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18 Jan 2009
A defeat at the Camp Nou could be considered as normal, but the papers were disappointed with the performance of Deportivo, because the errors committed were avoidable mistakes. Meanwhile all the media in Spain continues to praise the game of Barcelona.

La Opini??n A Coru?±a: Depor gives again too many facilities. Barca kills you because it’s Barca. If you give further facilities, automatically you're dead. It showed that today is vastly superior to Deportivo and almost all the teams in la liga. So far, no problem. The bad news is that Depor committed, again, mistakes that are preventable, generally due to lack of tension and concentration. The 1-0 was born in a child loss of Juan Rodriguez in the midfield. In the 2-0 Manuel Pablo didn’t jump with Henry. And in the 3-0 the run of Cristian was meaningless and left alone Alves to send the cross to the area. The match ended there. Like the day of Sevilla, the defensive mismatches again condemned Deportivo.

Daniel Aranzubia leaked four goals until he was expelled, but even yet he was the best of the Blanquiazul team. The data says it all. His interventions prevented to see an even greater win. His companions left him in a complicate position during several times, because the defensive system was sunk. Moreover, lacking strength and to commit one or more tactical fouls to stop the steamroller. Depor was too soft and allowed Barca to move the ball with ease, speed and accuracy. In this way is an impossible mission to pick a point in a field such as the Camp Nou. The squad of Pep Guardiola attacked with great depth, seeking the backs of the defenders, who were forced to stand too close to their goal. In addition, each time Depor was stealing the ball, it lost it immediately, and in that way is impossible to hurt a team like Barca. Eugenio Cobas.

La Voz de Galicia: Barca shocks Deportivo. Depor put the same resistance to Barcelona than a sandcastle against a wave at La Coru?±a’s beach. Depor crumbled with the first goal, which had a devastating and paralyzing effect in the Blanquiazul team, it should at least be commended that it didn’t use any dirty trick to obstruct the beautiful machine of Barca, so nice to see them in action. The Maradona type of goal made by Messi was replicated by the other two members of the attacking trident at Barcelona, Eto'o and Henry, who signed the second and third before the end of the first act. The defeat of the team in blue and white, preceded by three against Sevilla, shows that Depor is not called for large gestures and that the gesture is to be where it is, with the magnificent number of 30 points at the end of the first round. Rub?©n Ventureira

Xornal de Galicia: There are honorable ways to lose, or fall, and who is revolutionary can die anywhere. Not as Deportivo did yesterday, team that arrived resigned, almost defeated, to the Camp Nou. And it can’t be on that way. It can’t be and it shouldn’t be. In that way is better to not travel to the stadium and save the plane ticket. The story of the first goal sums up the facilities enjoyed by Barca, with all lanes open and green lights everywhere for comfort of their attackers. While Z?© Castro was grooming his hair, Leo Messi drew his favorite diagonal and sent the ball to the net with a shot to the far post. It was not the most spectacular move of the Argentine, not even the most explosive sprint since Z?© even had the option to stop or overthrow the player out of the area. In the worst case, the Portuguese had led a free-kick with a yellow card included. If such risks are not taken against the almighty Barcelona, a team of infinite possessions, you would tell me how you will stop it. But the Portuguese preferred to shrink his feet and adjust the headband, this to not be surprised by that photographers during the Cul?© celebration. Of course the boy has its virtues, but the strength is not among them, a prerequisite to earn your life in a football pitch. It would be unfair to blame the defeat on a single component of Deportivo, and more if we consider that Manuel Pablo even avoided to jump with Henry in the second goal, or to realise that Lopo chose to mark the shadow of the post while Keita and Eto'o were waiting for the third.

Thus, the merits of Barcelona, that are many, were less visible to the defects of its opponent. Deportivo left the Nou Camp with a single field-player booked, evidence of a lack of aggressiveness that rounded the lack of pride or temperament. Only goalkeeper Dani Aranzubia managed to leave the pitch with his heads held high. The goalie was forced to stop Carles Puyol, who stormed into the box with a flashing play, like a striker. The goalkeeper, whose place would be occupied by Fabricio at the Santiago Bernab?©u, starred meritorious interventions, including a special clearance in response to a shot from Andres Iniesta. Fortunately Guardiola didn’t send him to the pitch since the beginning, because his position at midfield alongside Tour?© and Xavi was occupied by a defensive midfielder as Keita. Juan Rodriguez ended the game with the gloves on, at the goal during the last moments. It was a sad picture of a team from a fair, a doll of pim, pam, pum. Xaime Calvi?±o

Marca: Espactacule. A real football-making machine. This is the Barca of Guardiola. Once again, Barcelona showed its undisputed dominance in the tournament, going over its rival. Deportivo, one of the sensations of this league, was resigned to the Cul?© storm and eventually left the match heavily defeated during its visit to the Camp Nou. Messi, Eto’o and Henry sentenced the match before the break and again the Cameroonian with a penalty and the Frenchman closed the win during the second half. A bright new chapter in the story forged by Guardiola’s team. At the Nou Camp there’s football, and is good.

No few people thought that this Depor could cut the Catalan streak. Lotina’s team, also with a classy football and aesthetic similar to Barca (with important differences), arrived at the Camp Nou threatening to win and hoping for a positive result. But it only lasted twenty minutes. Until Messi, who else, took the task of oiling the Cul?© machine. The Argentine started one of his deadly runs and eluded rivals on the left to step into the area and shot to the post of Aranzubia. The show was just starting. Jaime Rinc??n.

Sport (Barcelona): The best: The thirst of Barca for the victories. With just a few touches on the starting squad, and virtually keeping the same block of last year, Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona has acquired some of the virtues that were missed just a few months ago. Nonconformity, ambition and a desire to win are unquestionable keys on a team that also has a devastating attack. With Messi, Eto'o and a reborn Henry in top form, everything seems much easier.

The worst: Deportivo's defensive fragility. Despite being one of the revelation teams on this season, the team of Miguel Angel Lotina was overwhelmed by the gale of Barcelona’s football. But perhaps you can not blame them for the five goals. Simply, Barca was very superior and played at a higher speed. R L??pez.



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