20 Feb 2009
Miroslav Djukic spent the best days of his career between Deportivo and Valencia. During the week the ex-coach of Serbia gave an interview to newspaper Xornal de Galicia. He sees Depor as the favourite for Sunday’s game, but warns that it will be a complicated match for both sides. He also confessed that he will love to coach Deportivo.

Q: Valencia visits the Riazor on Sunday, what feelings do you have?
A: It’s a special match for me after I left the Levantine squad. These are the two teams of my heart, squads in which I lived two great moments and I love both cities. I would not be able to choose one of them.

Q: Would you sign a draw?
A: Yes, it wouldn’t be bad. But what I want when Depor and Valencia face each other is to see both practicing good football, to seem them demonstrating they have quality and give a positive impression.

Q: Do you follow Deportivo? What do you think?
A: Sure, I follow the team. It’s doing a great season. As for the players, I will like to emphasise, especially, Filipe and Guardado, who are doing a very good year. It’s a pity that Guardado is injured. Above all, I stay with the block. It’s a clear candidate for the Champions League.

Q: Do you like the new system used by Lotina?
A: I like it because it is working. The system is not critical, the important thing is the role that you give to the players and what do you demand from them. A 4-3-3 may be offensive, but it can also be defensive. What matters is what you work and what you want to translate on the field. Deportivo is a very strong team at home, outside the Riazor it is not doing much damage, but has good players and that’s why they are at the top of the table and fighting for the Champions League.

Q: Do you see any favorite for Sunday?
A: Deportivo, at least in theory. We must realise that Valencia is suffering away from the Mestalla, it’s having defensive problems, and Depor is very strong in Riazor. But do not rely on that. In a Depor-Valencia game, both teams always come out very motivated, and more in this game, because they are direct rivals. Valencia knows that if they win at the Riazor, Depor will be nearly eliminates from the Champions League. It is a very important game.

What’s the most dangerous thing of the current Valencia?
A: Above all, the counterattacks. They are fatal. Depor will have to be careful with the speed of Villa, the assists from Silva, the quickness of Joaquin ... It's going to be an equal and entertaining game.

Q: The success of Depor in la liga contrasts with their poor European results...
A: The 3-0 against Aalborg was a blow. I still retain hope, but frankly it is complicated. If they score a goal, you are obligated to score five. And that, against a team that comes from the Champions League, it’s almost impossible. It will be vital to keep a clean sheet, and it will need the support from the fans.

Q: After you departure from Serbia’s national team, do you want to coach again?
A: Yes, of course. I'm in the market. I would like to coach a team; it’s what makes me more professional. I am ready for it and I am waiting for a chance.

Q: Have you ever imagined yourself as the coach of Deportivo?
It would be a dream come true. For me and for many coaches. But Deportivo has a coach, Miguel Angel Lotina, who is doing very good things. I will be honoured because it’s a very special team.

Q: Do you still visiting A Coru?±a?
A: Yes, in fact, in a few weeks I will return with the veterans of Valencia in order to play a game of the indoor football league. I really want to go back, because A Coru?±a is a city to which I have a very special affection. I made great friends there and people always welcome me well.



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