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06 Jan 2009
Depor’s bench players against Sevilla’s starters, that’s the phrase to resume this preview for the first-leg in Copa. And it’s that Lotina will only keep two men from the squad that defeated Getafe on the past Sunday, while Jimenez is just making two changes to the squad that drew with Osasuna.

This is the fifth time in which Deportivo is meeting Sevilla for Copa Del Rey. So far each side has won two series. The first confrontation occurred on the season 1949/1950 and the Andalusians won the two-leg series with a 5-2 aggregate score. Later the Galicians eliminated Sevilla during the season 1991/1992 (4-1 aggregate score) and the triumph was repeated for the 1996/1997 campaign (Depor won in penalties).

The last confrontation in Copa between Sevilla and Deportivo occurred during the season 2006/2007, at the time Caparr??s’ Depor was trashed in semifinals by Juande Ramos’ Sevilla as the Galician squad lost 0-3 at the Riazor and later 0-2 at the S??nchez Pizju??n. Later the same Sevilla won the trophy.

Currently Sevilla and Deportivo are just separated by two points in la liga, but both sides are living opposite moments. Depor is coming after adding the impressive mark of 11 victories within its last 14 official matches (9 in liga, 2 in Copa and 3 in UEFA), while the Andalusians have only added 6 wins in its last 14 official games (also 9 in liga, 2 in Copa and 3 in UEFA). Sevilla was surprisingly eliminated in the UEFA Cup after losing at Sampdoria (0-1).

Despite the potential of the rival, coach Miguel Angel Lotina has decided to continue with his policy of rotations. Only two starters that faced Getafe on the past Sunday will repeat their participation in the lineup: Manuel Pablo and Albert Lopo. The rest will be a complete different squad though the 4-2-3-1 scheme will not be changed.

One of the main novelties is the return of Fabricio Agosto at the goal, the Canarian keeper has just played twice on the season, precisely in the previous Copa series against Elche. Other of the big novelties is the presence of youngster Laure at the left-back position. Lotina is trying to rest Filipe and since the Brazilian does not have a natural replacement, the coach has decided to move the ex-Fabril player to that position (he’s a right-back).

The defensive line will be completed with the presence of Diego Colotto alongside Lopo at the centre of the defence, while Manuel Pablo will continue on the right. Adri??n L??pez ?Piscu’ will be the alternative on the bench since Portuguese Z? Castro was not called for the encounter. It will be a special match for Colotto since Diego Maradona, the current national coach of Argentina, will be watching from the stands, something that he commented on Tuesday: ?For any player is important to know that the national coach is watching you, let’s hope everything will be fine for Depor. I am happy for the opportunity that I have, anything related to have minutes is important in order to demonstrate that we can bring things to the squad.?

In midfield Julian De Guzm??n and Antonio Tom??s are returning after been out of the lineups. The Canadian isn’t a starter since one month ago as he played against Valladolid in la liga, while the Cantabrian appeared in the starting eleven for the last time in the UEFA clash with Nancy at the end of December. The rotations continue on the wings as Pablo ?lvarez returns in order to play on the right, while Cristian will cover the left. ?lvarez isn’t a starter since November as he played the second-leg in Copa against Elche, match in which he scored a goal from the penalty spot. Finally, Riki will be the lonely attacker in the formation.

The players that will be rested and there weren’t even called for the match are: Joan Verd??, Filipe, Andr?s Guardado, Z? Castro and Sergio, while Gustavo Mun??a continues sidelined from Lotina’s plans and Antonio Barrag??n is waiting for a door out as Depor is currently negotiating a loan with Numancia and Recreativo. Pablo Amo and Mista continue to be the only players at the injury room.

List of called players (17): Aranzubia, Fabricio (goalkeepers); Manuel Pablo, Adri??n L??pez ?Piscu’, Colotto, Lopo, Laure (defenders); Antonio Tom??s, Juan Rodr?guez, De Guzm??n, Lafita, Pablo ?lvarez, Valer??n, Cristian (midfielders); Bodipo, Riki and Omar Bravo (strikers).

Contrary to the situation at Depor, coach Manolo Jim?nez will not make too many changes compared to the squad that played on the last weekend. He is just planning two modifications: the entry of youngster Jos? Angel Crespo for Ivica Dragutinovic at the left-back position and the presence of Brazilian Luis Fabiano in the place of Renato. Dragutinovic was replaced in the game against Osasuna due to a muscular problem, while Luis Fabiano didn’t play that match because Jim?nez thought he wasn’t ?totally fit’.

Therefore it’s expected that the starting eleven that will face Deportivo will be the ?luxury’ squad of Jim?nez. This means Andr?s Palop at the goal, Fernando Navarro at the right-back position, the duo Julien Escude- Sebastien Squillaci at the centre, Crespo at the left spot, ex-Depor Aldo Duscher performing alongside French Koffi Romaric in midfield, Adriano and Jes??s Navas covering the wings, and the deadly duo Luis Fabiano-Frederic Kanout? in attack.

Luis Fabiano-Frederic Kanout? is a lethal combination that guaranties goals, although on this season the couple has just conquered eight goals in la liga. One of the reasons why Jim?nez is using his normal starting eleven is the pressure he’s feeling due the poor form of the squad. There are rumours he might be replaced at the end of the season and he doesn’t want to take risks, besides his side is already eliminated from the UEFA and right now the Andalusians are just competing in two fronts.

Together with Dragutinovic, Jimenez has several casualties due to injury reasons: Lautaro Acosta (knee sprain), Fazio (ankle), Chevant??n (knee), Abdoulay Konko (abductor) and David Prieto (gastric problems). Of this list only Fazio, Acosta and Dragutinovic might be ready for Saturday’s liga clash at the Riazor. Aquivaldo Mosquera is also out of the list, he already surpassed a physical problem but he wasn’t picked for the match.

Adriano Correia talked before the game and he was sending a message of hope through the official website of the club, ?Depor is a well organized team, but I hope that we are going to be the ones qualifying. The UEFA cup already escaped from us and it can not be the same with Copa Del Rey. No matter the latest results, we still are one of the most spectacular teams in la liga. Now our task is to demonstrate that Sevilla has the potential for great achievements. With the exception of Barcelona, I don’t see any other team with a superior potential and I think we still can grow.?

List of called players (16): Palop, Javi Varas (goalkeepers); Crespo, Fernando Navarro, Squillaci, Escude, David Prieto (defenders); Adriano, Romaric, Duscher, Renato, Maresca, Jes??s Navas, Capel (midfielders), Luis Fabiano and Kanout? (strikers).

Sevilla: Palop - Fernando Navarro, Escud?, Squillaci, Crespo - Jes??s Navas, Duscher, Romaric, Adriano - Luis Fabiano, Kanout?
Deportivo: Fabricio - Manuel Pablo, Lopo, Colotto, Laure - De Guzm??n, Antonio Tom??s - Pablo ?lvarez, Valer??n, Cristian - Riki.
Referee: Mateu Lahoz.
Kick-off: 21h00 (S??nchez Pizju??n)



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