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04 Jan 2009
Important victory for a Deportivo that reached the UEFA zone, the Galicians made a great first half and missed several occasions to score more than one goal, including a disallowed penalty over Bodipo, but in the end a penalty in the second half, this time a polemic action, secured the first win of 2009.

Both coaches sent the expected lineups for the game, Rodolfo Bodipo surpassed a back problem and leaded the attacking zone at Depor. Meanwhile Juan Angel Alb?n surpassed his pubalgy and played alongside Manu del Moral at Getafe’s striking zone. Deportivo started the game knowing that a victory would put them among the six best teams in Spain, this after the 1-0 win of Real Madrid over Villarreal.

Deportivo begun the actions strongly and having three clear chances within the first five minutes, one of those opportunities ended in the first goal of Depor in 2009. And the common thing in those three actions was Rodolfo Bodipo First the Guinean missed by inches a precise pass of Sergio (4’), one minute later the same player headed a free-kick coming from the left after a foul over Guardado, Mario saved Getafe heading the ball out.

But Bodipo wouldn’t miss his third chance and scored the goal after the resulting corner-kick, Sergio took the chance and his cross was touched by Juan Rodr?guez in the near post and then Bodipo came at the penalty spot to send the ball to the back of the net. It’s the third goal for the ex-Alav?s man within the last three official matches of Deportivo.

The game turned exciting as Getafe started to push for the equaliser and as Depor was searching to define the game with a new goal. The first clear chance for the locals came at minute 10, it was a strong free-kick of Casquero that Aranzubia saved sending the ball to corner-kick. Just two minutes later Depor was close to increase the lead as Guardado stole the ball inside the penalty area, he made a pass to Lafita who sent a drilling shot that Abbondanzieri saved (14’).

And from the 0-2 possibility the game passed to the 1-1 reality as Getafe scored the equaliser during the following play. It was a combination between Alb?n and Manu del Moral in which the Andalusian and ex-Atletico Madrid man controlled the ball with the chest and released a drilling shot that entered to the net by the right post. The goal gave morale to the local team and soon it started to dominate the ball possession.

But Depor continued having the best chances, just a minute after the goal of Getafe, Bodipo scored a new goal after a pass of Verd??, but the goal was disallowed by referee Fern??ndez Borbal??n because the striker was whistled offside (17’). Later Guardado couldn’t reach a pass of Sergio as Abbondanzieri cleared the danger first (22’).

Two minutes later, Eugen Polanski tested from long-distance, but his shot went wide. Despite Getafe was having the ball, the true is that Depor was having the best occasions to break the tie. At minute 27, Verd?? scored a goal, but again was disallowed by offside, then Guardado started a play on the left that ended with Verd?? shooting on target, ’Cata’ D?az saved Getafe over the goal line and in that same play, Mario committed a clear penalty over Bodipo as he pulled his shirt until the player fell down, but Fern??ndez Borbal??n just whistled a corner-kick for Depor.

Then the match reached a small pause in which both teams were breathing after a good start, the next chance was for Alb?n after the Uruguayan received a pass from Contra, but he fell down and missed a good opportunity as he was ready to face Aranzubia one-on-one (39’). In the final five minutes Depor had the ball and a couple of occasions, first Abbondanzieri had to come out again to clear a pass of Verd?? that was searching for Guardado (43’), then Bodipo couldn’t met a cross of Manuel Pablo, because ?Cata’ D?az cleared the ball first (45+1’).

Intensive first part, Depor started strongly and scored an early goal, but Getafe reacted and tied the things through a great goal from Manu del Moral. Getafe had the ball possession, but the true is that Deportivo seemed more dangerous and accurate. Bodipo was the most active player for the Galicians, it was him who scored the goal and who suffered a clear penalty that Fern??ndez Borbal??n didn’t want to whistle.

The second part started with both sides taking more precautions, reason why there weren’t clear chances to score within the first ten minutes. Depor and Getafe were trying to have the ball possession and the situation reduced the pace of the game. The first clear opportunity came until minute 56 and it was for Depor, Sergio took a free-kick at one side after a foul over Bodipo and the ball was headed by Juan Rodr?guez inside the box, but despite been along against Abbondanzieri, his effort went out.

Then V?ctor Mu?oz decided to shake his striking zone and replaced Alb?n with Roberto Soldado, the ex-Real Madrid was coming to this game after scoring the two goals of Getafe in the 2-5 setback with Osasuna a fortnight ago. At minute 59, Verd?? made a pass to Lafita inside the box, in the end the Aragonian assisted Bodipo who sent the ball over the crossbar after firing his shot in an acrobatic position.

