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13 Jan 2009
Lotina confessed that he has changed his plans and that now he prefers to not make rotations for Copa Del Rey, meanwhile Manolo Jim?nez is hoping that his team will keep the attention missed in the UEFA trip against Sampdoria.

Third confrontation between Miguel ?ngel Lotina and Manuel Jim?nez Jim?nez in a matter of seven days. Before, they have only met in one occasion, opportunity in which Lotina’s Depor defeated Jim?nez’s Sevilla (2-1). With the latest two victories, Jim?nez is now leading the particular series against the Basque coach.

Precisely, it seems the two victories over Deportivo have calmed the protests against Jim?nez. Until Saturday it was rumoured that Michael Laudrup was ready to replace him at Sevilla’s bench. But now all the papers are emphasising the good moment of the squad and have forgotten the problems with the Andalusian manager, something that might emerge again in case the team is eliminated in this competition.

One of the surprises before the game was that Depor’s coach didn’t release the list of called players. On Tuesday, after the lonely training, he explained why he will give the list until Wednesday, ?We have had a season with several concentrations, we are the team that has played the most and we want to ease the situation a little bit.?

Another of the surprises is that Lotina has changed his mind, he firstly announced rotations compared to the squad that played in liga, but now his thoughts are different, ?On Saturday we play against Barca, if we wouldn’t be playing against them, the readings will be different. I want to continue in Copa and at the same time, I do not want to break the squad, to see them already broken in February. Maybe somebody might play tomorrow (today) and not on Saturday. The team must show a fresh face and to not notice we are the side that has disputed more official games on the season. At Barcelona is the same who plays and who doesn’t, it’s a match that represents a certain degree of difficulty and it’s almost the same who goes out there.?

About the names at the lineup, Lotina gave some hints as he mentioned the doubts that he is currently having at his mind, ?We will see some changes. It is true that Riki was ready to play, but now the logical thing is to rest him for Saturday. There are other people who are a little affected: Lopo, Laure and Manuel Pablo. If any of the side defenders aren’t fine, Adri??n (Piscu) will have to play there. If Mista and Riki are out, we don’t have too many options and we will have to put somebody that can give us more.?

Finally, the Me?aka-born trainer gave his opinion about the match against Sevilla, ?We are clearly differencing between the three competitions. Tomorrow (today) it’s time for the Copa and we are going to face a very good team as we saw it on Saturday at the Riazor, and we want to stay alive in this tournament. They will make some changes, but it will be, sort of less, the team that played on Saturday.?

Sevilla’s manager said before the trip to La Coru?a that his team needs concentration for the match, ?We will have pressure, it’s always there, because we always want to win. But this competition is different to la liga, we need to be focused because a victory will mean a third straight win and Depor will put everything. The thing is to not repeat the situation of Genoa, because is something that could happen again. In Genoa the intention was to go out for the match, but it wasn’t like that, we didn’t put pressure in the way we wanted, we only created a few occasions and in the end we fell down at the Italian way against an inferior squad like Sampdoria. That’s part of the past, we need to erase this and we need to keep the squad’s predisposition always shown in almost all the matches, that’s why we are up there.?

Jim?nez confessed that his intention is to dominate the actions in the game and that the elimination would be a failure for Sevilla, ?We need to win in order to avoid a failure. It would be a failure if we play as we did in Italy, though if we play as the first-leg and we are eliminated, it would be because the laws of football want it on that way, then it would only be a deception. Our team doesn’t know how to go out and defend a result, though a different thing would be to face a team that’s more dominating, it could happen, but I hope it won’t be the case. Our intention is to dominate Depor and there is the key of the game.?

Later the Andalusian was feeling sorry because Sevilla wasn’t able to define the series during the first-leg, this after the countless occasions that were wasted by his players, ?We should left the things clearer during the first game, we weren’t able to do it, and now the series is not at the point to face the second-leg with relaxation, we must fight hard since the initial whistle. We can not speculate with the result, this is football, only one result is valid: to win.?

The comeback in the last liga encounter was another thing analysed by Jim?nez, ?It was heroic, the merit belongs exclusively to the players, they were the ones that made possible that change, what I want is to see our team at the front line, been bold and brave, like we were at the Bernabe??, at Getafe or at Villarreal… what we want is a direct confrontation, a melee, they can knock us down, but it will be difficult because there are only a few teams superior to Sevilla. We have a lot of chances to win during a melee.?

Finally, he talked about the expulsion of Maresca in liga, ?It isn’t the first time this situation occurs to him, he’s conscious about his errors and he’s feeling regret, especially because he left the team in a pretty bad situation. But he has also left the team in good situations. He is a reasonable player that’s always ready to progress.?



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