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12 Jan 2009
Deportivo needs a comeback in the score in order to pass the round in Copa Del Rey, but it seems that Lotina will trust against in the rotations and in the players that disputed the first-leg at the S??nchez Pizju??n. It should also be reminded that Depor has a tough visit during the weekend: Barcelona FC

Coach Miguel Angel Lotina said it very clear after Saturday’s defeat in liga, ?People who played today will be on the stands for the Copa.? This means the Basque trainer is thinking in using again the rotations for the second-leg against Jimenez’s Sevilla. Depor needs a 1-0 score to advance, or to win by two goals in case the Sevillians achieve one or more goals.

On Monday the team rested and will return to train on Tuesday, day in which Lotina will decide the players that will be picked for the encounter. In the meantime all appoints that men like Fabricio, Pablo ?lvarez, Cristian Hidalgo, Riki, Julian de Guzm??n and Juan Carlos Valer??n will have a new chance.

The sector where no modifications would be made is defense, and it’s that Lotina will probably trust in Manuel Pablo, Lopo and Filipe Luis, this last man rested in the first-leg. The only chance could be the entry of Diego Colotto for Z? Castro.

Riki talked with the media and said that he see himself prepared for the match, ?In the first game, people who went out to the pitch were able to compete. That’s the important thing, to see everybody at the squad feeling useful. That’s what the coach wants and what we desire. If on Wednesday he trusts in the same players of the first-leg, we will try to give our best effort and do everything possible to pass the series.?

Similar was the speech of Pablo ?lvarez, ?I fee like a Deportivo’s player. Not a starter, neither a replacement nor a player at the stands. I simply am one more player. If I have a chance, I will try to take advantage of the opportunity in order to try to pass the round.?

Later the winger explained what should be the key for Depor in this game, ?These are ninety minutes against a solid team, but we know we can harm them. We play at home, we have our hopes in this match and I think we can defeat them. They are dangerous upfront, what we need to do is to defend well and seize the opportunities, because we will have our chances.?



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