28 Jan 2009
Portuguese central defender Z?© Castro gave an interview to newspaper Xornal de Galicia, he talked about the defensive work of Deportivo during this season and the current situation at the squad. He denied the comments appointing to him as a soft player.

Q: You have spent half of season in A Coru?±a. What is your judgment of these first months at Deportivo?
A: The balance is positive. I am very grateful for the opportunity that has been given to me by the coach and I try to seize it in every game that I play.

Q: Except against Real Madrid, the team has leaked many goals in recent games. Have you lost the defensive security?
A: Not at all. Barca and Sevilla are teams that have the best strikers in the world and they always can score goals. I think that neither we were so good before nor we are so bad now. The defense is at a good level.

Q: Therefore, the cause of the allowed goals is the wisdom of the rivals but is not due to your own errors. Isn’t?
A: It is clear that we have made mistakes too, and against the big teams any lack of concentration is more noticed. This is normal, we must correct some details to avoid a repetition, but I think that at an individual level, I am doing things right.

Q: You have been blamed, in many occasions, for been a central defender that is not aggressive. Do you agree?
A: Absolutely not. That is a lie. These are ideas that only need one person to say it and then to see the rest of the people believing it. I do not think that is a failing of mine. I do not know what people mean with the terms �very hard’ or �very soft’. What I am not going to do is to throw kicks without the ball just to see people avoiding to say that I am soft.

Q: What’s certain is that Deportivo is the team that makes fewer fouls in la liga ...
A: But that's just a statistic that for me has no importance. In addition, there is always bad talking when the team losses. Before playing against the big teams, no one was paying attention on that. But that's normal in football.

Q: Can the rotations cause a distraction on the players?
A: I do not have to give my opinion about it. Who decides is the coach. Still, I think, rather for the physical fatigue, the rotations are made in order to make all players feel comfortable and important.

Q: Was the team relaxed when it reached the mark of the 30 points?
A: No. I think that 30 points is a phenomenal figure. Until we played against the big teams, we had a streak with several victories and now, to lose the last matches, it does not mean that we have relaxed.

Q: Is it possible to aspire to the Champions League?
You can dream whatever dream, but it isn’t our goal, neither can we think about that. In football many things can happen, but right now we are not among the four best teams in Spain. At the beginning, everyone was saying that the team didn’t suffer the relegation on the past season because it added a lot of points in the second round, and they were asking for the permanence.. Now we have added 30 points and the Champions League appears to be an obligation, and that is not the case. You can not start without demanding something and later require everything. Players and coaches have a clear objective.

Q: What is that goal with the salvation virtually achieved?
A: We do not give anything for granted. The Spanish league is very strong and you can lose all the matches if you aren’t at a great level. You should go game by game.

Q: You are loaned at Depor. Are you worried about your future?
A: No. Right now, I'm just focused on making a good season at Deportivo, as I have done so far.

Q: But your desire is to continue on here?
A: You never know what will happen. I'm happy here, I've always said it, but I do not know what will happen next season.



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