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08 Feb 2009
Deportivo rescued a point at Majorca, but it got back to the eighth place in la liga after the other results in the matchday. Lotina’s side controlled the game at the beginning, but Mallorca grew up with the pass of the minutes. Aduriz scored the first goal and then Depor regained the control and Verd?? equalised the situation.

Manuel Pablo was ready to be a starter, but he didn’t fell totally recovered from the knee problem that affected him during the week, that’s why Lotina made a last-minute change and sent Adri??n L??pez �Piscu’ since the beginning in order to cover the right-back position. The rest was the expected squad, with a 4-3-2-1 figure and with Lafita and Riki as the main references in attack. Valer??n fulfilled his game number 300 at Primera. At Mallorca, coach Manzano put on the pitch the expected 4-4-1-1 formation, with Arango and Aduriz as the hopes for the goal.

It was a disputed half, with both sides trying to control midfield, but at the same time, both teams missed the needed depth to create changes to score. Mallorca because it failed too much passes, while Deportivo missed fresh ideas in attack.  As example the first ten minutes, Deportivo was controlling the actions and the ball possession, but its domination was never materialized through a shot on target or a clear attempt to score, just a couple of crosses from De Guzm??n and Riki that ended in nothing.

It was necessary to wait until minute 13 in order to see the first approximation for any of these two sides; it was a shot of Lafita that went out after an assist  from Valer??n. The Canarian shone at the beginning, always leading the attacks with his vision over the pitch, but he lost presence with the pass of the time. Meanwhile, neither Riki nor Lafita were the little â€?hurricanes’ saw against Villarreal, manly because both were well covered by Mallorca’s defense.

The home team started to grow with the pass of the minutes, and its leader was Jose Manuel Jurado, player that was the guide for a Mallorca currently in shadows. Arango also appeared, as the Venezuelan was the main headache for Piscu at the right side of Depor’s defence. The first chance for the Majorcans came at the 16th minute, Piscu fouled Jurado and Arango took the free-kick at the left, his cross was cleared by the defence but it reached Scaloni, then the ex-captain of Depor fired on target and Aranzubia made his first save of the evening.

Then both sides enjoyed of an occasion through a header after a set-piece, first Arango sent out a corner-kick of Jurado (17’), one minute later Lopo did the same with a free-kick taken by Z?© Castro. Riki appeared twice between minutes 22 and 24, but his first attempt went over the crossbar, and in the other occasion he could connect a cross of Verd?? after been marked by two rivals.

The worst moments for Depor during the first half came within the minutes 26 and 31, because Mallorca enjoyed of three chances to break the deadlock, first through a right-foot effort of Jurado that Aranzubia saved (27’), then after Aduritz headed out a corner-kick (28’), and finally with Arango, who  sent a free-kick to the hands of Aranzubia (30’), the Basque keeper was again a solid reference at the back zone of Deportivo.

After this plays for the locals, then game reached a pause of ten minutes in which there wasn’t a clear dominator. At minute 41, Mart?­ faced Aranzubia in a one-to-one play and Depor’s keeper won the duel, then Riki appeared again at the end of the first part as his shot on target was saved by Aouate, then Verd?? found the rebound and assisted De Guzm??n, but the shot of the Canadian was again saved by Aouate.

This time Mallorca started dominating the actions and found a reward just minutes after the pause, it was a play in which Corrales sent a high cross from the left and into Depor’s area, Aritz Aduritz was there to beat Lopo in the jump and head downwards the ball into the right post of Aranzubia, the keeper had no chance to react properly. It is the sixth goal for the ex-Athletic on the liga season.

Pressured by the result, Lotina decided to replace De Guzm??n with Juan Rodr?­guez, move made in order to gain more weight in midfield, however the reaction of the Galicians never appeared and actually it was Mallorca the side that was close to score the second goal. First through Arango who sent a strong shot from the edge of the area that was stopped by Aranzubia (66’), five minutes later it was during a bizarre play in which an error almost cost a goal to Depor. A pass from Mallorca was sent to the path of Aranzubia, but Verd?? tried to clear the ball first, instead he assisted David Navarro who was alone against the goal and ended hitting the post.

