team. But it was necessary to see the entry of Bodipo in order to switch the meeting. On a beautiful play of Riki by the right, Bravo found the space to send the cross. Bracigliano, who needed to repeat the save made by Gordon Banks to Pel?©, couldn’t prevent the KO ten minutes before the end. None of his teammates were there. Just as they are no longer in the UEFA Cup. C.O.


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