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10 Jan 2009
Depor made only the half of the way as it was defeating Sevilla at half-time and with one more man on the pitch, but the reaction of the Andalusians sunk the Champions League aspirations of Lotina’s squad. At least Bodipo scored for the fourth straight time.

As it was expected, Lotina sent a ?new’ starting eleven making nine changes compared to the squad that lost in Copa. Only Alberto Lopo and Manuel Pablo were repeating their place at the squad. Guardado, Lafita, Verd?? and Bodipo returned and leaded the attacking efforts. Bodipo was searching his fourth straight goal in an official match.

At Sevilla, Jim?nez was sending a more defensive squad than the one expected, and it’s that Frederic Kanout? was left sited on the bench and his place was taken by Renato, it was rumoured that Kanout? had a muscular problem, though he entered for the second part. Other modification was the presence of David Prieto in the place of Escud? at the centre of the defence. The intention of Jim?nez was to control midfield with a trivote: Renato-Maresca-Romaric

It was a rispid and tight game during the first half an hour, Sevilla was having the initiative and the ball, but the lonely presence of Luis Fabiano was not creating too much problems to Depor’s defence. Besides this time Jes??s Navas was always marked by two men, reason why both wings weren’t a dangerous zone for the Sevillians as it happened in Copa.

At the side of Deportivo, Joan Verd?? was drowned in the middle of the triple pivote figure sent by the visitors, therefore the Galicians were forced to play with long balls searching for Guardado, Lafita and Bodipo, something that was not working so well. Besides, the home players were always trying to accelerate the passes, always trying to make an assist with the first touch, and that acceleration caused inaccuracies and several losses at midfield.

All of this caused to have a match in which the defensive sectors were ruling over the offences, at least during the first 34 minutes. The first approximation of the game was for Sevilla, it was a ball that Luis Fabiano found inside the box after a throw-in, in the end the Brazilian sent the ball out (2’). The first chance for Depor came until minute 13, it was a free-kick at the right side that Guardado sent to the far post, but Palop was there to stop the ball.

In the counterattack of that play, Luis Fabiano couldn’t find a receiver to his cross and the ball went out. Sevilla continued having the ball, but with the mentioned problems at its shoulders, they were unable to create any danger, while Depor seemed to be holding and waiting for a chance.

The first sequence of good passes at Depor came until minute 27, it was made between Verd?? and Guardado on the left wing, the play ended with a drilling cross to the box that Bodipo sent out. But the Guinean would have his biggest chance just seven minutes later, and he capitalised it. It was during a long ball from defense that Verd?? fond in midfield, then the Catalan chipped the ball to Rodolfo Bodipo who bet the offside trap.

No matter the ex-Alav?s man wasn’t able to take advantage of his position, he managed to enter to the box and elude a rival to release a drilling shot that entered at the near post of a frozen Palop. The keeper could have made a better effort but it looked that he was waiting for a different type of shot, reason why he never reacted.

The goal changed the game, it affected Sevilla and suddenly Depor had the ball and started to push strongly for a second goal. To make things worse, Maresca was sent off after hitting Bodipo with the elbow just in front of referee Rubinos P?rez. Just one minute before Bodipo have failed an occasion in which he attempted a shot in an acrobatic move during a corner-kick of Guardado.

Halt-time arrived and Sevilla seemed to be in deep troubles, losing the match against a solid Depor at home and with one man less on the pitch. The true is that Deportivo should have seized the last ten minutes of the first part, moment in which the Andalusians were knocked down. In the second part, Depor would pay the price for this.

Jimenez made a risky move and sent Kanoute to the pitch replacing defender Crespo, in this way he was returning to the system with two strikers, but it was defending with just three men, though he compensated the situation alternating Romaric and Renato in the mark over Guardado, exactly the place that Crespo covered in the first part.

And the true is that the entrance of Kanoute would be changing factor on this game, just five minutes after the pause he appeared to totally overcome Z? Castro and sent a cross from the right that Luis Fabiano connected in the middle, the Brazilian scored sending a strong volley to defeat Aranzubia. The play have started with a great counterattack of Jes??s Navas.

This new goal changed the game again, Sevilla was a little hurricane in the first five minutes, but then it turned to be a more speculative team, a side that was holding at the back and that was waiting for a counterattack, besides Luis Fabiano and Kanoute looked really dangerous in every aerial ball sent to the area of Depor, reason why Sevilla started to feel very comfortable playing with long balls.

