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20 Dec 2008
Deportivo searches to close the year with a new victory that will keep the Galician squad near to the European places. The novelty is that Mista is injured and that his place is disputed between Omar Bravo and Bodipo. Meanwhile ?Recre’ arrives to Riazor with Javi Guerrero and Adrian Colunga as the main references.

The strength of Deportivo on the present season is located at the Riazor, stadium in which Lotina’s side has won ten of the thirteen official matches disputed on this campaign. So far, only Hajduk Split (0-0), Mallorca (0-0) and Sporting Gij??n (0-3) have survived after visiting La Coru?a.  Sixteen of the twenty four points added in la liga have been conquered at the Riazor, while the Galician squad has clinched nine clean sheets there after thirteen official games, without doubt the particular fortress of Deportivo.

Despite that Recreativo arrives to this game sunk in the drop zone, it should be understood as complicate rival. Firstly, because it has won the last two meetings in liga: 3-2 at Mallorca and 1-0 Vs Osasuna. Secondly, because the Andalusians have added more points playing away from home than the ones achieved at the Nuevo Colombino (7 against 6 at home).

The match also has a taste of ?revenge’ for Deportivo, because the Galicians have lost the last two home matches against Recreativo: 0-2 on the past season and 2-5 on the 2006/2007 campaign, this result was the last game of Caparr??s as the coach of Deportivo, and also represents the worst liga defeat at home since the 1-5 setback against Valencia on the season 2004/2005. Another thing to have in mind is that Deportivo has only defeated Recreativo in nine opportunities after thirty two confrontations between Primera and Segunda Divisi??n.

The main novelty for the game against Recreativo de Huelva is that Mista was not picked by Lotina, the Murcian was the starting choice for the last three liga matches and now he is out after picking a muscular problem during the last training. Therefore Omar Bravo or Rodolfo Bodipo will take his place in the starting eleven. Lotina didn’t want to confirm who will be the selected man, but it’s all between them, while Riki will be the other alternative on the bench.

The Mexican has just appeared twice as starter on the liga season (Vs Mallorca and Numancia), and was also the selected choice for the UEFA clash with Nancy-Lorraine, game in which he made a decent job and gave the assistance to the goal. And who scored that goal was Rodolfo Bodipo, the Guinean is just coming back from an injury, but he has satisfied the expectations of Lotina during the 25 minutes he played against the French club.

The rest of the formation is practically the same squad that lost at Valladolid though Lotina could make a modification, Daniel Aranzubia will be the goalkeeper, Manuel Pablo will cover the right-back position, Z? Castro will return after resting on Wednesday and will play alongside Albert Lopo in the centre of the defence, while Filipe Luis will continue on the left spot.

Other of the doubts is who will play alongside Juan Rodr?guez in midfield. Julian De Guzman was the selected choice that played at the Jos? Zorrilla, but  Sergio has also a chance to occupy the position. Meanwhile Andr?s Guardado and Angel Lafita will continue on both wings, while Joan Verd?? was rested during the UEFA match with Nancy and now he will return in order to perform as the playmaker of the formation.

Pablo Amo continues with his recuperation process and he’s joining Mista at the injury room, on Friday it was announced that the Madrilenian central defender already started a new phase in his rehabilitation at the Zona Fit (Depor’s new gym). Laure and Pablo ?lvarez weren’t picked for the game due to technical reasons, while Gustavo Mun??a and Dudu Aouate still sidelined by Lotina, this last one is negotiating a loan spell with Sporting. Finally, Antonio Barrag??n is not inscribed for la liga.

Dani Aranzubia said before the game that Deportivo wants to end the year with a victory, ?We all have in mind the vacations, but we also know that we need to end the year with a victory. They are coming living a complicate situation, but after winning the last game, it is going to be difficult. The start of this year was fantastic, the team is in three competitions and we are up in the table.?

Same was the speech of Andr?s Guardado, ?We want to end the year 2008 in the best possible way and take advantage of our situation at the Riazor, place where we are playing our best game. Football can surprise you, we can have a bad day and a bad match. That’s why we can’t despise Recreativo, and we must remember they won on here during the past year.?

List of called players (20): Aranzubia, Fabricio (goalkeepers); Manuel Pablo, Z? Castro, Colotto, Lopo, Filipe, Adri??n L??pez ?Piscu’ (defenders); Sergio, Juan Rodr?guez, Antonio Tom??s, Lafita, Guardado, Cristian, Verd??, De Guzm??n, Valer??n (midfielders); Bodipo, Omar Bravo and Riki (strikers).