The modification of the local team was not working, because Deportivo started to lock Getafe at its own area. The Galicians searched the winning goal through set pieces, but Verd?? (64’) and Juan Rodr?guez (65’) missed their chances during their respective free-kicks, the first one went over the crossbar, while the cross of the Andalusian was cleared by ?Cata’ D?az.

Getafe’s problem was that Granero and Gavil??n were barely appearing, mainly because the lines of the Madrilenian team were too much separated, reason why the ball was not reaching Manu del Moral or Soldado. Curiously, the solution of V?ctor Mu?oz for this problem was to put a third attacker on the pitch: Ikechukwu Uche who replaced Gavil??n.

Meanwhile at Deportivo, contrary to past away matches, the team of Lotina was creating chances to score, but the lack of aim appeared again as the team missed at least three clear chances to score the decisive goal. Then the Galician side started to lose the control of the actions during the last fifteen minutes. Another thing that slowed the pace of the game during the second part were the continuous fouls, actually ten yellow cards were shown in this period, including the four men at the back zone of Getafe.

At minute 73, Lucas Licht had a great chance to score as he surpassed Manuel Pablo at the right side, but his final shot hit the net by the outside. A couple of minutes later Cosmin Contra had a new chance to score, but Aranzubia stopped his shot. Then Lotina decided to make his first modification and sent Juan Carlos Valer??n to replace Verd??.

And it was a decisive move, because in his first play the Canarian made a great pass to the path of Bodipo who was entering to the area, and then referee Fern??ndez Borbal??n whistled a penalty of Abbondanzieri when the Argentine keeper was trying to block the opportunity, the true is that the penalty was doubtful since it seemed that the keeper collided with Bodipo accidentally. Anyhow Sergio came to gave a new lead to Depor from the penalty spot. Curiously it’s the first penalty whistled against Getafe on this liga season and the second goal for the Catalan midfielder on the campaign.

The goal turned the last eight minutes (plus the stoppage time) into high drama, because Getafe pushed strongly for the second equaliser of the game, at minute 83 Granero was close to achieve it through a strong shot that just hit the net by the outside, two minute later Manu del Moral sent  a good cross from the right that didn’t find a receiver.  Then Lotina moved his bench and wasted some seconds with the entries of Cristian and Riki for Lafita and Bodipo.

Depor was suffering at the end and watched as Soldado wasted two consecutive chances for Getafe, first heading out a free-kick of Granero (90’), and one minute later the same player found a cross of Cort?s, who had replaced Contra before Sergio’s goal, to send a shot that ended in the arms of Aranzubia. The Basque keeper appeared during the last action of the stoppage time to anticipate Licht after Lopo lost the ball against Manu del Moral.

Deportivo was the superior side in the match, especially during the first half, period of time in which the Galicians could have score two or more goals and were punished as the referee didn’t whistle a clear penalty over Bodipo. But it’s also true that Getafe gave a hard fight and put the things difficult to Lotina. In the second part the pace of the game was reduced due the continuous fouls, and Depor found the decisive goal in a penalty that was polemic.

The victory is important because it leaves Deportivo sixth in the table, just one point over Villarreal (7th) and five above Malaga who is now 8th.  The tree points also mean that Deportivo passes Celta in the historic table of Primera Divisi??n. But beyond this, it’s an injection of morale now that the Galician squad faces a tough month ahead. The first task is the triple confrontation against Sevilla FC, first this Wednesday for Copa (Sanchez Pizjuan 21h00 CET), then on Saturday for Liga (Riazor 20h00) and then again for Copa (Wednesday 14, 20h00).

Abbondanzieri – Contra (Cort?s 79’), Cata D?az, Mario, Licht - Granero, Casquero, Polanski, Gavil??n (Uche 70’) – Alb?n (Soldado 57’), Manu del Moral.
Deportivo: Aranzubia - Manuel Pablo, Lopo, Z? Castro, Filipe - Sergio, Juan Rodr?guez – Lafita (Cristian 86’), Verd?? (Valer??n 79’), Guardado – Bodipo (Riki 89’)
Goals: 0-1: (6’) Bodipo, 1-1: (15’) Manu del Moral, 1-2: (81’) Sergio (penalty)
Fern??ndez Borbal??n. He showed yellow card to Filipe (35’), Bodipo (54’), Mario (55’), Contra (55’), ?Cata’ D?az (58’), Juan Rodr?guez (60’), Polanski (66’), Z? Castro (71’), Licht (75’), Manuel Pablo (75’) and Abbondanzieri (81’)
Venue: Alfonso Perez coliseum (9,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (50% - 50%); Total shots (14 - 12); Shots on target (4 - 3); Saves by the keepers (1 - 2); Corner-kicks  (5 - 4); Offsides (1 - 3); Fouls committed (10 - 14); Accuracy in the passes (86.81% - 85.14%)



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