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15 Feb 2009
The Galician media was feeling sorry for the missing opportunity to add the three points, but it applauded the collective work of the squad and the appearance of Lassad. At Pamplona, the papers were remembering the problems lived for this match and were content with the result.

La Opini??n A Coru?a: When is working, it’s a pleasure to see this Depor playing. Not the one that started the match with doubts over the first ten minutes, but the brave team that advanced to the pressure line to drown Osasuna at its own area. During certain phases of the first half, it seemed to be the same team that fifteen days before, it brilliantly defeated Villarreal. The blue and white squad turned to be very strong at the back and it was very dynamic up front. It took almost one quarter of an hour to gain control of the game, but from there it squeezed the virtues of the pyramid scheme that is working so well in the second round: sequence, pressure, dynamic and combined game. That is what Lotina wants, but it only works if there’s the needed depth to harm in the final meters. This is how you create opportunities and yesterday was no exception, but after the break, the game became more tighten.

When Lafita, Valer??n and Verd?? are associated, the ball seems to be moving faster, because basing the game on this fact, the spaces appear which create a surprise at the rival’s defense. This Depor likes the triangular game. It is one of the things they do best, simply because the type of players who are half a field forward. Opting for this type of football, with combinations, is not something for the gallery, but understood as the best way to win games. It's that simple. Where others entrusted to long balls, Depor spoils the ball. Also Lassad, who yesterday took out several details of class and especially mobility. The minor thing is to see him daring to throw passes with the heel, which already is appreciated. What is really interesting is how he’s positioned, such as oxygen to the team with his back against the goal and how he moves to find the spaces. He has the goal between eyebrow and eyebrow, but is not a typical goalscorer, selfish. He also knows how to plays for his team mates, a virtue that he must take care from now on.

Depor is sure about what’s the style of play and believes in it until the very end. This brave philosophy, especially at the Riazor, has often been rewarded on the scoresheet. When this does not happen, as last night, the rushes appear. Inevitably, the urge to a victory triggers inaccuracies. That was what happened in the final part. Osasuna merely spent the time defending with everything, expecting and locked up to try to get out with the counterattacks, shape of small teams. Depor, however, put all the meat on the grill. Eugenio Cobas.

La Voz de Galicia: Osasuna injected the sleeping pill and ended up sleeping Depor, team that was very awaken before, but without scoring in the first half. So the match started as it died, unfortunately for the locals, who deserved more. It was Osasuna who initiated the discussion, deployed with wingers in the area of Depor. Who replied to the initial boldness were Lopo and Laure, with five interventions in the first ten minutes. The 4-4-2 of Osasuna, with two men (Plasil and Juanfran) glued to the wings, was creating damage to Depor. Laure tried to contain the runs of Plasil, from the left wing, place where the youngster was supported by Verd??, this time (novelty) located at the right corner of the Galician trivote.

Depor was broke in two, with seven men behind the ball and four, the most talented ones, isolated up front. This mismatch was repaired when Valer??n and Lafita decided to cut the meters separating the right and left wing, and finding the tune with Verd?? and Lassad. A combination of Lotina’s four musketeers finished with a soft shot from Lafita (16 min). Depor started with this action, and decided to take the initiative. Osasuna let them do it taking off the initial pressure. It was then when Laure was launched to run on the side to sent crosses to the area, and when De Guzman improvised  a Chilena (21 min) that passes near the post. Four minutes later, the other side defender, Filipe, joined the festival; he sent a cross with which Lassad touched the wood.

Depor was beginning to grow, and still the best minutes were yet to come. Valer??n guessed right as he dropped to the right to meet with a partner, this time with Verd??. The ?jogo bonito’ could find a fair prize if, at the edge of the break, Meg?a Davila would have whistled an undisputed penalty over the ubiquitous Valer??n, downed in the area when he was about to face Roberto after a beautiful combination with De Guzman. The second act dawned blue and white. Lassad, Verd?? and again the French were able to put Depor ahead in the first five minutes. After that start, the team of Lotina stepped up. It was also the blame of Osasuna, team that threw a defensive blanket over the Blanquiazul lights, Valer??n and Verd??, who until this moment were playing at ease, were deactivated. With both protagonists in the first half out, Depor lost depth.

