24 Feb 2009
Youngster Adri??n played two straight games during the week, something he is fulfilling for the first time on the season. And he even scored the equaliser against Valencia. The Galician defender talked with La Voz de Galicia about his sensations after the game.

Q: Was Sunday’s game the encounter you were expecting for?
A: It is a very nice memory. It was my first goal, and moreover, against Valencia. I will remember it forever, but the day of my debut is the thing that marks me the most.

Q: Did you receive many congratulations?
A: Yes, friends and relatives, but I stay with the people who loves me and that supported me when things went wrong.

Q: What was the most special?
A: My parents came to the stadium and they gave me a hug when the game ended.

Q: Did you know that you were the only central defender at Depor that was remaining without scoring on this season?
A: It’s an anecdote to see a defender achieving goals. The important thing is to play, but when you score, it’s a tremendous joy for you and your people.

Q: Did you enjoy the goal more because it was against Valencia?
A: It’s a rival that’s hated in A Coru?±a. I am happy for the goal, but it left a bittersweet taste in me, because we were able to take the match.

Q: Where were you when Depor lost the League in 94?
A: I was in As Pontes, watching the game at the home of a neighbor. I was 6-years-old. I was not playing at Endesa. I liked football, but played with my father or with friends or during the school’s breaks, like any child.

Q: When did you left As Pontes?
A: I left home with 14 years. I spent a year at the Lyceum and then lived in Elvi?±a. Now I'm living in an apartment with my sister.

Q: Is your goal the greatest joy that you have had in football?
A: The greatest satisfaction is to win a place and play regularly. I am very happy with the goal, but what I want is to continue playing, because what matters for any player is to grow, and this can only be done playing the maximum number of minutes.

Q: Was the play of the goal already tested?
Yes, we have prepared the plays for the corners and free-kicks and my job was to be in the far post.

Q: When did you know that your header was going to end up in the net?
The cross of Sergio was perfect and you need to be convinced that you will score. But until it passed Cesar, I didn’t believe it. Can I add something?

Q: Yes, of course.
A: To all my team mates I want to thank them, because all of them encouraged me.

Q: You lived this week the two sides of football: the sadness of Aalborg and the happiness against Valencia
A: Matches like the one in Denmark are always lived throughout a season. There are no inferior rivals and anybody can defeat you.

Q: Was this week a tough one for you?
A: Whenever I go to work, I give everything. Then, sometimes things go well, others don’t.

Q: Did you have doubts about your performance?
A: The truth is no. I play wherever they put me, and each time I go out to the field is to learn something. I still have to learn a lot at the centre and as side defender, which is not my position, even more.

Q: Did you talk with your coach within the last days?
A: Yes, but it was a personal conversation between the two of us. I can only say that it was about the game in Europe and previously to Sunday’s match.

Q: Were you surprised to play two games in a row, though everything pointed to see you resting for the next Thursday?
A: I was not surprised, because I am part of the team and the coach decides who plays and who doesn’t. If it’s your turn, you can only try to seize that opportunity.

Q: Why a defender bears the number seven?
A: It was the number they gave me. Not that I like it or anything. The delegate at the team gave me that number. In fact, I don’t even chose it. The number was free and later I knew it was for me, and nothing happens.

Q: What coach has marked you the most?
A: Tito (the coach at Fabril) and Devesa (coach of Juvenil A). I am thankful with Devesa, because he had much confidence in me. When I was at Cadetes, he was picking me to Juveniles. And if it wasn’t for Tito, I would not be here today, because he was putting me at Fabril. Then there are the coaches of Endesa: Vilaboy and Billy, and Agull??, the Galician national team, which led me to the senior squad.

Q: Did you take any souvenir of the encounter?
A: My shirt. And I have saved well.



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