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17 Feb 2009
Mista will be the starting striker in the match against Aalborg, it will be his first appearance in the starting eleven since two months ago. The Murcian gave an interview to newspaper La Voz De Galicia and expressed his hopes for the rest of the season.

Q: Are you physically fit?
A: I'm fine. I've been dragging around some problems during a long time. They were, above all, related to the pubis, but now it seems that I am better. The other day, against Osasuna, I had the chance to play some minutes. The true is that, little by little, I'm entering to the squad and things are going better.

Q: You haven’t been a starter since two months ago, more precisely at the Jos?© Zorrilla (Valladolid). A long time since that...
A: It has been a while, a long time has passed. But the important thing is that the team has followed a line up. I think it doesn’t matter who plays, the important thing is that we all are adding, and that is good. However, on a personal level, I am eager to return and find the connection with the starting eleven, also to forget once and for all the physical problems and feel good again.

Q: Q: And I guess you also want to score a goal. Your first and only, against Real Madrid, is lost in the distance.
A: It is too far, yes.

Q: Did you spend before so much time without been scoring?
A: I never spent so much time without scoring. And that, for a person like me, is hard, complicated, and difficult. But I have to be positive. I must overcome this and think there is still time, we still have to play the whole second round and hopefully, things will change and become as it was before.

Q: With the new system, the squad is entering less by the wings and plays more in the interior. Are you favoured or affected by this?
A: It’s something favourable for us, the strikers. Because more people is arriving to the area, more chances are created, we play with more people in front of the ball ... Thus, since we have two playmakers, the ones that play up front can have more opportunities. The true is that, it’s a system where the coach was right, the team is grateful.

Q: In recent matches, the coach has preferred to opt for a youngster before you. How do you handle this?
A: The true is that, since the moment he’s with us, he is not longer a �youngster’. It is our player, and here everybody comes to help. The other day, Lassad made a great game against Osasuna. We must congratulate him. For been debuting as a starter at Primera, it was very good. He made a great game. The shame was that ball that hit the post. If he continues like this, he has a very promising future at Primera.

Q: Did you congratulate him?
A: I welcomed him, as the whole world. I am delighted that things are going so well for him.

Q: Do you know anything about the Danes?
A: That they were in Champions League. They drew there with Villarreal and at the home of Manchester United. It is a team to be taken seriously, especially at home. The good news is that we caught them taking a half holiday. It is a handicap that plays in our favor, let’s see if we can seize the opportunity.



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