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02 Feb 2006
What happened at the Mestalla is a story with different scripts and interpretations, but with the same ending: Deportivo passing to semi-finals. A fact that can be understood after reading the different views of the papers in Spain. Now is time to think in Espanyol, the last challenge in order to reach the final of this tournament.

ABC (Madrid): Deportivo reached the semi-finals thanks to two doubtful penalties, one in each leg of this eliminatory. The second-leg was restarted in a empty Mestalla since one of the referees was hit with coin on the last week. The sad image of an empty stadium will be only a memory, because Mestalla saw how the Galician team eliminated the local side. The decisive play of the match arrived when Valencia was generating more danger against Molina. A lost ball by Albelda ended in a counterattack for Depor, Senel fell to the grass after the same Albelda was following him. More than a doubtful penalty it was an inexistent penalty. It's true that Carboni's pull during the first leg is a penalty rarely called, but yesterday action it isn't. That decision was the key in this eliminatory. V?­ctor didn't fail and he ended the illusion of the local squad. Javier Dom?©nech.

El Mundo del Deporte (Barcelona): Caparros’ lesson. The coach of Deportivo, Joaqu?­n Caparr??s arrived for the second time at Mestalla with the lesson learned. The Utrera-born coach knew that his rival was facing the game with one man less in the field and for that reason he used the pressure of his men and the clock in order to succeed. The discipline of the Galicians and the good defensive work of Manuel Pablo and Capdevila on the sides, the solidity of Coloccini and Juanma on the center positions and the contribution of Duscher and V?­ctor were enough to stop the spirit of Valencia. A sensational shot made by Munitis was cleared out into a zone in which a keeper shouldn't do it, in other words to the middle of the area, that gift was searched by the young Senel and the penalty was called. The youngster replaced Diego Trist??n and his presence made possible Albelda's touch. Meg?­a D??vila had no doubts to call the penalty. V?­ctor who was negotiating his transfer to Liverpool scored the goal. Quique’s team had only a clear chance to score (76’). Nothing more and in this way is impossible to achieve things. Everything was decide and Caparr??s used once again his weapons with a logic knowledge. Manuel Segura.

El Mercantil Valenciano (Valencia): A play between Albelda, Ra??l Albiol and Arizmendi after a rebound gave by Butelle ended in a penalty, later in the goal scored by V?­ctor. The foul was inexistent and the referee paid to Valencia with the same coin. It was a brave lesson of the local side, because Deportivo enjoyed of one more player on the pitch, the team of Caparr??s was only defending their net and yesterday's qualification was a ticket achieved without greatness. A poor draw and a lot of minutes wasted in the courts. The best phrase to describe what was seen yesterday at the Mestalla were the words of Albelda: "This is a fake". Chente Oliver.

La Voz de Galicia: When you know the way you don't need shortcuts. It's a shame that the chapter of the National Audience has clouded the tasty elimination of Valencia. It's not that La Coru?±a isn't celebrating the victory, it's just a thing of image. But at the end, it's more important to concentrate the speech in what matter the most: the team. Depor is only one step away from their third final in copa del rey. Yesterday they fulfilled the mission without shining, but with solidity. Valencia was a disappointing squad since they didn't have enough arguments and to be honest, they didn't do anything. Depor on the other hand, did what they always did during the season: take advantage of the circumstances. And now it’s time to think in Espanyol, the team of Lotina, De La Pe?±a, Tamudo and... Pandiani! It will be curios to see el rifle with Trist??n after all the things that happened, a good ingredient in a eliminatory that will rock Depor's fans during the next weeks. Fernando Hidalgo.

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