05 Feb 2009
Ex-Depor captain Lionel Scaloni is currently playing at RCD Mallorca, the rival that Deportivo will face on Sunday. The Argentine gave an interview to La Voz de Galicia and talked about his life in Majorca and also about the current squad of Depor.

Q: Eleven years ago you arrived to a Depor that was in relegation. Now, for the second time in your career, you are living again a very delicate situation. Mallorca is the last place.
A: These are totally different cases. That Depor was destined to end between the first four places. We had Fran, Djalma, Mauro ... This Mallorca has faced many changes. Right now the non-sporting situation has improved with the new president, but not the sporting one. Nine players that last season were starters have left the club, and the team has been strengthened as it was possible. The salvation is complicated because the league is not as tight as last season.

Q: Do you envy the 33 points of Depor?
A: I am happy for them. The coach was able to transmit the calm to the players. I have no doubt that the key to what is happening there is Lotina, a sensitive coach that does what he has to do, which is giving the responsibility to the people with more weight at the squad, not to remove it from them, which is what Caparr??s did.

Q: You have met Caparr??s in some occasions. Did you say hello to him?
A: No. He would say that yes, that if he sees me around, he would give a hug, but no. What upsets me is not the damage he made to me, but to the club and the city. He received full powers because he spoke very well and time has proved that this was a mistake.

Q: You were left without a spot at the squad like Barrag??n...
A: I know that Barrag??n has won a trial, but we do not speak of the same case. Mine was not a sporting issue, but personal.

Q: You spoke before about the wisdom of Lotina. He just have changed the system to give some room to Valer??n...
A: A right move, both in terms of football as a benefit for the morale, because to see Valer??n fine surely transmits happiness to the rest of the squad. El Flaco was five years ago one of the best players in the world. Has suffered greatly and has returned. And I wish him the best even when he is playing against me.

Q: Manuel Pablo, Sergio are just ending contract. They may not continue... A: It is logical that there are economic differences. They are players from a first level, and the club is not as economically strongly as it was years ago. But I can assure they are players that would give their life for that shirt, great people as others who had to go at that same stage when I had to leave. But now there is a coach who gives love to the veterans.

Q: What has Aouate said to you?
A: About Depor? I have more tells than him (he laughs). He says that he was fine there, but he wanted to play. He will be very useful for us.

Q: Your future?
A: I came loaned for one season and a half, until June of 2009. I have a contract with Lazio until June of 2012, but I do not know what their intentions are.

Q: I notice you are nostalgic about A Coru?a.
A: Sure. It is true. I have two houses there, one in front of the Riazor and the other in Varela Silvari. I wanted to retire there. And it will be my second home when I do. I arrived one year ago to Majorca, and I can tell you there’s more rain and coldness on here than in A Coru?a.



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