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05 Jan 2009
Deportivo B couldn’t defeat Zamora, team that faced the last 35 minutes with 9 men on the pitch, worse than that, it allowed the Basque team to score two goals and achieve a point at Abegondo. In this way, Fabril ends the first round near the abysm, just one point over the relegation places.

Once again coach Tito Ramallo faced the game with some casualties at his squad. Hugo Garc?a, Chema (both with pubalgy), Manu (finger) and Marcos Caridad (knee) were out, but striker Lassad Nouioui was recovered from a hamstring strain. For the match Ramallo chose a 4-4-2 figure, with Lassad and Aridane playing at the same time.

A novelty was that goalkeeper Alberto debuted as Manu was out injured, the rest was the used squad with Diego Seoane at the right-back `position, Granado on the left, the duo Juanan-Castillo at the centre, Dani and David Rochela in midfield, Iv??n Carril on the right wing and Iv??n P?rez on the left.

At Zamora, coach Miguel Angel Alvarez Tom? also used a 4-4-2 scheme, all eyes were upon Senel, an ex-Fabril striker that also played with the first squad and that was joining Berodia in attack. The casualties for injury reasons were strikers Iker Alegre and Aritz Mujica, but attackers Gerardo Berodia and Pablo Carvajal were fit to play though this last one wasn’t a starter in the game. Zamora was coming to the encounter as the fourth place at group one, place that means a participation in the playoff for the promotion to Segunda Divisi??n.

The first 45 minutes were totally dominated by Deportivo B, but no clear occasions were created during the first twenty five minutes. Actually Zamora was having the ball possession during this period of time while the home team was speculating with fast counterattacks. But then Depor B appeared and Iv??n Carril had a clear chance at minute 25, it was a personal maneuver in which he eluded keeper Dani but that defender Tom??s cleared over the goal line.

Then the opportunities started to flow, Aridane had two chances, first with a strong shot from mid-distance after a pass from Lassad, and later with a header that was contained by keeper Dani. A couple of minutes later, the first goal for Fabril appeared. It was a fast counterattack started by Iv??n P?rez that meant a long pass to Lassad, the French striker ran with the ball throughout the right wing and entered to the area, then he bet Dani with a drilling shot that hit the body of the keeper first.

Zamora woke up with the goal and sent two warnings before half-time, first with a header of Senel that went out near to the crossbar and then with a new header of Gonzalo that Alberto contained. Despite this two attempts, Fabril deserved the advantage in the scoresheet, this for the effort done in the first minutes.

Things seemed to be in favour for Depor B during the second part, especially after Limones and ex-Fabril Senel were sent off for accumulation of yellow cards, this in a matter of just eight minutes. But Fabril committed the huge mistake of delaying its position over the pitch as the team chose to defend the narrow advantage.

Meanwhile Zamora was playing with two lines of four men. Little by little, and thanks to the leadership of Curro Vaca, they took control of the game, and soon the equaliser arrived. It was a play in which Gerardo Garc?a found the ball inside the box and eluded Alberto, then he sent the ball to the back of the net and surpassed Seoane who was at the goal line.

Tito Ramallo’s reaction lasted six minutes, with two more men on the pitch, he replaced defender Granado with Guille, therefore he started to play with a 3-5-2 formation, with Guille on the left and Iv??n P?rez on the playmaking function. The bet was not working and the Galician youngsters suffered a lot trying to score a new goal.

Then Ramallo risked more with the exit of Seoane and the entry of Nacho Matador, Rochela delayed his position on the pitch and Fabril started to play with three central defenders, but without side defenders. The deadlock continued at Zamora and Depor was unable to create any opportunity, it was just until the combination Iv??n P?rez-Lassad appeared again that Fabril was able to score for the second time. The winger took a free-kick at the right side and the French attacker was standing in the penalty spot to head the ball upwards and into the net. With these two goals, Lassad took his tally to eight on the season, tying with veteran Oscar de Paula in the second place of the list of Pichichis in group one, just Guijuelo’s Javi Ballesteros has conquered more goals on the campaign (15).

With the advantage in the scoresheet, Ramallo even sent Chirri for Aridane at minute 82, but who struck last was Zamora, it was a corner-kick of Curro Vacas at the right that Manolo Cabezas found inside the area, he tried to sent a cross to the box though nobody from Zamora was inside the box, but instead the ball hit Juanan in the knee and went to the back of the net. Fabril had time to react and Lassad was close to score again during a free-kick, but this time his header went out.

Deportivo B lost two points against a rival that was playing with nine men during the last 35 minutes of the match, the sin of Ramallo’s squad was to defend the result no matter the narrow advantage and with a lot of time remaining in the clock, then and though the squad scored a new goal, the lack of concentration cost the victory within the last minutes.

At least the point allows Fabril to end the first round in Segunda B outside of the relegation zone, but the Galicians squad is just one point above the drop zone, curiously the six of the seven B teams in the group are among the last seven places. Meanwhile and no matter the point tastes like a triumph for Zamora, the Basque squad ends the first round out of the promotion zone, this due the victory of Ponferradina. On the next weekend Depor B starts the second round hosting Lemona at Abegondo. It’s another tough game against a Basque team, actually Lemona is currently third in the group.

Deportivo B: Alberto - Seoane (Nacho Matador.71’), Castillo, Juanan, Granado (Guille 67’) - Iv??n Carril, Dani, Rochela, Iv??n P?rez - Aridane (Chirri 82’), Lassad.
Zamora: Dani - Ibon D?ez, Gonzalo, Domingo, Tom??s (Marcos 84’) - Willy (Koeman 72’), Vacas, Agust?n, Limones – Senel, Berodia (Cabezas 76’).
Goals: 1-0: (39’) Lassad, 1-1: (61’) Berodia, 2-1: (79’) Lassad,. 2-2: (87’) Juanan (o.g.)
 Referee: Santurio Mart?nez. He showed yellow card to Seoane, Dani, Iv??n Carril, Aridane, Juanan, Juan Riveiro (Fabril’s second coach), Curro Vacas, Tom??s and Tom? (Zamora’s coach). Limones (49’) and Senel (52’) were sent out.
Venue: Abegondo (1,000).


Sporting B 0 - Ciudad Santiago 1

Guijuelo 4 - Real Uni??n 0

Bilbao Athletic 3 - Cultural L. 1

Racing B 3  - Racing Ferrol 0

Deportivo B 2 - Zamora 2

Celta B 1 - Sestao River 1

Barakaldo 4 - Valladolid B 1

Marino 0 - Lugo 5

Pontevedra 0 - Lemona 0

Ponferradina 1 - Real Sociedad 0




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