26 Dec 2008
Andr?s Guardado and ?ngel Lafita talked with Sportpaper AS and analysed the great year of Deportivo, they also talked about their personal aspirations and the near future. Lafita mentioned that his dream is to play with Spain, while Guardado hopes to end the season in a European position.

Q: You are one of the couples on vogue at Deportivo, can you notice inside the pitch the chemistry you have in the outside?
Lafita: We share the room at the hotel and actually we are one of the couples of friends inside the team. That good relationship can be noticed on the pitch too. It’s something mutual, we cheer up each other, no matter one of us is failing, we always have a constant support.
Guardado: We wanted to play at the same time since the past year, period in which we were separated in a certain way.

Q: Due the injuries?
Guardado: Yes, one was coming in while the other was going out… It was hard for us, but now both are fine, we feel comfortable with that. That friendship in the outside is helping us in the inside.
Lafita: That’s what Andr?s says. On the past year, if it wasn’t for one thing, it was for another fact. It seemed impossible to have both of us at the same time.

Q: Talking like players, what’s the thing you envy the most from the other guy?
Guardado: His hair… (both laughs) Seriously, envy? Nothing, actually the opposite. We are different and that’s good for the team. Since the past year people has been making comparisons, but we do not like to create rivalry or to see the media talking about who’s the best. We just spent the time enjoying.
Lafita: I think the same. People trends to compare us and we are quite different. Neither of us is better than the other one, but we are a complement of the other player, inside and outside the pitch.

Q: Andr?s, you have requested to see Lafita in the national team.
Guardado: Like a friend and companion, I will be glad seeing him having a chance in Spain. That depends on him, but for this he needs to make good games and demonstrate that he possess the qualities in order to be part of a squad with that level, which right now is the best in the world.

Q: Who doesn’t need a recommendation is Guardado?
Lafita: No. How many times have you been international?
Guardado: I don’t know, maybe forty.
Lafita: Too many. It’s an example of personal achievements. I admire him so much, because few people are able to be in a World Cup at the edge of 19. I don’t envy him, but it’s pretty cool to achieve that number of international matches. It’s something complicated, but not impossible.

Q: 2008 has been a different year for both of you, right?
Lafita: Yes, I had no luck in 2007, perhaps I had it on this year. It was a year of trust and commitment at Primera, which was my goal.
Guardado: I started with a couple of injuries, but in the end things were fixed and I'm happy. It was a year of great learning. Hopefully 2009 can be even better.

Q: Were you frightened by how the team was at the beginning of the year?
Guardado: Sure. I think we all feared the ghost of relegation, but all of we were engaged and involved in this problem. The year 2008 was pretty well for everybody at the team, in all aspects. Hopefully we can maintain that level.
Lafita: All of us suffered, it’s something logical. We were in a very delicate situation. Many of us had never experienced similar situations, but this is a tremendous group. It was a year of overcoming for the team.

Q: Lafita could go out of Deportivo in 2009 ...
Guardado: We would miss him very much. Now we're together, we have to enjoy the good sense of the word, because no one knows what will happen tomorrow. He can go or we can have changes at the team. For his sake, he would deserve to improve his career. I am not saying that he won’t do so on here, but for the level that he’s showing, he could play at any team.
Lafita: It’s that Andres is great ... Thank you for those words. What happens is that in football there are many circumstances and sometimes you can not manage yourself and decide your own future.

Q: Will you dare to speak about a dream for next year?
Lafita: My personal dream is to wear the shirt of the national team. And for the squad, I do not want to promise anything, but we must try to go as far as possible in all the competitions.
Guardado: What I would desire the most, more than a dream, it would be to enter into Europe again. An UEFA place would be a nice gift for everyone.


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