23 Dec 2008
Canadian midfielder Julian De Guzman, alongside with Juan Carlos Valer??n, was Deportivo's best field player in the match against Lech Poznań. He made several tackles and was passing the ball with precision. Right now he is the most famous football player from in his country.

Canada is football desert. Players from that country very rarely make a big career in Europe, but De Guzman is one of those who made his dream come true. De Guzm??n gave an interview to football magazine Piłka Nożna after the UEFA clash against Lech Poznan, the following is a translation of the interview.

* Thanks to Michał Okulowski for the translation

Q: How could you learn to play such a good football in Canada?
A: Football was my passion since I was a child. I played many games with my friends, I trained a lot, I never surrender. My parents were happy to see me on the pitch instead of been brawling. When I was 16, I graduated from the school and I had to decide what to do next. Me and my family decided together about going to Europe. My father knew some people that was working for Olympique Marseille. That was the place where I learnt how to play, not in Canada. I used to watch European football at home, but I didn't expect Europeans to take this sport so seriously. After spending three years in Marseille, it was clear I wasn't ready yet to play for such a great team in Ligue 1. Then I was transferred to Saarbrucken.

Q: And then you also played for Hannover in Bundesliga. Does Spanish football differ that much in comparison to Germany?
Of course. I had to learn a lot, same after moving to La Coru?±a. Primera Divisi??n is the best league in the world. I couldn't get used to it quickly, the ball was passing very fast, it was hard for me. Another problem was that I didn't know Spanish language. I decided to start learning that language and understood one simple thing: Spain is a perfect place to live. I fell in love with Spanish people habits - siesta and late supper which are much better than Canadian, French and German ones. Talking about the Bundesliga, I must say I have very good flashbacks from there. In Hannover I played with Pole Dariusz Żuraw, he was my great friend.

Q: Who was and is your current idol?
My first idol was Romario, but people in France quickly told me that I weren't supposed to be striker, so I had to look for other idols. For many years the best defensive midfielder in the world was Claude Makelele, and I really wanted to be as good as he was. Right now I have a new idol, someone who is even better than the French player: Villarreal’s player Marcos Senna. Obviously, I can't forget about Deportivo's player Mauro Silva. When I came to La Coru?±a, people expected me to be his successor. If you ask me about the playmaking function, I would mention Valer??n, he taught me a lot. At Depor he is the master for us. He has big authority because of his fantastic way of playing. I can run throughout the 90 minutes without breaks in order to play with such a great man, and I will be happy with having such an opportunity.

Q: Your brother is playing for Feyenoord and Holland national team. Don't you regret he has had successes with the national team and you don't because of playing for weak Canadian team?
A: I don't want to think about our careers. Our ways were quite different and there is no point in wondering whose one was better. When I was beginning my career, nobody thought about me playing for other country. My brother got that opportunity and he decided to do it. I'm not jealous and annoyed either. That's life.

Q: Is it true that you like to be a DJ in your free time?
A: Yes, I tried it even before leaving Canada. I love music since I was a child. My mother comes from Jamaica what explains a lot. My father is from Filipinas and he likes music too. Actually I always take my headphones when I am going on away matches, I collect CD's, but the last time I visited a disco, it was when I was living in France.

Q: What is Deportivo's target for the current season?
A: Deportivo is a great club that was a champion not so long ago. Even if our squad is a bit weaker than the top teams, our fans won't be satisfied with a place in the middle of the table. We aren't avoiding relegation so our goal should be reaching a European spot at the end of the season, and it seems we will have to fight for the 6th place till last game.


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