And it was then when Lotina decided to make an offensive modification, allowing the entry of Lassad who replaced Valer??n, move that switched the system into a 4-2-3-1 since Verd?? advanced his position to the playmaking function, Lafita to the right wing and Lassad to the left. And the French attacker was the decisive factor for Depor as he caused a penalty five minutes after his arrival to the game.

It was a play started by Verd?? as he assisted Lassad inside the area, then the Fabril’s forward run into the box by the right side and just when he was preparing to send a shot or assist Lafita, who was at his side, he was tackled by Nunes. Referee Ayza G??mez whistled the penalty and Joan Verd?? equalised the things as he chipped the ball to the right side of Aouate.

Lotina made his last change as he refreshed the right-back position, he sent Laure to replace Piscu, one of the most punished players at Depor, in a physical sense, since he had to face Arango all over the evening. The final five minutes were for Depor, thanks to the impulse of the equalising goal, and also because Mallorca was reduced to ten men after Corrales was sent off with two yellow cards. Despite the situation, Depor was not able to create a clear occasion, though it had two approximations as a free-kick shot from Filipe went into the hands of Aouate (89’), and after Lafita and Riki couldn’t find the ball inside the box during the stoppage time.

Disputed match in which both sides dominated the actions in different moments. Depor started strongly but it missed depth and the chances to score, later Mallorca went up and had a couple of opportunities. In the second part the locals scored first as Aduritz scored with a header, then Lassad entered and caused penalty that Verd?? materialized. The initiative was for the visitors within the final five minutes, but Lotina’s side didn’t find the needed punch to secure the victory.

This is just the fourth draw for Deportivo on the liga season, the first one with goals since the other three were goalless matches (Vs Mallorca, at Racing and Osasuna). The positive reading is that after 36 official games on the season (22 in liga, 4 in Copa and 10 in Europe), Depor didn’t lose a game after been in disadvantage in the scoresheet. Precisely, that loss of spirit after been down in the score has been described as the main weakness of Depor on this campaign. Also positive is to see the contribution of Lassad, attacker that was just playing his second game at Primera and that provoked the penalty.

The negative thing is that Depor is falling to the eighth place after the wins of Atletico Madrid (3-0 at Recreativo) and Malaga (3-2 Vs Almeria). Now the Galician squad faces two straight liga games at home, first as Osasuna visits the Riazor on Saturday (20h00 CET), and one week later as Valencia arrives to La Coru?±a. In the middle of these two games, Depor has to face the first-leg in UEFA against Aalborg BK. Antonio Tomas is suspended for the game against Osasuna after picking the fifth yellow card on the season.

Mallorca: Aouate - Scaloni, Navarro, Nunes, Corrales - Varela (Web?? 82’), Mart?­, Su??rez (Cl?©ber Santana  69’), Jurado – Arango - Aduriz (Josemi 87’).
Deportivo Aranzub?­a - Adri??n L??pez â€?Piscu’ (Laure 83’), Lopo, Ze Castro, Filipe Luis - Antonio Tom??s, De Guzm??n (Juan Rodr?­guez 62’), Verd?? -  Lafita, Valer??n (Lassad 73’) - Riki.
Goals: 1-0: (57’) Aduriz, 1-1: (78’) Verd?? (penalty).
Referee: Ayza G??mez He showed yellow card to Adri??n L??pez â€?Piscu’ (16’), De Guzm??n (39’), Mart?­ (49’), Antonio Tom??s (68’), Josemi (89’) and Laure (90’). Corrales was sent off with two yellow cards (51’ and 82’).
Venue: Son Moix (15,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (50% - 50%); Total shots (15 - 15); Shots on target (5 - 5); Saves by the keepers (2 - 2); Corner-kicks  (7 - 2); Offsides (2 - 6); Fouls committed (21 - 20); Accuracy in the passes (71.67% - 86.48%)



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