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02 Feb 2009
Satisfaction after Depor surpassed its streak of defeats, all the players were emphasising the collective wok while Lassad was thanking the opportunity of debuting with the first squad. Meanwhile Lendoiro gave some details of the cases with Barrag??n, Fabricio and De Guzm??n.

Coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina was celebrating the solid presentation made by his squad, ?Surely this has been one of the most complete games, at least since I’m here. The first half was equal and it was very useful for us to score a goal after two minutes. In the second part we searched the opposite goal, and we were fine in defence. I think we made a great game, the team fought, it worked and if you ask struggle and work to this team, later they show good football.?

The Basque trainer explained the strategy for the game, ?Villarreal is an easy team to analyse, but difficult to stop due the quality of its players. The idea was to define well, to search for Valer??n and the deep pass. Now I can sleep calmly after so many straight defeats. The 3-0 is helpful in order to grow as a team. A victory like this gives confidence and allows the players to grow. Surely the fans are proud of this Deportivo.?

Finally, Lotina explained why Lassad entered while Omar Bravo remained sited on the bench, ?I left Omar out because Lassad is more than a reference, and it was what I was looking for, but Omar could have entered too. It was a detail with the youth teams, but not a thing to show myself. I want the boys at the youth teams to realise the have the doors open if they work well.?

Daniel Aranzubia stopped a penalty for the second time on the liga season, but he didn’t give importance to the action, ?The important thing is to keep adding in order to reach the final instances with possibilities. When a penalty is missed, it’s always more an error of the striker than a guess of the keeper.?

?ngel Lafita was also resting merits to his personal performance, no matter he scored twice, the Aragonian preferred to emphasise the current position of Depor, ?For me the two goals are just an anecdote, the main thing is to see the team remaining close to the teams at the top.?

The other hero of the evening was Riki, forward that scored a goal and that also emphasised the collective work of the team, ?I believe we have rounded a perfect game. I want to stay, from the point of view of the squad; with the fact that we played a very complete game, everybody, and that we have regained the pace before this series of defeats. We are a difficult team for any rival.?

However, the Madrilenian attacker still believes that Depor must still focused in achieving the permanence, ?We must go to Mallorca focused in the victory, but also knowing that we still need nine points in order to achieve the permanence, later we will have enough time to think of other things.?

Fabril’s Lassad Nouioui debuted yesterday with the first squad, the French missed a clears chance to score at the end, but he still was happy with the victories of Depor and Depor B, ?Yesterday, I fulfilled a dream. It was great to debut at the Riazor and I can only thank the team, because is more easy to go out with a 3-0 in favour. Fabril also won, so I can sleep with calmness during this night.?

President Augusto C?sar Lendoiro was very happy with the win of his team, ?This result, against a solid team, demonstrates that we are at a great level. I believe that with this game we can start talking about Europe.?

But what called the attention were the words of the president related to the cases of Barrag??n, Fabricio and De Guzm??n, ?To Barrag??n we offered the chance to play at Castell??n or Huesca, we said to him it will be useful to play there after his serious injury, but he didn’t want to play at Segunda Divisi??n. About Fabricio, we won’t consent his case, when he demonstrates that he deserves what he asks, we will put it on his contract, but not before. We won’t tolerate to see anybody laughing of Deportivo. About De Guzm??n, his agent hasn’t wanted to sit and talk with us about his renewal.? Lendoiro also admitted the existence of a demand made by De Guzm??n due to unpaid image rights.

On Monday, after the training of the squad, Valer??n talked with reporters and resumed the happiness at the squad, ?A victory against a god rival and at home, everything is perfect. We are very content, we wanted to cut the series of defeats, now the current situation gives us confidence. In a general sense, we should be satisfied. We knew this games would be tough, we gave good sensations against Sevilla and (Real) Madrid, we did it worst against Barca. Yesterday we did it pretty good and we are reinforced.?

At Villarreal, coach Manuel Pellegrini didn’t want any excuse for the poor job made by his team, ?It’s hard to find an argument because they were superior, especially in the second half. We knew that Depor was very complicated at home and to find an early advantage was very good for them, besides they surpassed us in everything.?

Galician Diego L??pez was disappointed with the defeat and was fearing to not enter into Europe for the next season, ?The problem is related to the individual performance of the players. When this fact can be improved, it will also improve the team, but until then we are not lifting the head. Right now we can not think of the Champions League, playing like this even the UEFA is complicated.?

Also pessimistic were the comments of ex-Depor defender Joan Capdevila, ?We are giving too many facilities. We know we aren’t doing the right things. At this moment any team can surpass us, that’ s why we need to change this dynamic. We must be united now. It is clear that if the team is not working as a group, is because the individual performance is not good. It is possible that several players have lowered their individual level, and that’s other thing we need to improve.?




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