29 Dec 2008
Striker Riki talked with newspaper El Ideal Gallego and analysed the good year lived by Deportivo. The Madrilenian recognized that his performance wasn’t as great as he expected, but he preferred to emphasise the collective work done by the Galician squad.

Q: What’s your balance of the year 2008?
A: I believe it has been a pretty year, especially after the comeback in la liga. Since that moment, things have been phenomenal, we made a very good second round, we entered to the Intertoto and thanks to that, the year has been very good. Therefore, as Lendoiro says, let’s hope the year 2008 will not end on here.

Q: Besides the year has meant the return of Deportivo to the UEFA
A: It’s a pretty competition for a lot of people and look at Sevilla and Racing who were left behind, that tells you how much difficult is to dispute a European competition and the merit of Deportivo, not only for been inside of it, but also for been passing to the round of 32. And we must continue in the same line during the new year.

Q: How do you see 2008 in a individual sense?
A: Better than 2007, things like they really are. It’s true that I was hoping to be a starter in more occasions and that my contribution hasn’t been as good as I wanted, but I will keep trying.

Q: In which sense has the team growth compared to the past year?
A: Especially our confidence and the fact to be competitive. I believe the team knew how to be competitive and that’s the most important thing in football.

Q: Which one was your preferred moment?
A: When we achieved the mathematical permanence. I believe that it was a relief for everybody and since that moment we were able to fight for other goals.

Q: Would you like to erase any moment?
A: No, because in a general sense, we had more joys than sorrows and the true is that right now I don’t remember anything that I would like to forget.

Q: What do you ask from 2009?
A. Especially, to continue living the same things, and to see the same Deportivo that some years ago was fighting to be at the top in all the fronts.


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