Meanwhile Depor continued to be the thick and inaccurate squad in attack saw in the first half, Verd?? was disappeared, while Lafita and Guardado were having a lot of troubles to deal with their marks, no matter they were facing a defensive line composed by three men.

Between minutes 57 and 61, Depor had three approximations. First Verd?? sent out, from the edge of the area, a long cross from Manuel Pablo (57’), two minutes later Guardado sent over the crossbar a ball that he found exactly at the same place from where Verd?? sent his shot. Finally, at minute 61, Bodipo didn’t find the ball inside the box after a corner-kick of Guardado, in the end Kanoute cleared the danger.

Then Lotina made his first change sending Omar Bravo to the pitch replacing Verd??, the Basque trainer was switching to a 4-4-2 formation trying to take advantage of having one more man on the pitch, besides to the fact that Verd?? made a grey game until that point. But it’s also true the Mexican attacker never found his place on the pitch and Depor was a decomposed team over the grass.

Despite the problems, Depor continued having the initiative, the biggest opportunity for the Galicians in the second part came at minute 68. It was a header of Lopo from a cross of Lafita after a play that started  with a corner-kick taken by Sergio, but Palop was well placed and contained the ball. Three minutes later Sevilla sent a warning when Jes??s Navas sent a dangerous cross that didn’t find a receiver, it was a fast counterattack from the visitors.

At minute 75, Lafita made a great play on the right and the ball reached Juan Rodr?guez who sent a drilling shot that went wide, and Sevilla scored the second goal in the counterattack of that play. It was all started by Capel, who had replaced Luis Fabiano some minutes before, the action ended with Kanoute sending a cross to the penalty spot, Renato, who threw himself to the pitch in order to head the ball, surpassed Lopo and Z? Castro and sent the ball to the far post of Aranzubia.

That goal, fifteen minutes before the end, killed Depor. The Galician squad looked more decomposed than ever during the final fifteen minutes, the late entries of Riki and Valer??n for Filipe and Guardado didn’t change the things. For the final ten minutes Deportivo was desperate to find an equaliser and no matter the problems, it was close to reach it, first with a mid-distance shot of Sergio that Palop deflected (81’), and one minute later as Palop again appeared to deny Lopo during the resulting corner-kick of the first play.

Depor pressured within the final minutes, but it was Sevilla who scored through a new deadly counterattack, the play was started by Kanoute who assisted Jes??s Navas, the young winger run on the right wing and drilled a pass that Diego Capel just had to push into the net.

Depor was so close to reach the Champions League zone, it was defeating Sevilla at half-time and having one more man on the pitch since minute 40, but the reaction of the Andalusian squad during the second part, with three deadly counterattacks, sentenced the game. Kanoute was the man of the game as he entered for the second half and took part of the three plays that gave the three points to Jimenez.

In this way Sevilla is now 2nd in la liga, Depor lost also the UEFA place since Villarreal drew with Valencia (3-3). The ?drama’ continues for Depor as now Lotina’s side visits Barcelona and Real Madrid in the next two liga matchdays, but first Deportivo has to play the third game against Sevilla (Wednesday 20h00), game that will decide the series in Copa Del Rey.

Deportivo: Aranzubia - Manuel Pablo, Lopo, Z? Castro, Filipe (Riki 85’) - Sergio, Juan Rodr?guez - Lafita, Verd?? (Omar Bravo 67’); Guardado (Valer??n 81’) - Bodipo.
Sevilla: Palop - Crespo (Kanout? 46’), Squillaci, Prieto, Fernando Navarro - Romaric, Renato (Escud? 90’), Maresca - Jes??s Navas, Adriano - Luis Fabiano (Capel 71’).
Goals: 1-0 Bodipo (34’), 1-1 Luis Fabiano (51’), 1-2 Renato (79’), 1-3 Capel (90’)
Referee: Rubinos P?rez. He showed yellow card to Fernando Navarro (20’), Crespo (37’) and Lopo (90’). Maresca was sent off (40’), also the second coach of Sevilla (90’)
Venue: Riazor (20,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (59% - 41%); Total shots (20 - 8); Shots on target (4 - 4); Saves by the keepers (0 - 2); Corner-kicks  (10 - 1); Offsides (2 - 5); Fouls committed (14 - 11); Accuracy in the passes (81.46% - 83.08%)



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