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14 Jan 2009
Terrible, ugly, unlucky… Several possible descriptions for the humiliation suffered by the fans at the Riazor. Depor was losing the game since the first minute and was already eliminated from Copa at half-time. The triple confrontation with Sevilla ended with three defeats and an aggregate score of 2-8.

After the confusing declarations of coach Lotina within the last three days, he chose a combination of players that performed in the first-leg and in the previous liga match with Sevilla. Fabricio was at the goal, Manuel Pablo covered the right-back position, Filipe Luis the left spot, and the centre of the defence was for Diego Colotto and Adri??n L??pez ?Piscu’. De Guzman and Antonio Tom??s were at midfield, Pablo Alvarez on the right wing, Angel Lafita on the left, Juan Carlos Valer??n in the playmaking function and Rodolfo Bodipo was the lonely striker.

At Sevilla, coach Manolo Jimenez just made a modification compared to the expected 4-4-2 scheme, the change was the presence of Diego Capel for Brazilian Adriano on the left wing. Depor was needing a 1-0 win in order to pass the round, if Sevilla was scoring at least one goal, then the Galician squad would have needed to achieve a victory by at least two goals, with the exception of a 2-1 win for the locals, result that would have caused extra-times.

Depor was coming to this game living an acceptable situation, because it was just needing one goal in order to advance. But in this match things started twisted since the beginning. And it’s  that Sevilla just needed 56 seconds to score its first goal, it was a terrible lack of concentration at Depor’s defensive sector as Diego Capel sent a cross from the left that Jes??s Navas found alone at the far post, then the winger just pushed the ball in. Fabricio had the chance to clear the ball before it reached Navas, but it hit the ground first and the Canarian failed to block it.

It was the worst possible start for Depor and the squad of Lotina was able to reach Palop’s goal until minute 7, it was a cross of Lafita that Bodipo missed to connect when the striker was inside the box. Two minutes later Valer??n attempted from mid-distance, but his drilling shot went out. Deportivo was having the initiative in the game, something normal since now the Galician squad was needing two goals to take the series to extra-times.

But Depor was facing the same old problem saw on Saturday’s game in la liga: precipitation and constant bad passes that meant to be quickly losing the ball at midfield territory. Reason why the Galicians were having big troubles trying to create opportunities, Valer??n was erratic, while Pablo ?lvarez and Lafita were not reaching anybody with their crosses to the area. Meanwhile Sevilla was holding at the back zone and waiting for the counterattack, a similar scene to what happened on Saturday.

And if the situation was not complicated yet, a new big error at defence dug the grave of Depor. At minute 22, since the squad was not finding the holes up front, the ball was passed to Colotto who lost it against the pressure of Luis Fabiano, the Argentine was the last man at defence and the Brazilian took advantage of the situation to elude Fabricio and score the goal from close range and without any opposition.

The goals awoke the desperation at the Riazor and the fans started to whistle their own team, something that just put more pressure over the squad. With the game already defined, Sevilla was just trying to spend the time controlling the ball and avoiding any complication. At lest Depor was trying and it found a couple of interesting opportunities.

First with shot of Bodipo that was sent to corner-kick (25’), then Pablo Alvarez took the ball and released a cross that Colotto headed inside the box, Palop made a great save and then the shot of Valer??n was cleared by the defensive sector. Later Bodipo met a cross from Colotto and again Palop saved Sevilla (33’)

But this wasn’t the night of Depor’s defence and Sevilla just needed one more error to close the qualification to the next round. A new long ball after a loss of Pablo ?lvarez was sent to the sector of Colotto, the Argentine was very slow and  Piscu came to help him when Luis Fabiano was near to stole the ball from him, but instead the Galician youngster was unlucky enough to collide with his team mate, as result of this Luis Fabiano was again left alone against Fabricio and he just had to drill the ball into the net.

It was a terrible first half for Depor, Lotina’s side was needing concentration and to not allow goals, but they just did the opposite. Three big errors cost the game and solved the series in favour of Sevilla since the first part. It seemed as a replay of Saturday’s second half between Depor and the Andalusians.

