22 Jan 2009
Mista is the only current player at Depor’s squad that has scored a goal in liga at the Bernab?©u (Sergio did it in Copa), he has also scored three times against Real Madrid wearing three different shirts (Atletico, Valencia and Depor). He has been out lately due to an injury, but the Murcian striker confessed during an interview with newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?±a that he’s feeling better.

Q: Are you fit to play?
A: Yes, I am finding myself really engaged with the work, and I think that my leg is responding.

Q: Would you be surprised if you don’t enter into the list for the game?
A: No. If I am not called for the game, I will just have to keep working and searching for my top form, because that will be a signal that the coach doesn’t seem me fit enough.

Q: You started as the starting forward, but Bodipo is doing fine, don’t you think?
A: Logically, everybody likes to play, but when you have a partner that’s working well, the only thing you can do is to respect the coach, and especially, to cheer up, because in the end a benefit for him means a benefit for the whole squad. At the end we all are benefited with the situation.

Q: Are you eager to recover the lost time?
A: I have been a bit nervous on a personal level since I want to return to be the player I am, and re-do things just as well as before, but I know this is a matter of time and patience. You can not change things overnight. I assume it with patience, but it’s true that I am a bit impatient, and I want that job back between today and tomorrow.

Q: A goal in eleven liga games. Don’t you think it’s a gray balance for the season?
A: I am the first one to admit that I haven’t given what I wanted to give and neither what I can give. Fortunately, there is still time to correct the problem and make a good second round.

Q: In other words you haven’t offered the best of you.
A: No. I know I can still give a lot more, and I must give a lot more. So far I've got a competitive pace, sort or less acceptable, and I've done things more or less at one certain level, but I can give more and bring a lot more to the team.

Q: Did you have time to think during the weeks you have spent injured?
A: Yes. When you're one month off, you see things from another point of view. It helps you to analyze things and see the mistakes that you could commit. Also to realise about the way you need to follow, yours and the one of the team.

Q: And what are the things that you need to improve?
A: Above all, my movements, things that I need to do on the field, ways to elude the mark. Many things. With the comments from the coach and his assistants, you start to see things and what has been done so far, but we really could have done more.

Q: You already scored at the Bernab?©u with Atletico, do you dream about repeating this on Sunday if you have the chance to reappear?
A: Sure, but mostly what I want is to get something positive. It’s a stadium that imposes respect because we all know what Real Madrid is, but on these days is more feasible than the Camp Nou. These are matches that are lived in a different way. You need to be focused during the ninety minutes, because you don’t know when the occasion might appear.



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