Osasuna was locked up in the area, always using the resource of the long balls, and the minutes were passing without the shocks caused by distant shots, like the one of Juan Rodriguez which scoured the post, or actions in set-pieces, like a ball of Pu?al that almost end in an own goal. Keeping the tune with his team, Lotina was cold, and only reacted to replace the incisive Lassad with Mista. It was his only change, and he did not provide any solution. Rub?n Ventureira.

Xornal de Galicia: Football does not reward loyalty. Depor was faithful, but it was not able to pick up a Valentine's Day gift. With the taste for the combinative football used to delight the Riazor, the Galicians tried until the end, but football wanted to give out gifts and awarded Osasuna with a point, as fought as unmerited. The Navarrans chose to destroy during 80 minutes and got a goal they had in mind from the start. Neither the magic Valer??n was able during a night where the Galician coliseum had two notices: the romance of their team with good taste, and the discovery of another striker who comes prepared to stay.

The Riazor contemplated a new hope in youngster Lassad. His clumsy appearance has nothing to do with the facility that he showed to connect with Valer??n and Lafita. His reputation of a simple striker does not make justice to a player who, at least yesterday, showed that knows to move much more than what his stature suggests at first glance.

Verd??, Lafita and Valer??n again took the lead, but neither the referee, nor the fate, were favourable on yesterday’s game. Fla?o fouled the Canarian playmaker in the area after a good combination with Verd??. And El Flaco should learn to protest. The man of the eternal smile seemed embarrassed to claim the obvious, so his team mates were who did it for him. Meg?a Davila did not know that Valer??n has so little malice to thrown himself than goodness to not protest. Christian resignation. Miguel Pardo.

AS : Yesterday Deportivo missed a great opportunity to continue its rise towards the Champions League area. And it lost it because Meg?a D??vila ate a clear penalty over Valer??n in the first half, because Lassad found the post after a great header, and because it isn’t enough with the harassment, you must kill. Osasuna? Happy, of course. Fourth consecutive game adding points and great prize to its order and lack of ambition, because Aranzubia went to the shower without making a single stop of merit.

For Camacho the best thing was the point, for Lotina to see that El Flaco is growing every day, and that Lassad, who has professional contract since yesterday, is pointing to be a real striker. The true is that both teams are on track and with arguments to reach their respective goals: Europe and to not suffer. Good luck. Luis de la Cruz.

Diario de Noticias (Pamplona): Osasuna adds and continues. Yesterday Osasuna drew a map that defines exactly what is happening on this season, with ups and downs in which it transmits good feelings as exposed to its worst fears. Perhaps the first half at the Riazor was the best reflection of that irregularity. It was a half with two distinct parts: it had a very strong and intense start, recalling the best team of the reaction, but as the minutes passed, it was dropping precipitously to see that is still far from matching their game at home with the one practiced outside. Of been having an improvement in its regularity; to see the fears appearing, fears to allow goals, insecurity in many of its players, the loss of midfield and the gap in the attack.
Maybe it was too much to ask to see Osasuna playing like at home since Camacho was almost compelled to make four changes, this means more than one third of the starting squad, affecting all lines, especially in attack, where the coach tried something totally new in this campaign, something that didn’t work, because Hidalgo was not seen by his team mates, and Dady was lost due to his precipitation, his desire to please madly as he tried to do what he shouldn’t or couldn’t. But not only the changes caused the lose of effectiveness and spark in attack, it also accused in the spinal cord, because Nekounam was reaching the plays a few tenths of a second late, fact that caused the losing of the ball allowing Depor to take over the plot in much of the match. Perhaps the Iranian accused the busy, intense, controversial and unclear trip to Iran.

Despite these changes, the irregularity of that little football shown, Osasuna managed to hold Deportivo in its own field, especially in the second half, and that allowed the squad to add its fourth game without losing and its third match without allowing a goal. With that solid defense and with the side defenders that seem to have regained their best moment, it will be difficult to see Osasuna losing a game. Yesterday, despite all the problems you want to add, the fundamental thing is that the squad is returning home with a draw that will have to make good on Sunday before Numancia. No matter the problems, it added a fourth consecutive matchday without losing and that speaks of a different and aggressive squad, which has learned the lesson. Pedro Lanas



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