12 Feb 2009
Daniel Aranzubia is one of the pleasant surprises on the season, the Basque goalkeeper arrived during the winter window and has been a solid piece at Depor’s defence. He gave an interview to newspaper La Voz De Galicia and analysed his career at Deportivo.

Q: What’s the balance of the season? We started well the year. We took a good pace, with the Intertoto, the previous round to UEFA, the UEFA ... We carry out with this thing and has served us for the future. What is the secret to see this team performing at a level beyond what was expected?
A: It has been very important what you did last season. You were looking so bad in the first round and then you had a reaction... You realised that doing things right you were able to pick a lot of points. In this way, people came reinforced for this year and we kept the streak. We must realise that the squad is virtually the same with the benefit that the players know each other a little better.

Q: Do you notice less pressure here than in Bilbao?
A: The pressure is something you put by yourself. Bilbao is perhaps a city were football is lived more daily. People stop you all day on the street, they think 24 hours a day of Athletic, more people go to the stadium... This does not happen on here. I go down the street and hardly anyone knows me.

Q: What is the difference between the Aranzubia greatly criticised at Bilbao and the one praised in A Coru?a?
A: In Bilbao, I also had good times. I started well and even was a international player. Then, the team got down there a few seasons in the fight for the permanence and this was translated into allowing a lot of goals and clearly, there isn’t any goalkeeper that can not be affected. Neither I had great performances, but all influence your work. Now here, the team is better and I am fine.

Q: And in your worst moment, Lotina came and he called you. How was it? A: One day I found him and became interested in my situation. And then he went to talk to my agent and brought me here.

Q: You have had several different coaches, what do you think of this one? A: I can only speak well of him. There are many coaches who have their weird hobbies. Lotina, compared with other trainers, is a normal guy, consistent and simple. He knows very well how to lead the squad. It’s also true that he has had an easy team to handle, this as far as I'm checking.

Q: Are you happy with the defense?
A: Not just with defense. The defense is a line in a team that is defending well, frankly. The first defender is the striker. It’s an ideal of the coach that we are learning to use

Q: Are you surprised with some of your new colleagues at Deportivo?
A: There were some who I already knew, and obviously, I did not have to arrive to Deportivo in order to lean their value. Manuel Pablo, Sergio or Valer??n are footballers that you already know. But there were pleasant surprises as Luis Filipe, Ze Castro, Lafita and Verd??, with less experience at Primera and I have checked their level.

Q: Do you like this Depor?
A: Actually, yes. We have made great games. Villarreal, as example. It was the quietest that I remember. They barely made a shot on target, rather than the penalty. We controlled the game, we practiced a good football... One of the foundations at the team is that the tactic must be solid, especially on defense and then in attack we are doing the right things. We are giving spectacle.

Q: Your habits are very Galician. Did you know?
A: Really? Well I think that I’m making life like a Galician and I like that. It is good to adapt to the cities and their customs. But it’s true that I like walking in the area, go to the Plaza de Lugo to buy fresh fish and seafood, and stop at several local shops at Feijoo Street. I like the area.

Q: What other things do you do?
A: Well I am quite at home. As example, I sleep one and a half hour in the nap ... I also like to travel. I know areas like Laxe, Malpica, Camari?as, Mux?a ... Also, I receive visits from my friends who are tempted by the seafood (he laughs).

Q: Because everything is going great for you in A Coru?a, please remember a sweet moment on the field, a save.
A: It is difficult, but I guess I will choose the shoot out in the UEFA, the last penalty, the one that allowed us to qualify.

Q: Was that game a boost for the team?
A: Without doubt. We had to overcome a 2-0 and in the first part we lost Riki. Everything was against us and we were able to tie the series, we reached the penalty shout out and then we qualified. Then the rest of things came, which was a prize for us and gave us much encouragement.

Q: Now that you are Blanquiazul, please remember any goal allowed against Depor.
A: Against Depor I could remember a lot, because I've never been fine. Two years ago, Arizmendi scored one, then one that escaped between my legs.

Q: Is Messi the best player you have faced?
A: It is one of the best, but over the years I have faced men like Zidane, Ronaldo ... This last one had more goal, at his time there were few like him.

Q: What about goalkeepers?
A: I have never had any reference.

Q: Maybe because before the keepers were better
A: That’s something that many people say. But they don’t see that before, the ball weighed two pounds and was slower. As the ball went up and down, the goalkeeper had time to fit in, to go out and knew where it was going to fall. Now a lot has been done about reducing the weight of the ball, besides to see the players finding new ways to give an effect and speed to it, which hinders the work of the goalkeeper. It is more difficult to come out and address a ball. Perhaps, with the pass of the time, the players that have been more stuck are us, the goalkeepers.



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