Lotina knew that Depor was already defeated, that’s why he didn’t make any modification in the quest of the five goals needed to reach the next round. The final 45 minutes started with both teams relaxed and searching to seize any chance. Sevilla was the first to have an attempt to score, it was a shot of Kanoute after a pass of Romaric, but it was stopped by Fabricio (51’).

One minute later, Bodipo had a chance for Deportivo after meeting a cross from Pablo ?lvarez, the ball went out. It was the last action of Bodipo in the game, because Lotina started to think of the liga visit to Barcelona and replaced the Guinean striker and Manuel Pablo with Z? Castro and Omar Bravo. The entry of Z? Castro sent Piscu to the right-back position, while the Portuguese started to perform alongside Colotto at the centre.

The next approximation for Depor came at minute 60, Pablo Alvarez, the most active man at Depor’s attack, sent a free-kick to the box and into the path of Lafita, the Aragonian was able to shot on target, but Palop cleared the danger with his legs. In the counterattack of that play, Capel assisted Kanoute but the ball was cleared by a defender.

Then Lotina made his final modification sending Juan Rodr?guez for Lafita, again the Basque was resting a player that supposedly will be a starter at the Camp Nou. At the same time, Depor’s coach was putting more legs in a sector that wasn’t working with the presence of De Guzman and an inexistent Antonio Tomas.

Jimenez did the same –resting his starters- replacing Kanoute with Renato, one minute later the Brazilian was close to score after receiving a pass of his compatriot Luis Fabiano, but Fabricio made the save. Then Omar Bravo was sent off because referee Meg?a D??vila thought the Mexican committed a tough tackle over Romaric, but it was and excessive call since the striker wanted to avoid the contact. Now Bravo can not play at the Camp Nou, just a new demonstration this wasn’t the night for Depor.

The weirdest thing occurred at minute 82, a long pass of Pablo Alvarez to Diego Colotto, who was in offside position, left the Argentine alone against Palop, but instead of allowing him to score, the keeper pulled the defender and the referee whistled the penalty and showed the red card to the keeper. Chevant??n took the role of goalie as there were no more changes at Sevilla. But Pablo Alvarez sent the ball to the post when he took the penalty. Depor was so unlucky that Filipe missed the last chance of the game as his shot, occasion that resulted from a pass of De Guzman, was saved by the bizarre Chevant??n.

One of the worst games of Deportivo on this season, three errors in the first part allowed a quick and humiliating exit from Copa Del Rey (1-5 aggregate score). It was also an unlucky game in which Depor missed fortune to concrete its occasions and even wasted a penalty just when Chevant??n was at the goal after Palop was sent off. The worst thing is that Sevilla did nothing special to achieve this victory as Jimenez’s squad just capitalised the errors from Depor.

Now Lotina’s side continues its toughest month in liga, on Saturday it will face Barcelona FC at the Camp Nou (20h00 CET). Omar Bravo is suspended for this game since he was sent off in this confrontation. Meanwhile Sevilla advances to quarterfinals in Copa Del Rey and will meet Valencia in that instance.

Deportivo: Fabricio – Manuel Pablo (Ze Castro 55’), Piscu, Colotto, Filipe – De Guzm??n, Antonio Tom??s – Pablo ?lvarez, Valer??n, Lafita (Juan Rodr?guez 65’) – Bodipo (Omar Bravo 55’).
Sevilla: Palop – Crespo, Squillaci, Escud?, Fernando Navarro (Chevant??n 76’) - Jes??s Navas (Adriano 57’), Duscher, Romaric, Capel – Kanout? (Renato 66’), Luis Fabiano.
Goals: 0-1: (1’) Jes??s Navas, 0-2: (22’) Luis Fabiano, 03: (40’) Luis Fabiano.
Referee: Meg?a D??vila. He showed yellow card to De Guzm??n (12’), Crespo (30’) and Romaric (32’). Omar Bravo (70’) and Palop (85’) were sent off.
Venue: Riazor (14,000)



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