19 Dec 2008
Rodolfo Bodipo has already scored two goals in the season, the last one was very important since it gave the pass to the round of 32 in the UEFA Cup. The Guinean attacker talked with newspapers La Opini??n and La Voz de Galicia and analysed his return after the injury in the liga game Vs Athletic Bilbao.

Q: You didn’t play since November 23, when you got injured against Athletic. You can not ask for more in your reappearance, don’t you think?
A: For me it was a very important goal and then, collectively, we all know what it meant, because we passed to the next stage in UEFA. I think we have done the merits to see the fans enjoying more of Europe, and for us to keep playing this beautiful competition.

Q: After your last injury, it was talked about a month in order to see your return. Were you surprised how quickly the coach has trusted in you again?
A: The confidence that the coach has given to me after the injury, and especially taking in mind that I didn’t have too much time to train, is something that I have to thank and encourages me to continue working. On Wednesday everything was perfect. It was the most important goal since I'm at Depor. I could not celebrate many goals, but it was also important because it meant the game number one hundred of the club in Europe, and especially because it was useful in order to pass the round, which was what everybody was wishing for.

Q: After this goal, will your level rise up?
A: Let’s hope so. It was a pity the latest injury, because it came in a bad time. I was gathering pace of competition and I was beginning to find very comfortable. Now I hope to recover the pace and continue working as before. Let's see if I still have luck for the goal.

Q: During the summer, Lotina told you to look for another club, but now the coach counts with you. What has changed?
A: It was a hard year, especially for the situation at the beginning, but I believed in my chances. Now I am enjoying of more minutes despite that early in the season I knew that I wasn’t counting.

Q: Is this a prize for the hard work?
A: Well, I am isolated from everything, I have dedicated my time only to work and be quiet, also to be a good professional and a good partner. I knew that I would work hard, and there you have the results. I was convinced that if I started the pre-season from zero, it could be a totally different year compared to the past one, which for me was my worst campaign.

Q: Were you helped by the fact of being in the shadows, without making too much noise?
A: I do not know if that has been the key or not, but the true is that this was the way I wanted. I wanted to be in a second place, but I have to keep working well, because I have done absolutely nothing. I want to continue with that mentality and to see the coach trusting in me again.

Q: Do you think that on Sunday you will have continuity?
A: I do not know. The coach is who knows us better and he knows who the best is for every occasion. I am full disposed for what he wants. When I'm in, I will give everything and I'm going to try to repeat more often what happened on Wednesday, because that’s how I enjoy: scoring goals. Who is benefited in the end from the competition at the squad is Deportivo, because we all are going to give everything.

Q: Are the strikers more criticised than the rest of players?
A: I will not enter into that subject. Personally, I spent my time doing my job and fulfilling what the coach sends me to do, all the time. When the goals will arrive, they will come. We are very united and the only thing we want is to see Deportivo going as far as possible. Sometimes football is unfair, like life, but we are professionals and we have to keep working. Above all, I always try to leave the stadium with a clear conscience for been doing what the coach sends me to do, and work hard seven days a week.

Q: A few months ago, when you were not counting for Lotina, would you have signed as things are now?
A: That's all work and perseverance, to be quiet, and being a good companion and professional. In the end the results arrive and I do not look back. I live the present. I have learned to live well, so I will be alright.

Q: Do you face an important season in your career?
A: Yes, because since I'm at A Coru?±a, thing haven’t worked for me. I have spent my worst year and I want to recover the things for myself. I asked God to start from zero, to not have any important injury in pre-season and things were like that, and that’s an important factor: to be physically better because you have more confidence.

Q: Any conclusions from last season?
A: It was all my fault, the fact that I didn’t play, because I wasn’t fine, injuries chased me and since I didn’t have continuity, I was worse since I wasn’t playing. The most important thing was to start from zero and complete the pre-season without any mishap.

Q: Precisely, you and Omar Bravo, who haven’t had a very well year so far, were the protagonists in the play of the goal.
A: The good thing is that football changes in the overnight, and is also good to be competing in three tournaments on this year, the coach is counting on many players that weren’t normally performing.

Q: Do you feel important?
A: We need to feel important, though not always the one that isn’t playing is the person in the worst condition. But as important is a good starter as a good substitute.

Q: How far can go this Deportivo on this season?
A: You have to go step by step, because the fans are enjoying with the three competitions, and let’s see where things take us. Hopefully it will be as far as possible.


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