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09 Feb 2009
Second straight victory for Fabril and the squad of Ramallo is already leaving the relegation zone, the team knew when to strike and how to support the domination from the visitors. Iv??n Carril and Chirri were the best players at Deportivo B.

Coach Tito Ramallo sent the same starting eleven that defeated Guijuelo on the past matchday, it was a 4-2-3-1 formation that included the presence of Chirri, Juan Dominguez and David Rochela, three players promoted from Juvenil A for the present season. Aridane Santana was the lonely striker since Lassad was joining the first squad for the second straight time.

Ponferradina –or Deportiva as their fans call the team- also used a 4-2-3-1 figure, the main reference in attack for coach ?ngel Viadero was Oscar De Paula, the ex-striker of Real Sociedad. The match was played at the Riazor due the fact that Ponferradina is usually followed by a larger number of fans during its away matches; actually around 1,100 persons were cheering the visitors during the game.

Ponferradina had the ball possession at the beginning of the encounter, but the visitors never created real danger against Manu, mainly due the disconnection between midfield and , attacker that barely touched the ball throughout the game. No matter the initial domination from the visitors, the true is that the game could have ended with a bigger score, this because Depor B had several chances against a defensive line that never knew how to stop the moves of Chirri, Dani and a re-born Iv??n Carril.

The first goal came at minute 16, but before that, Fabril had two chances to open the scoresheet, though it were failed by Chirri and . The play of the goal started with a counterattack in which the ball was passed to Chirri, then the skilful winger entered to the area to filter the ball between two rivals to the path of Juan Dom?nguez, who from the penalty spot crossed keeper ?lex with a drilling shot to the right post. It is his first goal with Deportivo B.

The early advantage gave calmness to Ramallo’s squad. ?Deportiva’ tried to push forward, but the only danger the visitors created was a mid-distance shot of Cristian Portilla that went over the crossbar (23’). The rest was a monologue of Fabril, with Chirri and Iv??n Carril creating the most dangerous plays on both wings.

At minute 20, Chirri had his best chance with a strong shot that ?lex sent to corner-kick, then Dani tried to surprise the visiting keeper with a long-distance shot that went out. In the final moments of the first part, Ponferradina regained the ball possession, but as it happened at the beginning, the visitors never created a clear occasion against .

The second half was a repetition of the first part, because ?Deportiva’ had the ball possession at the start of the half and also because the locals scored an early goal, conquer that arrived just seven minutes after the pause. The play was a sequence between Juan Dom?nguez, Aridane and Iv??n Carril. Aridane started the action as he assisted Juan Dom?nguez, the midfielder ran on the right wing and sent a cross to the area that Iv??n Carril controlled to release a precise shot that crossed ?lex.

With the 0-2 in the scoresheet, the visiting coach, ?ngel Viadero, re-designed his scheme allowing the entry of Ignacio Fern??ndez ?Nacho’, Roberto Platero and Ernesto G??mez, while Iv??n P?rez was replacing an exhausted Chirri at Fabril. The true is that the modifications didn’t change the things as ?Deportiva’ continued obstructed in attack.

The first approximation of the visitors occurred until minute 61 as Oscar De Paula was left alone against Manu, but Fabril’s keeper resolved the situation. The visitors pushed strongly within the final ten minutes, but they also left open spaces at the back zone, something that almost cost more goals to Ponferradina, but Aridane, in two occasions, and Diego Seoane missed the target. In the final minutes Ramallo sent Granado and Nacho Matador for Dani and Juan Dominguez, moves only made to refresh the squad.

Fair victory for a Fabril that showed its best face on the season, the squad of Ramallo knew how to support the domination from the visitors and stroke at the right moment as it scored the two goals at the start of both halves. Solid game of the whole team, but especially of Chirri and Iv??n Carril, this last player seems to be awakening after a poor performance during the first round.

The victory is pushing Fabril out of the relegation positions, while Ponferradina remains as the fourth place in the group. In the next weekend Deportivo B will face the Galician derby against Celta B, the team from Vigo is just four points above Fabril.

Deportivo B: Manu – Seoane, Castillo, Juanan, Sergio Benito - Dani (Granado 84’), Rochela - Chirri (Iv??n P?rez 64’), Juan Dom?nguez (Nacho Matador  81’), Iv??n Carril - Aridane.
Ponferradina: ?lex - Aitor, Alcaide, Povedano (Nacho 73’), Candela - Joni, Cristian Portilla (Platero 63’) - Teo, Jonathan Valle, Rub?n Vega (Ernesto 58’) - De Paula.
Goals: 1-0: (16′) Juan Dom?nguez, 2-0: (52′) Iv??n Carril.
Referee: Pizarro G??mez. He showed yellow card to Juan Dom?nguez, Rochela, Granado, Seoane and Jonatan Valle.
Venue: Riazor. (2.000)



Racing B 1 - Guijuelo 3

Marino - Sestaro River (suspended)

Bilbao Athletic 1 - Lemona 0

Sporting B 1 - Real Sociedad B 0

Deportivo B 2 - Ponferradina 0

Valladolid B 0 - Racing Ferrol 0

Pontevedra 1 - Celta B 1

Barakaldo 1 - Zamora 1

Cultural 1 - Ciudad Santiago 0

Lugo 0 - Real Union 3





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