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05 Jan 2009
Happiness and prudence, those were the main things saw after the victory over Getafe. Lotina was extremely content with the level displayed by his team, while players like Bodipo and Verd?? were saying that they must continue facing the season game after game.

?I am content?, that was the phrase that coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina said in countless occasions after the game against Getafe. And it’s that he was content with the performance of his team during the match, "This has been the away game in which I have enjoyed the most with my team. I liked it. We played really well. It’s true the game was balanced when we scored the second goal, Getafe created a lot of troubles and any side could have scored more goals. But yes, I liked my team, we were serious and focused. I am content.? He insisted.

Despite been occupying a European spot, the Basque manager confessed that he is not worried about the current position of the club in la liga, ?We have won three games outside home, not bad at all. Right now I am not worried about our position, that’s cool for the fans, but if you fool the players with the standings, then the pressure might show up. I prefer to tell them that we need to improve some things. Besides, the giants in la liga are not failing, they are pretty strong.?

He also talked about the penalties committed over Bodipo, ?There was one that was clear during the first half and that wasn’t whistled, and the one whistled in the second part was penalty too, the play was on and the keeper slipped when he tried to stop the ball, there's no much else to say.? The performance of Bodipo was also praised by the coach, ?He was fine, he’s bringing some stuff. He’s the striker with more reference that we have. There are others, but he is our reference for the type of game that we practice with three men attacking.?

Finally, Lotina had some words for the upcoming triple confrontation against Sevilla FC, ?I always say the games should be prepared since the first match of the season, later we concrete the things in a half an hour. We must give three or four notes to the players about Sevilla, and I think we have enough time to prepare the match.?

The players were also delighted with the victory and also with the performance of the squad, a curiosity is that the players ate at the stadium after the game, and later they talked with the media. One of them was Daniel Aranzubia who said: ?We have started the year in the best possible way. It was a complicate game.?

Rodolfo Bodipo, who was the best player in the encounter, was asking for calmness and patience and to not fall into the trap of euphoria, ?We are content with the result, because we have started the year really well, looking at Europe and I was able to score. But our goal continues to be the same, to go game by game. The idea is the same and we must continue in the same line.?

The Guinean attacker also analysed the play in which he was fouled inside the box and that wasn’t whistled as a penalty, ?Among all things I did in the game, I want to remain the goal I scored and later they committed a penalty over me. The pull of the first part was also clear, but the referee didn’t whistle it.?

Like Bodipo did Joan Verd?? was saying that no matter the moment, Depor must face the season game by game, ?We still are living a positive streak. We had a lot of occasions in the first part and in the end we fulfilled a solid game. We deserved the victory. Now we must think matchday by matchday and keep the tranquility.?

Juan Carlos Valer??n, who entered in the last minutes to put the pass in the play of the penalty, was talking about the keys for the success of this Deportivo, ?The secret is to be a balanced and regular team. If we surpass the compromises of the upcoming month, it is going to be a very pretty final in la liga. We can not think now that everything is done, but we must be proud of what we are doing.?

Andr?s Guardado was emphasising that Depor fought hard during the season and that now must try to take advantage of the opportunities, ?We fought hard during the first round and that’s why we are here, finally we are in a UEFA position. Now we face the biggest teams in la liga and we want to keep adding. Now we are there, we must try to not miss the chance.?

Albert Lopo was saying that the team had the calm missed in previous opportunities, ?We could have won by a bigger score. In a collective and personal sense, everything is improving, and that can be noticed with the result. Now things cost us less. With the 0-1 and the 1-2 in the scoresheet, we kept the calm and the security. We still alongside the leading group and now is the right moment in order to go up.?

At Getafe, coach V?ctor Mu?oz was praising the level of the match but discussing the validity of the penalty over Bodipo, ?It was a hard and competitive game. Deportivo found a goal at the beginning and that fact gave them trust and security. We reacted well and after the equalising goal we found our own chances. The match was balanced. The pace was high and that’s why the second part was worse. With fewer occasions, Depor was luckier with a discussed penalty, action that was polemic. We have lost at home again, and if we would have drawn, it would be fairer.?




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