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19 Jan 2009
Solid first round for Deportivo, no matter things started and ended slowly, the team was able to achieve a positive streak in the middle and reached a meritorious eight place. The negative issue is that Depor has failed against big rivals, however Depor is alongside Malaga FC one of the revelations in la liga.

Thirty points in nineteen matches, number that almost duplicates the mark achieved in the first round of the past season (17). After the situation lived in the 2007/2008 campaign, the fans were a little worried about the performance of the squad, but Deportivo surpassed all the expectations as it has spent more time in mid-table than at the bottom. Actually all appoints that its goal at the end of the season would be to fight for a European place.

Depor has lived three different moments on the liga season, periods of time that were clearly marked by the results. It’s true the team started hopefully with the 2-1 victory over Real Madrid, but the doubts emerged immediately as Lotina’s team was only able to achieve one victory in the following seven liga matches. The most critical moment occurred when the squad lost at home with Sporting Gij??n (0-3) and during its UEFA visit to Brann Bergen (0-2). It seemed Depor would suffer the same things of the past season as the team approached to the drop zone.

Results on this period:

Matchday 01

2-1 Vs Real Madrid

Matchday 02

0-1 at Villarreal

Matchday 03

0-0 Vs Mallorca

Matchday 04

0-0 at Osasuna

Matchday 05

2-4 at Valencia

Matchday 06

1-0 Vs Numancia

Matchday 07

0-0 at Racing

Matchday 08

0-3 Vs Sporting

But things radically changed in the following two months, the 3-0 win at Real Betis was the first sign of the recuperation, and the Galician team was able to achieve the impressive mark of nine victories in the eleven liga matches disputed between November and the first matchday of 2009. The squad started to climb positions and soon it turned to be a candidate for the European spots. At the same time the squad advanced in Copa Del Rey as it eliminated Elche, later it was able to bet Brann Bergen and pass the group stage in UEFA. Without doubt the best moment of Lotina and his players in the first round.

Results on this second period:

Matchday 09

3-0 at Betis

Matchday 10

1-0 Vs Espanyol

Matchday 11

1-4 at Atletico

Matchday 12

3-1 Vs Athletic

Matchday 13

1-0 at Almeria

Matchday 14

2-0 Vs Malaga

Matchday 15

0-3 at Valladolid

Matchday 16

4-1 Vs Recreativo

Matchday 17

2-1 at Getafe

Then Deportivo started a tough period marked with the confrontations against the top teams in la liga, the squad faced the challenge with hope but it ended demotivated due the bad results. The triple confrontation with Sevilla (two games in Copa and one in liga) turned into three defeats that meant the elimination from Copa Del Rey and to see Deportivo putting its feet back on the ground, later the squad was demolished by Barcelona  in the last game of the first round, confrontation that also meant the worst defeat since the arrival of Lotina. The start of the second round might be a prolongation of this period, this because Depor still has to face Real Madrid and Villarreal.

Results on this third period:

Matchday 18

1-3 Vs Sevilla

Matchday 19

0-5 at Barcelona

No matter some big defeats and some disastrous performances, the fans should feel really happy with the general work done by Deportivo in the first round of la liga 2008/2009. There were some doubts at the beginning and some feared to live the situation of the past campaign, but Depor reacted and achieved a series of positive results that pulled the team to the higher places, some people even started to talk about a new �Superdepor’. The media in Spain has also recognized this and Depor has been label, together with Malaga, as one of the �revelations’ in the liga campaign.

Maybe it was exaggerated, but the true is that Deportivo ended the first round with 30 points (8th), almost the double of the mark conquered at the same point of the past season. The Champions League is escaping as the fourth place is now eight points away, but the difference with the UEFA zone is just of one point. But the first goal of the season is the permanence, something always emphasised by the players. A thing to have in mind is that  RCD Espanyol, the 17th place in liga and the first position that ends relegated, has only conquered 15 points, that’s the half of Depor’s number. 42 points is the mark always appointed as the target in order to secure the permanence, and with the performance of the current last three places (Espanyol, Mallorca and Osasuna), it seems it will be enough for the mission. This means that Depor only needs twelve more points in order to secure its first mission of the season. After this, it will the right time to dream of bigger things.

The main problem in the first round is that Deportivo has never been the proper rival against the biggest six teams in la liga: Barcelona, Real Madrid, Sevilla, Villarreal, Atletico Madrid and Valencia. Of the 30 points added so far, 27 were achieved against the rest of the rivals, while the only victory against a top team was the initial 2-1 over Real Madrid. The rest of matches against the �favourites’ in la liga ended in a defeat and in the major part of the clashes, the performance of Lotina’s squad was terrible: 0-1 at Villarreal, 2-4 at Valencia. 1-4 at Atletico Madrid, 1-3 Vs Sevilla and 0-5 at Barcelona.

Of the other 15 teams in the competition, only Valladolid and Sporting Gij??n were able to defeat Deportivo in this first round. But things change as soon as Depor faces a �top team’, it lacks intensity and compromise, problem already detected by the coach, as Lotina said after the latest setback with Barcelona, �With all the teams at the top, with the exception of (Real) Madrid, we lost easily, and that means something. We are having too many difficulties with the top clubs.�



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