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15 Feb 2009
The players were a little disappointed since the team didn’t achieve the three points, but they were also satisfied because at least they added one. Actually Lotina said he was content with the performance of the squad. The possible penalty over Valer??n was also commented.

No matter that Deportivo lost two points in the game, coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina said that he was satisfied with the work done by the team, ?Excepting the first ten minutes, time in which Osasuna had more depth, we were fine and that’s why I’m content. After this initial phase we started to move the ball, and they barely had a chance. We put a lot of people in attack and we were stealing the ball pretty fast. They barely attacked in the second half.?

One of the things asked to the coach was why he only completed one change, the response of the Basque was: ?We were playing pretty well and I didn’t see a reason to do it. I didn’t want to introduce another attacker, because Omar was just arriving after playing with his national team. I also had the option of Pablo ?lvarez, but Lafita and Valer??n ended pretty well. The only possibility was to take off one midfielder, but I saw the team was fine. When the squad is playing well, if you change the system, disorder may show up. That’s the reason why I just made the change of Lassad.?

Lotina also praised the debut of Lassad as starter, ?It’s something to be content with the boy, he hold up very well, he creates troubles to the defenders and has the capability to shot on target with the head and also with both legs. I changed him for the problems we are having with the strikers, because I have Bodipo and Riki injured. And what if they don’t recover or something else happens? I must be alert with that subject.?

Striker Lassad Nououi, who debuted as starter with the first squad, was saying that he was sad because the team was not able to pick up the three points, ?I am content with my performance and with the one of the team. But what I prefer the most is to play badly and score goals, because that’s the important thing for a striker, besides this, there are a lot of positive things. It was a shame the attempt that went to the post, but we must continue like this. We have made a solid first half, and the second was just regular.?

Filipe Luis was remembering that Osasuna is living its best moment on the season, ?We knew it would be difficult. Osasuna is always a serious and strong team in defence. We must valorise the point, because on the past season, we would have lost this match. You attack and attack, but in the end the rival can also score a goal.?

The Brazilian was also assuring that despite people is now talking about Europe, the permanence is not yet assured, ?We all prefer to win, but a point is not a bad thing. We still have to play a lot of matches. People talk a lot about been thinking of the UEFA, and even of the Champions League, but we are not even saved yet. We must go step by step and be humble.?

Meanwhile, Juan Rodr?guez was feeling sorry because Depor was not able to obtain a victory though he was satisfied with the point, ?Maybe everybody was counting with a victory due the situation at Osasuna, but it’s a team very well organized and that defends pretty well. We were making combinations and maybe we missed effectiveness against the goal, thing we had the day of Villarreal. They barely made a shot on target. To add points is always good because the team is not losing. Now we must think of the UEFA.?

One of the main points of discussion was the possible penalty committed over Valer??n, Rodr?guez was affirming that the referee should have whistled the tackle, ?At half-time, when we watched the footage in the screen, we saw it was pretty clear.?

Precisely, Juan Carlos Valer??n was talking about this play on Sunday, this after the training session of the squad, ?For me it was clear, but once you see the action in television, you understand why the referee had his doubts. But well, these are things of football.?

The Canarian playmaker also assured that no matter Depot lost two points, the important thing was the good performance on the pitch, ?Of course it is a good result for Osasuna. For us it would have been more important if we were more needed, but when you are up there, in the upper zone, it tastes too little. The important thing is that we made a solid match against a rival that was well planted on the ground.?

President Augusto C?sar Lendoiro was talking about the new contract of Lassad, "I think we really need to start from the premise that he is a very good player. Yesterday, we were signing a contract that was already planned before, as we did with other youngsters. It’s more or less a kind of deal for the players who live the exam of Fabril. This is normal, which occurs in daily life of football. Hopefully soon he will be an international player with Tunisia, he will succeed in football."

At Osasuna, Jos? Antonio Camacho was saying the result was fair no matter his team did nothing in attack, "It was a much disputed game, highly worked. We started very well and then Depor has dominated the game. The second half was more equal and the result has been fair. After the first few minutes, when we arrived at the door a few times, I thought the game would be something else. Then Depor took the ball and created a lot of danger, besides their playmakers play very well. They tried of everything, but we knew well how to stop them. There have been few clear occasions for both teams, because everything has been very balanced in the middle of the field. "

Miguel Fla?o, player involved in the polemic of the penalty over Valer??n, was defending the decision of the referee, ?It was a doubtful play, but the player did too much in order to fell to the ground, he did nothing to avoid it.?

Finally, captain C?sar Cruchaga was saying the latest matches have been the turning point for Osasuna, "After the draw against Villarreal, we knew that if we were failing at February, we would end at Segunda Division. It was time to respond and it ha been shown why Osasuna is Osasuna. A lot of blame for what is happening is the environment. The fans showed if they are good or bad when they are screwed and our audience has responded well, they deserve ten points."




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