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03 Jan 2009
Tenth confrontation between Lotina and V?­ctor Mu?±oz, the series is tied with three victories for each side. Depor’s trainer was reminding the difficulties of his squad when it plays away from home, while Mu?±oz is dreaming of a win and a good start in 2009.

V?­ctor Mu?±oz is a former player of Real Zaragoza and Barcelona that also shined at the national team of Spain during the decade of the 80’s. He started to work as a coach in 1995 at RCD Mallorca and since then he has worked with Logro?±es, Leida, Zaragoza, Villarreal, Recreativo and also with Panathinaikos in Greece. His bigger achievement as a coach was to win the Copa Del Rey and the Supercopa of the year 2004 (with Zaragoza). He was hired as the coach of Getafe for the present season, this after the exit of Michael Laudrup. So far Mu?±oz accumulates 209 games as a coach at Primera Divisi??n.

This is the tenth confrontation between Mu?±oz and Miguel Angel Lotina at Primera, the series between these two experienced coaches is really tight as both men accumulate three victories against the other, while the remaining three games ended in a draw. The last confrontation between these two men occurred on the past season as Mu?±oz’s Recreativo defeated Lotina’s Depor with a 0-2 score at the Riazor (matchday 05). Mu?±oz was fired from â€?Recre’ just two weeks before the confrontation in the second round against Depor, this due the poor results of his team.

Depor’s coach talked on Saturday, after the last training of the squad and before the travel to Madrid, he was saying that Depor needs to find its place on the competition, �The game against Valladolid was deceiving, but also the one against Recre. We must know to find our place. The confidence and the enthusiasm are good, but the euphoria could make us take the wrong decisions. We must live of the fans expectations, but we also need to know who we are and what we are.�

About the lineup for the game, Lotina confirmed that he already has decided the squad and that he is only waiting for Bodipo, player that suffered a back problem (lumbalgia) on Saturday, �Let’s see if there are no surprises, I still thinking about it. Bodipo had some problems at the end of today’s session and lets see how he evolves. He’s the only doubt, that’s why I picked 19 players for the game.�

Later the Basque coach confessed that his main worry is related to the performance of Depor when the squad plays away from home, �We aren’t afraid of anything, but in the first round, especially playing away from home, we have missed some stuff. We can’t stand here looking at the positions in la liga, saying how good we are, that’s wrong. We must have faith in our talent, but through work and fight. That’s fundamental in this liga, especially during this month.�

The ex-Real Sociedad manager continued with his list of �defects’ and appointed that Deportivo must keep the mentality after allowing a goal, �We need to improve some stuff, at least to not throw away a game if we leak a goal. A football match lasts ninety minutes, and having a goal against us or in our favour shouldn’t change the things. We change especially if they score against us. We are insisting on this.�

Lotina also praised the level of the rival, �I like more the Getafe of this season than the one of the last two years, I see them as a more difficult team. The true is that in the last two campaigns, with Schuster and Laudrup, their game was dynamic and enjoyable, and I think they still keeping that virtue, but now they also have an important defensive work.�

Finally, Lotina wanted to remind the tough calendar that Depor will face in January, �We are beginning an intense month, with very important matches in liga and Copa, against rivals that must be respected, but we also know that we are fine, we have self-confidence and we will try to obtain the maximum number of points.�

The coach of Getafe talked on Friday during a press conference, he was wishing a good start for his team after the disastrous 2-5 at Osasuna during the last game of 2008, �This is a new year, but our desire is to say that this can’t be, and we are facing the game with the idea that we can surpass Deportivo, which is a team living a good moment, they even look like us for the possibilities of reaching a good place in la liga.�

Once again the ex-Zaragoza coach analysed why his team failed in the game with Osasuna, �We missed concentration, we also missed the motivation needed to surpass a team that was the last place and that was hurried for a win, and that’s fundamental. Besides we didn’t act as a group, I mean as a team, with the needed aggressiveness for a competitive game. But that’s in the past now, though it should be useful.�

V?­ctor Mu?±oz had also eulogies for Depor, â€?I have seen Deportivo and its game, sometimes is magnificent, they know how to play, they have clear ideas and later they combine the style of playing, that’s the tougher thing to counteract, that’s why they are a difficult rival. Our main task during the second round is to achieve good results at home. We must consolidate the games at the coliseum, and since then to keep the same pace of the first round. That would be the logical thing, but you never know what will happen in football, you have the plan there and then everything changes. It will be very positive to start 2009 with another victory and with three points that will give us more confidence.â€?

Asked about what are his expectations for the end of the season, Mu?±oz preferred to say that he is now focused in the clash with Depor, â€?I won’t go to far, we are just looking to the next game, match in which we will see the current level of our squad, and how we can surpass a Deportivo that’s a strong opponent. Therefore right now there’s no need to go beyond this, but to look Sunday, we want to win, we want to be superior to Deportivo, and we must offer a victory in 2009 to the fans that will come to enjoy it.â€?

He also confessed that Getafe might change the system for the game against Depor, though he has to think more carefully about the issue, �I haven’t decided this yet, I still need to look to the rival and also to choose the best men for this game, that’s the idea, but I haven’t decided the starting eleven yet.� Finally Getafe’s coach confirmed that Guerr??n is out of the game since he returned until Saturday, while he said that Casquero �will be fit to play.�



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