07 Feb 2006
Francisco Gallardo, the last incorporation of the squad, is ready to debut with Deportivo. The Valencian winger explained the reasons why he left Sevilla and he also talked about his expectations in La Coru?±a, and hopes that start with the possibility of wining the copa del rey tournament.

Q: How did the opportunity to play in Deportivo arrive?
A: Caparr??s and I talked a lot by phone in order to see how the things were going. It's a relationship that can be considered as personal since we expended a lot of years together in Sevilla. Somebody told him that I was leaving Portugal. He asked me and I was enchanted.

Q: You played with Caparr??s, but he also sent you out of the squad in the last season. How is your relationship with him?
A: Very good. I left Sevilla because I wanted to feel like an important player and for a problem that I had with the fans. The relationship with the fans is like the one you have with a girl. Sometimes its good and sometimes its bad. I believe that they felt love for me although we had our fights. Here I have the presence of Joaqu?­n (Caparr??s), and that fact makes me feel like a valued man.

Q: What does Caparr??s want from you?
A: I didn't talk with him about it, but we don't have to do it. I only need a look of him in order to know where I should play and what should I do on the pitch... we have had a lot of years together.

Q: In Portugal you were passing through a difficult time...
A: They didn't treat me well, so I took the decision of returning to Spain.

Q: With that decision you demonstrated that for you the personal aspects are more important than the money...
A: That's clear. Money is secondary. If I'm enchanted in one place, perfect. But if I don't, I take my things and I leave the place. I don't care about the cost or if I will lose something.

Q: Do you need a positive environment and the confidence of the people?
A: Yes. I want to see me with the shirt of Deportivo and to hear the applause of the fans. That's my challenge. I want to feel their confidence... I will like to live off the fans' love, if I achieve that thing everything will be fine. I believe that the fans will be surprised with my performances.

Q: People always said that you are an intermittent player. Do you agree with that comment?
A: It could be true. I have my good days, but others are disastrous. I only believe that each day my skills are better. That's one of my challenges in this new phase. I considered myself as a skilful player, with the capacity of facing the rivals and with a good velocity... neither I like to talk too much about it, because sometimes you can see the opposite on the pitch.

Q: You arrive to a team that’s fighting for a place in the copa del rey final. What about that?
A: Let's hope that we will able to achieve it. I never thought that I would end up at Depor, but I have the feeling since some time ago that I will win the copa. I said it in Sevilla, and the same thing in Portugal, now I'm saying it in La Coru?±a. Maybe it's time to accomplish my prediction.

Q: With Osasuna and Valencia eliminated, is the road cleared out?
A: If we think that we are in the final, we are committing a big mistake.

Q: You will compete with V?­ctor, a player with a long career in the squad.
A: It won't be easy, but it's a honour to share a place with him and be his partner.

Q: The fans were expecting to see 'Mu?±eco' Gallardo...
A: Well, I know that they were expecting 'el Mu?±eco', but at the end its Paco who arrived and I hope to give a good response to the people that trusted in me.

Q: You don't score too often. And Depor needs goals right now.
A: I am not a player that likes to give his word. I prefer to talk on the pitch.

Q: They always remember your celebration in the goal that Reyes scored in Sevilla.
A: That's over. I don't feel sorry about it, but I don't think that it’s a situation to remember.

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