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10 Feb 2009
Midfielder Antonio Tom??s is gaining a spot at Deportivo, but it hasn’t been an easy road for him, because the Cantabrian has missed the needed continuity since his arrival in 2006. Now he’s out of the game against Osasuna due to suspension.

Antonio Tom??s has had an irregular career at Deportivo, he was signed in 2007 as part of the exchange deal with Racing Santander for Pedro Munitis, since then he has faced big difficulties in order to gain a spot at the squad. At the beginning he returned loaned to Racing, then he came back during the past campaign and despite been discarded by Lotina during the pre-season, he stayed and complete 12 games at Primera Divisi??n.

For the present season, he only disputed six games during the first round, and his luck started to change as soon as Lotina decided to switch the system into a 4-3-2-1 figure, something that was implemented for the first time at the start of the second round at the Bernab?u stadium. Then the Cantabrian midfielder entered into the plans of the coach and has played the last three liga games as starter, including the last one at Mallorca, match that the media in A Coru?a described as ?his most complete game on the season?.

Tom??s talked with newspaper Xornal de Galicia and showed his satisfaction for been gaining a spot at Depor’s squad, ?Each day I feel more important at the team, with more weight and the continuity is helping me to have gain confidence and security.? However, this continuity will be blocked now since the midfielder picked his fifth yellow card of the season at the Ono Stadi ?I feel screwed. Each time I start to have continuity, something happens and I can’t keep playing. In the past I had bad luck with the injuries, and now that I was gaining some pace, I can’t play for been suspended.? He said about this matter.

No matter the current situation, the ex-Racing player is motivated due the role that he now has at Deportivo, ?I know I have an important responsibility, but it is my obligation and I must assume it. However, the rest of my team mates also have a responsibility, and I don’t believe that mine is more important than the one of the rest. Here we all need to add.? Later he described his role inside the pitch with the new system, ?The coach told me I should be supporting the defensive line when we are receiving the ball, later to go out with it, besides I need to collaborate with all my partners.?

Antonio Tom??s was also sharing the opinion of Lotina related to the idea that Deportivo is a bad team when it doesn’t have the ball, ?It is clear we are a team that’s better when it has the ball during the major part of the game. From midfield to the attacking zone, we have several quality players that can resolve a game at any moment.?

Finally, the Torrelavega-born player was talking about the European aspirations of Deportivo. For him the next two liga game at home are very important, ?We must go game by game. If we defeat Osasuna, we can dream a little more. If we defeat Valencia, even more… We can’t renounce to anything, but we must be calmed. Until now, things have been fine thinking like that.?



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