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29 Jan 2006
The media agrees to point out the bad performance of Depor during the first half as one of the keys that caused the defeat in Madrid. The entrance of Rub?©n Castro and Arizmendi for the last 45 minutes was applauded by the papers, they changed the face of Depor although it wasn’t enough in order to conquer a positive result.

AS: Sad Depor. Caparr??s, the great coach that doesn't like to take risks gave up during the first half, he resigned to attack during the first 45 minutes and he acted in the opposite case than the coach Murcia. Caparr??s didn't send Arizmendi and left Trist??n as the only striker, a bad decision since the Sevillan forward had a terrible performance. Sergio also failed since he couldn't replace Valer??n and in this way, the first half ended without any shot on goal made by Depor. It was until half-time that the changes were order by Caparr??s, Rub?©n scored in a free-kick and suddenly Depor discovered the error committed during the first half: Atl?©tico is one of the best defensive lines in Spain... if we don't count the other 19 clubs in Primera. After that Depor transformed any static play in a drama for Leo Franco and the central defenders Pablo and Perea. At the end Atl?©tico achieved a deserved victory, but they suffered a lot during the last seconds. I?±ako D?­az.

La Opini??n A Coru?±a: Caparr??s had to wait 45 minutes in order to make changes in his starting line-up. He sent Arizmendi and Rub?©n to replace Trist??n and Sergio and the modifications gave results in just one minute. The free-kick taken by Rub?©n was the first shot on goal made by Deportivo in the entire match, before to that the Galicians were busy trying to defend themselves and the work in the first half was reduce to stop Atl?©tico and their continuos attacks. Another key during the second half was that Ibagaza disappeared from the ground, Duscher and De Guzm??n closed the doors to him and the presence of Rub?©n helped them in order to find an exit, a fact that never happened with Sergio during the first half. But at the end it wasn't enough for Deportivo. Xos?© Manuel Mallo.

La Voz de Galicia: Yesterday took place a confrontation between two teams that were living opposites scenarios. Deportivo showed in recent games that they were a tough team playing away from their stadium, and Atl?©tico that they were weak and nervous when they play at home. Maybe the change of coach and the last victory against Zaragoza gave Atl?©tico more confidence, they believed in their chances and this win could be the point of start for their comeback. And Depor will have to be carefully, maybe the incidents in copa del rey are altering the concentration. Joaqu?­n Caparr??s' squad continues to show the same style, but the big difference is that before, when they were facing offensive troubles, an important player always appeared: Juan Carlos Valer??n. His absence is a key on this team, because the Galician squad doesn't have any other player with similar characteristics, nobody can do his job. The coach will have to solve out this situation. Fran, ex-player of Deportivo.

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