The Andalusian team seems to be reacting after a doubtful start in la liga. They won the opening match on the campaign, but later they spent twelve straight matches without conquering the three points, reason why they were sunk in the last place during the month of November, and was also the reason why ex-coach Manolo Zambrano was fired, job that was now taken by Lucas Alcaraz, man that already coached ?Recre’ in the past (2000-2003). But things have improved lately as the team from Huelva has won the last two matches in the competition: 3-2 at Mallorca and 1-0 Vs Osasuna.

And the protagonist in these encounters was Adri??n Colunga, striker that has scored two goals in both games. Actually the Asturian attacker has scored at least one goal within the last three liga matches, mark that only Mariano Mansilla and Uche conquered with Recreativo at Primera Divisi??n. Curiously, Colunga was involved in a polemic a few weeks ago as he was requesting more minutes after been discarded by the new coach, in response the same Alcaraz told to reporters that ?Anyone asking for minutes should buy a clock.? Another curiosity is that Colunga has conquered one goal in the three victories in liga of Recreativo, this after he scored the lonely goal that gave the three points against Espanyol in the first matchday

Another striker to have in mind is Javi Guerrero, he is one of main executioners that Riazor has suffered in recent times, and it’s that the Madrid-born player has scored in all the five games that he has disputed at the Riazor (6 goals), and the curiosity is that when he has steeped the grass at the Riazor, his teams have never lost the match (Racing and Recreativo). Actually, his first two goals at Primera Divisi??n were conquered in that stadium (October 6th 2002 in the 2-0 win of Racing). On the present liga season, Guerrero has disputed twelve games and has scored two goals.

About his particular ?romance’ with the Riazor, Javi Guerrero was commenting: ?Yes, it’s a positive place for me. It’s like my second home after the Nuevo Colombino. Let’s see if we can continue with the legend. Well, if I have minutes, I’m sure something will come out, let’s hope the luck will keep smiling to me and if I can score again.? No matter his record in La Coru?a, Alcaraz will leave Guerrero sited on the bench.

The reason is that the coach will continue trusting in Argentinean Marco Rub?n as the partner of Colunga in attack, he was pretended by Depor in the past, but it was signed by Villarreal and then loaned out to Recreativo. Alcaraz will only make one modification compared to the squad that defeated Osasuna, Iago Bouz??n was picked for the game after surpassing a stress facture and will start the game at the right-back position in defence, therefore South African Nasief Morris will move his position to the centre and will perform alongside ex-Villarreal C?sar Arzo. Andr?s Lamas, who was one of the two central defenders against the Navarrans, will be sited on the bench.

The big doubt is who will occupy the left-back position, Jos? Manuel Casado made a good job against Osasuna, but Hip??lito Fern??ndez ?Poli’ is returning from suspension and he could claim back his spot. The rest is the usual 4-4-2 formation that Alcaraz likes to use.  The scheme includes two pivotes in midfield: Jes??s V??zquez and Javi Fuego, while Javier Camu?as will cover the right wing and Ivory Cost-attacker Akal? Kanga the left spot, finally the duo up front will be conformed by Colunga and Marco Rub?n.

Together with Javi Guerrero, other player to have in mind and that will be sited on the bench is ex-Valladolid Sisino Gonzalez ?Sisi’, the left winger scored one goal on the past season against Depor, but on this liga campaign he is not counting too much as he has only completed 672 minutes on the pitch. About the absentees for the game, defender Roberto Beto (pubalgy), midfielder Jos? Ignacio Zahinos and Galician defender Quique ?lvarez (both knee ligaments) are out for injury reasons.

List of called players (18): Riesgo, Roberto Jim?nez (goalkeepers); Morris, Lamas, C?sar Arzo, Iago Bouz??n, Casado, Poli (defenders); Akal?, Camu?as, Jes??s V??zquez, Sisi, Javi Fuego, Sebasti??n Nayar (midfielders); Marco Ruben, Javi Guerrero, Adri??n Colunga and Ersen Martin (strikers).

Deportivo: Aranzubia - Manuel Pablo, Lopo, Z? Castro, Filipe – Sergio or De Guzm??n, Juan Rodr?guez - Lafita, Verd??, Guardado - Omar Bravo or Bodipo.
Recreativo: Riesgo – Iago Bouz??n, Morris, Arzo, Casado or Poli - Camu?as, Jes??s V??zquez, Javi Fuego, Akal?.- Adri??n Colunga, Marco Rub?n
Referee: Turienzo Alvarez
Kick-off: 17h00 (Riazor)
Record Vs Recreativo: 9 wins for Depor, 8 draws, 15 wins for Recreativo (Primera & Segunda)
Record at the Riazor: 9 wins for Depor, 3 draws, 4 wins for Recreativo (Primera & Segunda)


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