07 Feb 2009
Winger Pablo ?lvarez is once again living a complicate situation; he started the season as a normal participant in the lineups of Lotina, now he spent more time out of the lists than in the playing field. Actually his appearance for a few minutes against Villarreal was his first game in two months. Now ?The Shark’ talks with newspaper La Opini??n and analyses his situation.

Q: Are you the same that shone at the beginning of the season?
A: Yes. Since my arrival to A Coru?a, I always trained and worked at the top, with enthusiasm and with excitement, and when I leave, I will do the same. What I want is this: train, train and train. That is the only way to try to turn this situation. I think that when I played, I did it well and I was fine, but we must be a good partner and realise that the important thing is the team. When the season reaches the end, there will be enough time to make a balance in a personal level and we'll see what happens.

Q: Do you break your head thinking a lot about what could have happened to reach your current personal situation, and to explain what has changed so much compared to the start of the season?
A: I try to think as little as possible, but I think that my level of training and effort has never dropped anything. It matched a period of good results. The coach is the one who decides. He doesn’t have to explain anything to me and I will not ask anyone. When I have played, I gave the face, I fought hard and I have done things right, but here we are twenty-five and things do not always occur as we want. It is true that since I arrived to Deportivo, things have always been difficult for me, nothing has been easy, but I can’t give up. I have to fight for my future. It is what it is.

Q: Do you regret for not leaving during the summer?
A: Well, that was the time to talk and say my thoughts. I was clear. I talked to the coach and the club, and said that I would prefer to go out if I would be in the same situation of the last year, because there were teams that wanted me. To be in the stands, I preferred to go. I stayed, there was a time when I played a lot and then I had physical problems. Now I am well and have not lost the hope. Until the end of the season a lot of things may happen. I always think that the situation may change from one Sunday to the other. At the end of season I need to make a balance and decide if I should stay or go. It is true that I have spent a few months that I wasn’t expecting, but that's part of the game. We need to be professional when these things come.

Q: How is the subject of your renewal?
A: I know that the club’s intention is to renew my contract. That’s important and is a compliment, but for me the most important thing, right now, is the sporting subject. I have to think hard and see how the thing are by the end of the season. But I repeat, the most important thing for me is the sporting situation. Everything depends on me and I fight for my future.

Q: And if nothing changes by the end of the season?
A: If so, I will think about it because what I want is to play. Deportivo is neither interested in renewing a player to have him at the stands or on the bench. It is interested in a player that yields and I am interested in been in a club in which I could yield, not to train, and not to not compete. All the players feel the same. We want to participate. Therefore I need to think hard. I am happy here, very happy, but what I like is to play football.

Q: Therefore your continuity is very unlikely.
A: You can never say anything, but it is difficult, both for Deportivo and for my side. The interest is to see me playing, participating and to see me as a major player. When I succeed on this, I will have more options to stay.

Q: Against Villarreal, you had a few minutes. Something is something, right?
A: I try to do well and help the team whenever I can. If I have to play five minutes, I will play five, and if it is in ninety minutes, it is ninety. The match was favourable to us and I tried to make things right.

Q: But it is not the same to go out with a 3-0 in favor, when all the fish was already sold...
A: I have always given the face for the team when things were good and also when they were wrong. Every time I play, I try to help my colleagues in all I can. The other day things were positive and in others days they are more difficult.

Q: After the match against Villarreal, Lotina praised your contribution and said you were returning to be fine. What do you think?
A: I will not value the statements of others. I am well and willful. Working everyday in order to help

Q: Do you have hopes of playing more from here to the end?
A: I am always optimistic. I come to train every day with great enthusiasm and with all the hopes of the world, thinking that I will play on Sunday. Then there are more factors, I must always respect the decisions of the coach. Nothing more. My job is to be working. That is my profession. I have to train, train and train, and fight for my personal goals.

Q: Are you affected by the new system since there are no pure wingers?
A: In theory yes, but I think I am a footballer who can play in different positions. I think I can adapt to any system, but it is something that depends on the coach. I have no problem playing anywhere. What I want is to assist and participate as much as possible.

Q: Now your partners are speaking more about fighting for Europe than to ensure the permanence. Are you also changing the speech?
A: What we have to do is to improve, simply. We have many points but you have to think that there were many games in which we had some good fortune. We have a great room for improvement. The team can do better than it has done so far. Since we still have to play a lot of games, to think about being in Europe is perhaps not the most ideal thing. We need to improve. We have la liga and the UEFA ahead and there are a lot of things to say.



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