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13 Feb 2009
Walter Pandiani will not be able to face Deportivo in today’s game, this since the Uruguayan is suspended for the match between Osasuna and Depor. El Rifle talked with newspaper La Voz de Galicia and remembered the past while he also analysed the present of Depor.

Q: How's life treating Pandiani four years after leaving La Coru?a?
A: It's true. It was four years ago. I still remember when I wore the shirt for the first time. Now life treats me very well. I am very happy on here, but I do not forget either A Coru?a or Deportivo.

Q: You can not play due to a suspension, but are you traveling with the team?
A: No, because I will go to Barcelona to see my kids play. The three of them play at Espanyol and rarely can I attend to their meetings, so I will take advantage of the situation.

Q: Do they live in Barcelona for football reasons?
A: Not at all. First thing is studying. When I came to Pamplona, we decided that I no longer had the age to walk with the family at my shoulders. We had to pick a city in which we could stay and that’s why we think that Barcelona will be our home in the future. Well, for them in the present.

Q: Why you did not chose A Coru?a?
A: Because it coincided that we, in Barcelona, have a very big house and some Uruguayan friends who are like family. But A Coru?a will always be there. I have another house, my business, great friends ... And my team, Deportivo.

Q: What memories do you keep of your time there?
A: Excellent ones. I participated in the greatest moments of that club: a title, European conquers, major goals...

Q: No one forgets the night of PSG.
A: It was not the only one. There is also the first win at Delle Alpi, with a great performance by me, and not forget that it was me who opened the score in the 4-0 against Milan. How we can not be happy with all this. The bad thing was the end. It's what saddens me, to leave in that way. Because I wanted to continue in A Coru?a in, to retire there ... But despite the end, I do not regret for anything I did. It was a moment in which someone had to act, and I did it.

Q: What sensation do you have about what happened at that time?
A: Time has given me the reason, the ship was sinking and I tried to avoid it. The situation was unsustainable. Players who were not yielding, who were going out late at night, they were not professionals. I never say names. It was the press who released them and who wrote things. If they said that, it was for something. Everyone knew what was happening, but everybody looked the other way.

Q: You protested because you weren’t playing?
A: Of course I protested because I was not playing, but not just because of that. For me it was an unfair situation. There were some people who were not yielding, not caring about themselves, not been professional and nothing ever happened. But it should be noticed that I never presumed of anything.

Q: What do you mean?
A: I always gave the face and without giving names. First I spoke with the coach and explained the situation. That I could not understand how all this could happen and that he was not taking any action. Then I did the same with the president. He also knew exactly what was happening, but he was not interfering.

Q: So, both washed their hands.
A: I totally agree with what you are saying. Of course they washed their hands. It was easier than to act. And I could not stand this.

Q: Has anyone thanked you complaint?
A: Not until this day. But I'm proud because I acted as my conscience dictated. In addition, with the pass of the time, people have seen what happened and now everyone talks about that without hiding. But the affected one was me.

Q: Because you did not want to leave.
A: Also because they spoiled some opportunities. I had everything done with Fiorentina, which was paying Deportivo around 5 or 6 million Euros. But Lendoiro asked for more and they went back. Then I was transferred to Birmingham, which eventually signed me for two million. I wanted to go to Italy.

Q: Back to present. How do you see this Depor? Are you surprised with its situation?
A: I see it cool. It has a great team. I think it could be even in an upper position, because it has very good players, they play good football, they have a great coach and now, above all, they have recovered Valer??n, an artist.

Q: Can you imagine this Depor with Lotina, who once recommended you to Osasuna, with Valer??n and you up front?
A: If I tell you the truth, Valer??n was not the player with whom I had the better understanding. He is a great player, but I was better with Fran and Victor, they were throwing me their crosses so I can reach the ball with the head. How good they were! I love to remember all that, and I say that I’m still a Deportivista.

Q: Deportivista, yes, but every time you play against this team, you end scoring a goal.
A: That is true, I do not remember how many, but I know that I've scored many goals, in addition to eliminate them twice from the Copa Del Rey. But that’s because I’m a professional. I give my life for the clubs that pays me. One thing is the feeling and other the work. No matter is Mallorca, Espanyol, Depor, or now Osasuna. A lot of things could be criticized to me, but never my professionalism.



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